Ajman Bank Power World Credit Card

This Ajman Bank Credit Card is one of the powerful Islamic multi-partner credit cards in the UAE. It offers the cardholders various benefits on dining, traveling, shopping, sports, entertainment and many more. It also offers redeemable reward points on various transactions.

Features of Ajman Bank Power World Credit Card

Listed below are the features of Power World Credit card

  • PIN & CHIP: This Ajman Bank Credit Card has a security chip & offers maximum security via a personalized Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • Cash Withdrawal: The card member can make a cash advance or cash withdrawal equal to the credit limit available to him.
  • Online Banking: The bank offers a safe online banking portal to the cardholders for the convenient management of their credit cards.
  • Global Acceptance: Through this Ajman Bank Credit Card, the card members can avail global acceptability at over 22 million places across the world.
  • Secure Online Purchases: The Power World Credit Card offers the card members 3D secure feature that assists them to shop online peacefully.
  • Credit Limit: The maximum credit limit on the Power World Credit Card is 100,000 AED.

Benefits of Ajman Bank Power World Credit Card

Listed below are the benefits of Power World Credit card

  • Takaful Cover- Credit Shield: For the initial sixty days, the Ajman Bank Power World Credit Card offers a no-cost credit shield (Takaful cover) to the new cardholders starting from the date on which the card was issued.
  • Priceless Arabia: This Ajman Bank credit card offers the cardholders a variety of benefits including shopping, dining, sports, entertainment, travel, and other attractions. They can avail these benefits by registering their power credit cards on the official website of Priceless Arabia. The terms and conditions of MasterCard are applicable to this offer.
  • Free Monthly Installments: The cardholders also have an option of converting retail purchases into a maximum of six months uniform monthly installments. No monthly fee is charged on these installments.
  • Supplementary Cards: Ajman Bank Credit Card offers maximum four supplementary cards to family members of the cardholders. The supplementary card member should be more than eighteen years of age.

Top Reasons to Get Ajman Bank Power World Credit Card

Listed below are the reasons why the applicants must opt for this Power World Credit Card

  • Secured: This Ajman Bank Credit Card ensures secured retail transactions through CHIP & PIN.
  • Customer Support: The Ajman Bank offers a 24/7 customer service and support to the cardholders whenever required. The friendly agents of the bank help the card members in resolving their issues effectively, if any.
  • Benefits & Privileges: This credit card offers a host of benefits that include dining, shopping, insurance, lifestyle benefits etc.
  • Net Banking: The card members can access the safe online banking portal for the convenient management of their credit cards.

Ajman Bank Power World Credit Card Offers

Listed below are the offers of this Power World Credit Car

  • Easy Cash Scheme: Using this easy cash scheme, the card members can make the most of their Ajman Bank Credit Cards. They can obtain a maximum of ninety percent of the credit limit as Easy Cash. In order to avail this facility, no paperwork is required.
  • Balance Transfer: The card members can avail the facility of balance transfer by consolidating the balance outstanding. They can avail more savings at 0 profit charges. In order to avail this facility, no paperwork is required.
  • Credit Shield: The credit shield insurance (Takaful Cover) is a protection given to the cardholders under which the outstanding balance of their credit card can be waived in case of unfortunate events such as permanent disability, loss of employment, critical illness or death.
  • Cash on Call: This Ajman Bank Credit Card offers a convenient and flexible option of availing a cash advance by just giving one call to the call center of the Ajman Bank. The cardholder can avail a maximum of 80 percent of the pre-determined credit card limit in the form of cash advance.
  • Easy Installment Plans: The cardholders can make paying back on their large value purchases stress-free by dividing the transactions into simple installment plans with the participating merchants of the bank without any charges. In order to avail this facility, no paperwork is required.
  • 3D Secure: With this 3D secure feature of this Ajman Bank Credit Card, the cardholders can be relieved about the safety of their card. This feature includes an extra verification layer to the card making online shopping more secure.

