Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 16 October 2019 | Last Updated On: 13 January 2021
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Ajman Bank is a commercial bank that is established on the basis of trust, transparency, and integrity. The bank provides a variety of banking services & products across the UAE that are based on the Shariah principles under Islamic law. Amongst the wide range of products & services offered by the Ajman Bank, credit cards are the top products.

Ajman Bank Power Credit cards are one of the most powerful multi-partner Islamic cards across the UAE. It is loaded with the best benefits that are unmatched by any other Islamic credit card throughout the banking industry in the emirates.

You can spend, gain power rewards, and avail the amazing benefits of redeeming these power points by using the power credit card. Moreover, the power is available in three variants – Gold, Platinum, and World.

The Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card comes with a credit limit of 65,000 AED and it offers a variety of amazing features & benefits that make it ideal for all types of spenders.

Key Highlights of the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card

  • Monthly Fee: 800 AED
  • Annual Fee: 300 AED
  • Low foreign Transaction Fee: MasterCard- 3.5 percent

What Are The Various Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card Features That I Can Enjoy?

If you want to know that why should you opt for this Ajman bank credit card over other cards then you should go through the below-mentioned features:

Cash Withdrawal

The Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card comes with a cash advance facility. It enables you to withdraw cash up to 100 percent of your available credit limit through this card.

Easy Installments

The Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card provides the option of easy installments to reduce the stress of paying for large transactions in one go. You can easily split your hefty retail purchases into EMIs (equated monthly installments) of a maximum of 6 months without any monthly charges.


This Ajman Bank credit card is equipped with chip & uses a PIN in order to complete transactions. This ensures the safety and security of the retail purchases that you make.

Online Banking Access

Ajman Bank provides its customers with easy access to online banking instantly.

Worldwide Acceptance

You can use this credit card anywhere in the world. That is because this card is accepted globally at over 22 million locations through MasterCard.

3D Secure

Now you can make online transactions without any stress because this card is designed with a 3D secure feature for making online transactions safe & secure.

What Are The Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card Benefits Which I Can Avail?

Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card offers a host of benefits to make your spending even more rewarding. The following are the key benefits of this card:

Supplementary Credit Card

Ajman Bank offers a maximum of 4 complimentary supplementary Ajman bank Power Platinum Credit Card for the eligible family members.

Reward Points

On spending 1 USD, you can gain 1 Power Point on all transactions that you make using this card.

Rewards Redemption

You can easily check and redeem your power points at the Ajman’s bank rewards page. The approximate redemption value is 2.5% of the spending. Moreover, you can redeem these power points at over 300 airlines, over 300,000 hotels, and on the redemption of electronic goods, & a lot more.

Priceless Arabia

With this Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card, you can enjoy a variety of benefits such as entertainment, sports, shopping, dining, travel, and attractions. All you need to register your power card on the official website of the ‘Priceless Arabia’ to enjoy all these benefits.

Credit Shield Takaful Cover

Keeping yourself and your loved ones protected financially is one of the major concerns of the majority of the people. Keeping this thing in mind; the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card offers ‘credit shield takaful protection’ which is free for the initial sixty days for the new credit card members from the card issuance date.  

In A Nutshell

If you are looking for a credit card that can meet your daily requirements then Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card is specially designed for you. Loaded with exceptional features and benefits, this card can make your spending even more rewarding.