Ajman Bank

Ajman Bank, the first Islamic Bank in the UAE, was established in 2007 with a vision to become a one-stop solution for all banking needs. Soon in 2008, the bank also got listed in the Dubai Financial Market. In 2020, it also won the title of the Award-winning Islamic Bank.

Ajman Bank maintains ISSC (Internal Sharia Supervision Committee) to keep a close tab on the Shariah compliance. Apart from this, the ISO 9001:2015 compliance further makes this bank a reliable and prime choice for its customers who are looking for secure banking.

Best Banking Products
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    Bank Account
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    Credit card

Range of Products and Services Offered by Ajman Bank

Consumer Banking Credit Cards Investment
Treasury Market Business Banking Corporate Banking

An Overview of Ajman Bank Products and Services:

Products of Ajman Bank
Bank Accounts Current Account 2 in 1 Account
Savings Account #Young Account
Payroll Account Mudaraba
Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit The Ajman Bank Company Account
Ajman Bank Money Transfer  
Consumer Finance Property Finance Personal Finance
Auto Finance  
Cards BRight Card Power Card
Islamic Banking Mudaraba Deposit Salary Advance Facility
Ways to Bank Internet Banking SMS Banking
Apple Pay Mobile Banking
Phone Banking Interactive E-Statement
ATMs/ CCDMs Samsung Pay
Investment Banking Islamic Investment Funds Private Equity
Sukuk Trading Secured Share Finance
IPO Finance   
Corporate & Commercial Banking Project Finance Syndication & Underwriting
Govt Institution & Syndication Business Banking

Ajman Bank - Bank Products and Services:


Ajman Bank abides by the Shariah principles to provide superior banking solutions. Save and manage your money with the most convenient and riba free solutions at Ajman Bank!

Current Accounts

  • Current account solutions are shariah-compliant and aim to  provide  excellent banking services
  • Get a free MasterCard  debit card with your current account membership
  • Current Account services are available in UAE dirham, US dollar, pounds and Euro

2 in 1 Account:

  • Get the benefits of 2 accounts in one bank account, Get both services of saving and current account in one account
  • The minimum deposit to open the 2 in 1 account is 10,000 AED
  • Get a free chequebook and debit card 

Saving Accounts

  • Ajman Bank offers Shariah-compliant savings accounts to manage your money
  • Collect your monthly profits in every quarter
  • Access your account statements for free

#YOUNG Account:

  • Teach your child to save and use money judiciously right from the beginning with Ajman Bank’s Young account
  • This is a saving account for minors, hence no minimum account balance requirement
  • It is based on the Murdaraba principle of Islamic Shariah

Payroll Account:

  • Take the hassle out of salary distribution with Ajman Bank's payroll account.
  • This account type is specially designed as a payroll account solution and has no minimum account balance requirement.
  • Get personal help from Ajman Bank’s personnel for opening a payroll account


  • With Ajman's Murdaraba solutions, you can maximize your profits by taking advantage of Mudaraba principle
  • With this account, you get your monthly profits in a quarterly period
  • You can select a tenure between 3 months and 12 months

Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit:

  • Skyrocket your profits with Ajman bank’s Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit
  • This is a  deposit account in line with the Shariah principle Wakala
  • You can withdraw your profits anytime you want

The Ajman Bank Company Account:

  • Ajman Bank’s Company account makes business banking easy. 
  • You can get free cash deposits and withdrawals at Ajman bank network ATMs and CCDMs
  • It gives you benefits like WPS payroll services at competitive rates

Ajman Bank Money Transfer:

  • Ajman’s bank’s  Money Transfer Services features a much more convenient way of sending money to friends and family.
  • You can enjoy competitive exchange rates
  • There are no bank charges or transfer fees

Consumer Finance

Property Finance

  1. You can purchase your dream property and pay back monthly.
  2. Customers can purchase villas, apartments, compound villas, townhouses, buildings, industrial land, and residential lands
  3. Six types of properties are  financed under this service. They are:
    • Ready Properties- For purchasing properties that have been completely constructed
    • Under-construction Properties- Finances requested to construct a villa or house
      Government Housing Program- UAE Nationals are provided finances under a prominent Housing program
      Land Finance- Available for both Nationals and Expatriates. Land can be purchased with this finance
  4. MAP- This Mortgage finance provides affordable homeownership at low installments