Fees and Charges on Ajman Bank Power World Credit Cards

Listed below are various fees and charges on this Ajman Bank Credit Card


Fees and Charges Ajman Bank Power World Credit Card
Supplementary Card Fees First 4 Cards- Free50 AED per card per annum for subsequent cards
Late Payment Charges 125 AED
Per Transaction Fees on Cash Advance (up to 5,000 AED) 150 AED
Card Replacement Charge 75 AED
Duplicate Statement 45 AED monthly
Sales Voucher (Copy) 65 AED
Annual Fee 400 AED
Over-Limit Fee 125 AED
Processing Fee (FX Transactions) 3.5 percent
Credit Shield Charge 0.89 percent monthly
Liability Letter 50 AED
Minimum Due Amount 5 percent of outstanding principle & 100 percent of the total amount of fees
Maximum Amount of Withdrawal (per transaction) 5,000 AED
DDS set-up fees recovery of Dues on Credit Card 50 AED
EPP Charges (Retail Purchases) 5 percent of the amount of transaction
EPP Charges (Balance Transfer) 4 percent of the amount of transaction
EPP Charges (Easy Cash) 4 percent of the amount of transaction
EPP Charges (Foreclosure Fees) 200 AED

(All these fees & charges have been updated on 18 September 2018. These charges can vary according to the guidelines of Central Bank)

Rewards on Ajman Bank Power World Credit Cards

Written below are the rewards on Power World Credit Card

  • The cardholders of this Ajman Bank Credit Card can earn one power point for each 1 USD spent on every transaction.
  • They can gain redemptions at over 300 airlines for booking their tickets, more than 300,000 options for hotel stay, gift cards for family & friends and online shopping.
  • They have a redemption value of 2.5 percent (approximately) of the spends.
  • The cardholders can redeem their points at the official online website.

How does the Ajman Bank Power World Credit Cards Work?

Those applicants who wish to opt for an Ajman Bank Power World Credit Card, have the following three options for the same.

  • Branch Application: They can visit the nearest branch & put forward a direct application for this Ajman Bank Credit Card on filling the available credit card application form.
  • Online Application: The applicants who do not want to visit the bank branch, can apply for the credit card via the online banking portal which convenient as well as secure. The application form is available on the bank’s website.
  • Phone Banking: The applicants also have an option of applying for this Ajman Bank Credit Card via phone banking.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Ajman Bank Power World Credit Cards

Q.1. What are supplementary cards?

Supplementary credit cards are the ones that are offered to the primary cardholder’s family members. Their functioning is almost like a primary card, however, the reward points earned (if any) using the supplementary cards are credited to the account of the primary cardholder of the credit card. These cardholders are also eligible to avail the privileges and benefits that are entitled to the primary cardholder.

The Ajman Bank MasterCard World Credit Card offers up to 4 free supplementary cards to the family members of the primary cardholder. However, they will be charged AED 50 for subsequent supplementary cards.

Q.2. What do you mean by Cash Advance?

Cash Advance or Cash Withdrawal means the withdrawal made from any branch or an ATM of the bank through a credit card. It is a general suggestion to maintain the withdrawals as low as you can because credit cards charge high-interest rates on cash advance. Beginning from the withdrawal date, a cash advance fee is charged on the withdrawn amount along with a pre-determined profit rate.

This Ajman Bank credit card levies a cash advance fee of AED 150 monthly per transaction fees on Cash Advance (up to 5,000 AED)

Q.3. What is an OTP?

An OTP or One-time Password refers to the password which is valid for making online transactions through digital devices such as a computer. It is generated automatically via a text message on your registered mobile number for authentication.

Q.4. Can I make an online transaction even without having my phone number registered with the bank?

Yes. You can make online transactions but only through merchant websites which don't support 3D Secure (3DS). In the case of 3DS supported websites, no transaction can be completed without a One-time Password (OTP).

Q.5. What is a Late Payment Fee?

The credit provided by the bank to a credit cardholder is like a short-term loan. That said, the cardholders must pay off their bills by the due date pre-determined by the bank. However, if in case the cardholders are unable to clear their respective credit card bills, the bank can charge a late payment fee on them. Such fees can have a negative impact on the cardholder’s credit score. The most convenient option to save yourself from this charge is by paying off your credit card bill on time.

This Ajman Bank credit card may levy a late payment fee of AED 125 on the cardholders who fail to make their payments on time.

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