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Most Popular Ajman Credit Cards in UAE

Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card is one of the amazing and powerful Islamic Credit cards across the UAE. This multi-partner credit card provides an array of benefits to make spending more rewarding and exciting. In addition to the astounding benefits of this Ajman Bank credit card, it allows its card members to earn Power rewards and avail amazing benefits on redeeming those power rewards through the Power credit card rewards website.

Features of the Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card

When it comes to Ajman Bank credit card, card members can rest assured that they are getting the best features and benefits. Ajman Bank is one step ahead of other banks as it doesn’t only match the world-class standards but also it ensures the safety and convenience of banking for its potential customers. Here are some of the main features that Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card offers:

  • Cash Advance: This is one of the most amazing features of this Ajman Bank credit card as cardholders can withdraw cash up to 100% of their total credit limit in times of financial emergency.
  • Easy Payment Plan: Another great feature of this credit card is that it enables the card member to convert their big purchases into equal monthly installments at the participating merchants. They can purchase items within their credit limit and pay off the full amount up to 6 months at no monthly fee.
  • PIN & CHIP security: PIN & CHIP security ensured that all the retail transactions are safe and secured.
  • Credit Shield Takaful: This Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card provides credit shield Takaful cover for free to its card members for two months from the date of issuance and then it will be chargeable going forward. Credit shield provides the option to have an outstanding balance on your credit card waived in the unfortunate event such as critical illness, natural death, and permanent disability.
  • Access To Online Banking: This Ajman Bank credit card offers instant access to online banking. Therefore, it allows card members to manage their credit card conveniently.
  • Secure Online Transactions: As a member of the Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card, one can make online transactions in a hassle-free manner since online transactions are protected with the 3D secure feature of this card. Thus, it makes online shopping experience positive.
  • Worldwide Acceptance: This Ajman Bank credit card is accepted globally at more than 22 million locations worldwide through MasterCard.
  • Priceless Arabia: Cardholders can enjoy the benefits of shopping, dining, entertainment, travel, attractions, and sports by simply registering this Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card on the official website of Priceless Arabia.
  • Supplementary Cards: Members of this Ajman Bank credit card can take a supplementary card(s) for his/her family members. There is no annual fee for the first two supplementary Ajman Bank credit cards and the rest will have an annual fee of AED 50.
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Rewards and Offers of the Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card

Following are the rewards and offers provided by the Ajman Bank MasterCard Gold credit card:

Power Points

  1. Faster Rewards Program:On spending of every AED 10, the cardholder can earn 1 Power Points
  2. Endless Redemption Options: Cardholders can redeem these power points at more than 300 airlines, 300,000+ hotels, online purchases of electronics, and much more.

Fees & Charges of Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card

Some of the fees & charges associated with the Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card are as follows: 

Types of Charges

Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card

Annual Membership Fee

AED 200

Monthly Fee

AED 600

Supplementary Card Charges

First 2 cards are free thereafter AED 50 per annum per supplementary card will be charged

Late Payment Charges (Forced Donation)

AED 125

Cash Advance Charges per transactions up to AED 5000

AED 150

Charges of Card Replacement

AED 75

Fees of Duplicate Statement (p.m.)

AED 45

Charges for procuring a copy of sales voucher

AED 65

Over Limit Charges

AED 125

Processing for foreign transactions

3.5 percent

Credit Shield Charges

0.89% per month

Liability letter charges

AED 50

Cash Advance

100% of the total credit limit

Easy Payment Plan (EPP) Foreclosure Charges

AED 200

Minimum Amount Due

5% of the outstanding amount and 100% of  all fees & charges or AED 100, the higher amount

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Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card FAQ's

Q1: What is an Ajman Bank supplementary card?

Ans: A supplementary card offered by the Ajman Bank allows the family members of the cardholder to enjoy the various features, benefits, and rewards on the Ajman Bank Power Gold credit card. The first 2 supplementary cards can be obtained by the cardholder at no charge after which there is an applicable fee of AED 50 per card per annum.

Q2: What am I supposed to do if my Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card is lost or stolen?

Ans: First of all, lost or stolen credit cards need to be reported to a bank representative as soon as possible. Once you informed the bank about the same, the bank will them freeze the misplaced card and replace it with a new one. The longer you wait to report a misplaced card, the more at risk you are of paying fraudulent charges. Keep in mind that the bank will charge a replacement fee of AED 75.

Q3: What is a 3D secure feature of the Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card all about?

Ans: A 3D secure feature offered by the Ajman Bank is basically a free service that lets you make online transaction securely and conveniently by using the Ajman Bank credit card. It actually provides an extra layer of verification for enhanced security when making online purchases. You will have to enter a one-time password (OTP) that will be sent on your registered mobile number when you make an online transaction on the website that has the MSC- MasterCard SecureCode Sign. Please note that this facility is available only on 3D secure merchant sites.

Q4: What is a late payment fee?


  • Late payment fee is applicable if the minimum amount due is not paid on or before the due date.
  • Well, the late payment fee for the Ajman Bank Power Gold Credit Card is AED 125.

Q5: What is an easy cash facility?

Ans: As a member of this Ajman Bank credit card, you can avail cash of up to 100% of your total credit limit as easy cash and enjoy the flexibility of paying into installments of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. The facility of easy cash helps you in times of financial emergency.

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