Ajman Bank Roadmiles Premium Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 16 October 2019 | Last Updated On: 13 January 2021
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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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Ajman Bank is a commercial bank that seeks out the best products, technology, and people in the market for providing its customers with what they need. The bank focuses on delivering real value as well as involving the human essence that has become very rare in modern digital banking.

The value-driven products and services offered by this bank are in compliance with the Sharia principles. Amongst these products and services, the credit card is a popular one. Ajman Bank credit cards offer a considerable amount of financial freedom to its users.

Ajman Bank Roadmiles Credit Cards let you enjoy the ease of making cashless transactions. You can take care of your regular expenses better with the help of this card. This credit card is the first one within the Emirates that comes with Roadmiles. These Roadmiles Cards are available in three variants - Platinum, Premium, and Classic.

The Ajman Bank Roadmiles Premium Credit Card is very rewarding, transparent, and simple. You can earn Roadmiles even through the simple usage of the card. This premium card comes with a credit limit of up to 35,000 dirhams.

Highlights of the Card

  • 150 dirhams to be paid as annual fees
  • 600 dirhams to be paid as monthly fees
  • Low processing charges for international transactions: 4 percent for Visa cards
  • Maximum of 4 complimentary supplementary cards

What are the various Ajman Bank Roadmiles Premium Credit Card Features that I can Enjoy?

Here is the list of the most eminent features of this Premium Card that makes it attractive for the customers.

Cash Advance

You can simply obtain cash up to a hundred percent of your credit card limit using this card. You can make a maximum withdrawal of 5,000 dirhams in one transaction. You will be charged a cash advance fee of 150 dirhams on every 5,000 dirhams you withdraw.

Simple Installments

For making the payments more convenient for you, Ajman Bank Roadmiles credit card offers the facility of free installments. You can split your big retail purchases into easy EMIs or Equal Monthly Installments of up to six months with no monthly charge.

3D Secure

Since the world has shifted its focus towards digitalization, the issue of phishing and hacking has been quite common in the financial market. For keeping the card members secured from these digital threats, this Ajman Bank Credit Card is designed with a 3D Secure feature for making safe purchase transactions online.

Online Access

In this digital world, where all of us are going towards the web gradually, even the banking sector is growing online. Therefore, the Ajman Bank has also developed its web presence, providing its customers with access to instant net banking facility.

Global Acceptability

Being acceptable globally, you can use this Visa card almost anywhere throughout the world. This feature helps you in making payments easily even while traveling.

What are the various Ajman Bank Roadmiles Premium Credit Card Benefits that I can Enjoy?

Now that you know the features of this credit card, let’s discuss the benefits offered you can enjoy. Here is a rundown on some of the most amazing benefits offered by this Roadmiles credit card.


The rewards are one of the most attractive benefits of the credit cards offered by Ajman Bank. You can earn one mile on each dirham spent on this card. The minimum purchase per month is 2,000 dirhams. You can accrue these points with time.


The rewards you earn have an estimate redemption value of 1.25 percent of your spending. You can also redeem these points for a Cashback by making a call on the toll-free number of the bank.

To Sum Up!

This Premium Credit Card comes with premium benefits & features. This rewarding credit card allows you to earn Roadmiles, which can be redeemed for Ajman Bank Fuel Cards at any Fuel Station throughout the Emirates.

This Sharia-compliant Ajman Bank Roadmiles Premium Credit Card offers cash withdrawal, easy installment plans, instant online access, and various other facilities. You would be able to manage your expenses more efficiently and meet your daily financial needs through this card.