Personal Finance

  1. Murabaha:
    • Through commodity Murabaha, one can access cash
    • Locals can avail finance up to AED 3,000,000 and Expatriates can avail IP to AED 1,000,000
  2. Goods Murabaha:
    • With this, you can get finances for home appliances and electronics, furniture, motorcycles, boat, yacht, machinery, and building materials.
    • Natives are eligible to avail finances up to AED 3,000,000, while Expatriates can avail to AED 1,000,000
  3. Service Ijarah:
    • With Service Ijarah, you can finance your dream vacation, education of your children, medical emergency, or for your child's wedding
    • Locals can avail of up to AED 3,000,000 while Expatriates can get of up to AED 1,000,000
  4. Secured Finance:
    • Get personal finance against your FD and EOSB (End Of Service Benefits) 
    • All the services comes under commodity Murabaha Islamic structure

Auto Finance:

  1. Purchase your desired car at affordable installments under Shariah-compliant Murabaha structure
  2. You can get finances up to AED 500,000 and salary transfer is not mandatory 
  3. There are six types of auto finance: 
  • Standard Offering
  • 50-50 Finance Offering
  • Exotic Cars Finance Offering
  • Secured Finance Offering
  • Self Employed Finance Offering
  • Rent A Car Finance/Fleet Finance


A variety of cards are offered to ease your task of transaction and finance management. 

BRight Card

  1. With the BRight Card, enjoy exclusive travel benefits for more than 300 airlines, and 300,000 hotels at 0% transaction fees
  2. You get to earn BRight rewards each time you use the card. You can redeem them for exciting deals.
  3. There are three types of BRight cards-
  • BRight World
  • BRight Platinum
  • BRightTitanium

Power Card:

  1. It is considered as one of the most powerful partners in Islamic credit cards 
  2. There are three types of power cards
    • Power World (limit AED 100,000)
    • Power Platinum (limit AED 65,000)
    • Power Gold (limit AED 35,000)
  3. You can avail the perks of Power rewards with each use and redeem them for gifts.

Roadmiles Card:

  1. This is the first Roadmiles card in UAE
  2. You need to accumulate Roadmiles with each use and redeem it for fuel at any petrol pump across the UAE
  3. There are three types of Roadmiles cards
  • Roadmiles Platinum (limit AED 75,000)
  • Roadmiles Premium (limit AED 35,000)
  • Roadmiles Classic (limit AED 12,000)

Ways to Bank

Ajman Bank offers a variety of ways to make banking simpler and more convenient. It uses advanced technologies to simplify and speed up banking.

Apple Pay:

  • You can utilize all the benefits of your credit card quickly and more conveniently with Apple Pay.
  • With touch ID payments, experience a high-security transaction environment.
  • You can also use your face ID to pay on the go, anytime and anywhere.

Internet Banking:

  • Internet Banking is a faster and trouble-free  way to manage your finances.
  • You can avail all accounts summaries in one place within a few clicks
  • With an online account, effortlessly pay your bills digitally.

Phone Banking:

  • Phone banking enables you to access your banking services anytime through your phone
  • You can see a detailed account and card summary of the last five transactions on your phone 
  • You can also use the phone banking app to check the exchange rate

SMS Banking:

  • Subscribing to SMS banking makes it easy for you to track your account transaction. 
  • You receive an Instant SMS whenever a new transaction occurs. 
  • You also get instant access to your credit and debit card information and account details

Mobile Banking:

  • With Ajman Bank’s Mobile Banking Application, you can access all the banking services on your mobile easily.
  • You can effortlessly make basic and secure bank transactions on your mobile with touch ID or Face ID login.
  • With the mobile application, you will be able to pay your bills instantly through your mobile phone


  • You can make bank transactions even during non-banking hours with Ajman Bank's extensive network of ATMs/CDDMs
  • With your domestic Ajman Bank ATM or CCDM card, you can withdraw money, deposit money or make your bill payments. 
  • You can also make donations to organizations and foundations through the  CCMD services 

Interactive E-statement:

  • With this service you can do away with the paper statements and start getting E-statements every month
  • You can register for E-statements through Internet banking, Mobile banking and SMS banking 
  • Your local Ajman Bank branch can also provide information on how to register for E-statements

Samsung Pay:

  • Making Payments through Samsung Pay gives you a secure and ultra convenient banking experience
  • Samsung pay allows you to ditch the plastic cards
  • Create your Samsung pay account with a credit card or a debit card


  • Go ‘contactless’ while using Ajman Bank’s Contactless technology solutions
  • Let your wallet stay at home and use contactless payments with merchants
  • Making payments becomes much faster and easier

Investment Banking:

Islamic Shariah-guided Investment Banking at Ajman Bank is a great way to invest across multiple channels. Ajman Bank helps you grow money without compromising your beliefs.

