Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 16 October 2019 | Last Updated On: 13 January 2021
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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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Ajman Bank is an Islamic bank that truly abides by the values of trust, transparency, and integrity. It aims at providing and expanding the market for Shariah financial services. It provides a wide range of Shariah-compliant financial products, credit cards being one of them.

With an Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card, you can take advantage of having financial freedom. You can manage your expenditure in the way you desire as this is a payment card that aims at facilitating your day-to-day expenditures. Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card is transparent and rewarding in nature. You can use your card to earn miles, which can be accumulated and in turn be redeemed at any UAE’s petrol pump station for fuel from Ajman Bank.

Highlights of the Card

  • You can withdraw cash up to 100% of your credit limit
  • You get 4 supplementary cards free
  • If your outstanding is paid in full, you will be charged no annual fee
  • You can redeem your points as cashback by easily calling Ajman Bank
  • You get 1.25% redemption value of your spending

Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card Features

Apart from the above, some additional attractive features of Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card are:

  • Balance Transfers: The user can transfer other card’s outstanding balances on a single card
  • Cash on Call: The member can obtain easy cash by calling the helpline and getting quick funds in their account
  • Credit Shield: The cardholder is covered under the Credit Shield Insurance scheme. It protects the holder against scenarios like death & total disability, involuntary loss of employment and critical illness.
  • Purchase Guarantee and Extended Warranty: The members enjoy extended warranty and protection against theft or damage of their purchase on the purchases made via Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card.

Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card Benefits

Free Supplementary Cards

Have you ever wanted for your partner or family member to partake in the existing credit card instead of applying for a new one? Your wish is granted! Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card provides its members up to four free supplementary cards, which can be used any of the family members.

Accepted Across the Globe

Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card is a Visa powered card. This makes it acceptable anywhere in the world. If you’re overseas, be it a retail store or an ATM the Visa payment gateway is offered everywhere. This makes it easy for you to travel with lesser cards/cash and thereby making you feel safer to step out on the streets.

Cash Withdrawal Limit

If you’re ever in the need for immediate cash, you need not worry! With your Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card, you can withdraw up to 100% of your available credit card limit. You can do this as easily as calling customer care helpline or by visiting an ATM.

Retail Purchase via EMI Payments

This Ajman Bank Credit Card provides its members with the option of splitting their big retail spends into small equal monthly installments and spread it over a period of up to six months, that too free of the monthly charged fee!

Digital Banking

Who doesn’t like the convenience of managing their credit cards on their fingertips? Just when we thought gadgets couldn’t make life any easier, there comes the option of using the internet to manage your credit card account. You can now access your Ajman Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card at any time and anywhere on your phone screen.  

Online Purchases are Secured

The main worry while purchasing anything online, is the security while making an online payment. Ajman Bank offers a 3D Secured Transaction that ensures maximum safety while making any online transaction.

Samsung Pay

The owners of a Samsung phone can enjoy having their Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card on their phone for any purchase they want to make. This can be done on the Samsung Pay gateway. It is a type of contactless payment.

ROADMILES Rewards: Additional Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card Offers

Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Cardholders can avail the membership of Ajman Bank Roadmiles rewards. Being a member of this rewards program, every AED you spend with your card helps you earn miles. You earn 1 mile for 1 AED spent.

These miles can be redeemed in two ways: by using it for fuel purchase or via the form of a cashback. These cards are accepted at any Petrol Station across the UAE. To be eligible for the Roadmiles rewards program, you must have a minimum spent of AED 2,000 in your card within a month.

On an Endnote

When it comes to the security of payment and transactions along with a wide range of rewards and benefits, Ajman Bank Roadmiles Visa Platinum Credit Card fits the frame just right. If you are looking for a card, which helps you save big time and travel endlessly, then this is the right pick for you!