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Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card is the most unique and powerful multi-partnered Islamic credit card across the UAE. This Ajman Bank credit card offers a wide range of astounding benefits and offers. It makes spending even more rewarding since the cardholder can earn Power Rewards and in return, they can avail amazing privileges and benefits on redeeming their Power Rewards through the Power Platinum credit card rewards website.

Features and Benefits of the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card

The advanced features and benefits of the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card make it ideal for all types of spenders. Following are the key features of this Ajman Bank credit card:

  • Cash Advance: Card members can withdraw cash up to 100% of the available credit limit with this credit card.
  • Easy Payment Plan (EPP): The Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card’s Easy Payment Plan allows its cardholders to convert credit card retail purchases into monthly installments at the participating merchants. They can repay the amount in up to 6 months. Best of all, cardholders are not required to pay any processing fees to avail of this facility. 
  • CHIP & Pin Security: No matter where or how card members use this Ajman Bank credit card, they can rest assured that their transactions are absolutely secured and safe. For retail transactions, the Chip & pin technology ensures that the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card can’t be duplicated.
  • Credit Shield: This card offers complimentary credit shield Takaful cover to its cardholders for the first 60 days from the date of issuance and then it will be chargeable going forward. Credit shield provides the option to have an outstanding balance on the cardholder’s credit card waived in some unforeseen event such as natural death, critical illness, and permanent disability.
  • Access to Online Banking: This card provides instant access to online banking. Therefore, it allows card members to manage their credit card conveniently with the help of the multi-function of online banking.
  • Secure Online Purchases: Online transactions are protected with the 3D secure feature of this card. Therefore, it lets the cardholder shop online confidently.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: Another great feature of this Ajman Bank credit card is that it is accepted globally at more than 22 million locations worldwide through MasterCard.
  • Supplementary Cards: Owner of this Ajman Bank credit card can take a supplementary card(s) for his/her family members. There is no annual fee for the first two supplementary cards and the rest will have an annual fee of AED 50.
  • Priceless Arabia: Cardholders can enjoy the benefits of shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, attractions, and sports by simply registering this Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card on the official website of Priceless Arabia.

Rewards and Offers of the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card

Below-mentioned are the rewards and offers provided by the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card:

Power Points

  • Faster Rewards Program: On spending of every AED 10, card members can earn 1 Power Points.
  • Endless Redemption Options: Cardholders can redeem these power points at more than 300 airlines, 300,000+ hotels, online purchases of electronics, and much more. 
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Fees & Charges of Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card

There are some fees & charges of the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card that every cardholder must know to avoid penalty and unnecessary charges. Following are the fees & charges associated with this Ajman Bank credit card: 

Types of Charges


Monthly charge

AED 800

Annual fee

AED 300

Supplementary Card Charges

First 2 supplementary cards are free & then AED 50 is charged annually

Late Payment Charges (Forced Donation)

AED 125

Cash Advance Charges

AED 150

Charges of Card Replacement

AED 75

Fees of Duplicate Statement

AED 45 p.m.

Charges for procuring a copy of sales voucher

AED 65

Over Limit Charges

AED 125

Credit Shield Charges

0.89% per month

Liability or No Liability letter

AED 50

Cash Advance

100% of the total credit limit

Easy Payment Plan (EPP) Foreclosure Charges

AED 200

Minimum Amount Due

Maximum of 5% of the outstanding amount and 100% of  all fees & charges or AED 100

Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card FAQs

Q1: What are Ajman Bank Supplementary Cards?

Ans: The Ajman Bank supplementary card is basically an add-on card that primary cardholder can avail for his/her family members and share the benefits of the primary card. It works exactly like a regular Ajman Bank credit card and allows supplementary card members to access credit limits and avail of all the rewards and discounts.

Ajman Bank offers the first two supplementary cards for free. All additional add-on cards over and above the entitlement are issued for a fee of AED 50 per card per annum.

Q2: How do I cancel my Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: In order to cancel Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, you are required to clear the due amount, fees & charges accrued on your Ajman Bank credit card.
  • Second, you need to submit a written request to Ajman Bank for credit card closure.
  • Third, cut up all the primary as well as supplementary Ajman Bank credit cards in half and return them to the bank.
  • Fourth, request for a No liability certificate. It is an undeniable proof that all the fees & charges have been paid in full. The certificate can easily be obtained from the bank for a nominal fee of AED 50.

Q3: Does it provide a cash advance facility?

Ans: With the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card, you can withdraw cash up to 100% of the available credit limit.

Q4: What is a 3D secure feature?

Ans: The 3D secure feature of the Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card provides added security when you shop online. Therefore, this advance feature makes online shopping experience convenient & hassle-free.

Q5: If my Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card is lost or stolen will that be replaced?

Ans: Yes, you can easily get your lost or stolen Ajman Bank Power Platinum Credit Card replaced. But please note that the bank will charge a replacement fee of AED 75 for replacing the card.

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