Islamic Investment Funds:

  • Ajman Bank’s Islamic Investment solutions enable you to invest in a variety of funds, while adhering to Islamic Shariah principles
  • You can start investing with as little as AED 30,000
  • Invest in local and international funds without worrying about minimum balance charges

Private Equity:

  • Shariah-compliant Private Equity solutions let you invest in sectors like healthcare, real estate, and education.
  • You can enjoy comparative rates on returns.
  • Ajman Bank’s Private Equity products are available for both private individuals and institutions.

Sukuk Trading:

  • With Ajman Bank, you get access to a wide range of Shariah-compliant Sukuks so you can generate profit like never before from traditional deposit accounts.
  • You can start your investment in Sukuk trading with a minimum of AED 734,620.
  • There is no minimum balance requirement. 

Secured Share Finance:

  • Secured Share Finance allows you to invest in shares like DFM and ADX as per the Shariah principle 
  • Take advantage of competitive rates on profits
  • You can trade through a network of experienced brokers 

IPO Finance:

  • It is a short-term financing service provided by Ajman Bank to help you financially. It can even generate great returns for you
  • Expect a high amount of financing from IPO 
  • Plus, get a flexible payment option to repay the amount 

Corporate & Commercial Banking:

Corporate and Commercial Banking services are provided by Ajman Bank to meet the financial needs of organizations. It understands the financing needs of corporations and thus provides best-in-class banking services. 

Project Finance:

  • Ajman Bank's financial division offer you Shariah-compliant funding for your next project
  • You can get the Murabaha facility for a letter of credit, letter of guarantee, Ijara facility 
  • The financial division can also help you with foreign exchange

Syndication & Underwriting:

  • Ajman Bank provides the Syndication & Underwriting services with the help of a professional team to smoothen the banking experience of their clientele 
  • Get detailed credit analysis and due diligence 
  • Get a comprehensive evaluation of your credit needs and payment ability

Government Financial Institution & Syndication:

  • Ajman Bank’s Government Financial Institutions and Syndication helps government entities to manage their finances 
  • Get help in Syndicated finances, project finances, foreign exchange requirements, and Cash management 
  • Ajman Bank provides financial services to government organizations across the UAE

Business Banking:

  • A Shariah-compliant business banking service that helps you with all your banking needs, whether they are small or large
  • Get tailored banking services for your business according to your needs 
  • Ajman Bank offers banking services to businesses that are at least 3 years’ old

Financial Institutions:

  • Ajman Bank’s Financial Institutions solutions work on managing a good relationship with corresponding banks worldwide 
  • The bank has a well-known financial institution network in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, North Africa, and America 
  • You get world-class services like sovereign syndication, import/ export finances, letters of credit, Risk Participations, FI syndication, and clearing services 

Ajman Bank - Awards and Achievements

Year Awards Award By
2019 RheinBucke Pinnacle Award RheinBrücke Pinnacle Award of Excellence
2019 Most Improved Alternative Channels  ETHOS Consultancy.
2019 Sharjah Gulf Nationalisation Award. Sharjah Economic Excellence awards 
2018 Emiratisation Award Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation
2018 Best Branches in UAE Award  Ethos
2018 Most Improved Call Centre Award  Ethos
2017 Zakat Card Innovative Solution Award  Master Card

Ajman Bank - Customer Care Info

Email ID Investors@Ajmanbank.ae
Official Website https://www.ajmanbank.ae/
Personal Banking  800 22 847 
Priority Banking  UAE: 800 22 847
International: +971 6 701 8552
Company Address  Al Ettehad Street, Next to Etisalat Building, Mushairef - Ajman - United Arab Emirates
How can I locate Ajman Bank near me?

Finding the branch of ‘Ajman Bank near me’ is quite easy. The website of the bank offers you a free branch/ATM locator. By selecting the area, the locator will show you the nearest branch or ATM.

What is the Mudaraba pool?

Mudaraba pool is a joint investment pool where the depositors and the shareholders pool their finances and get the profit equally distributed among themselves.

How many types of structured finances are available at Ajman Bank?

The bank offers two types of structured finance to let their customers benefit from them. These are-

  • Project Finance
  • Syndication and Underwriting
What are the striking features of Ajman Bank's online banking?

Through online banking, a customer can-

  • Get the account details and statements easily
  • Open a Savings account 
  • Make online payments whenever needed
  • Avail service 24/7
  • IPO can also be purchased in a few minutes