Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 06 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 12 January 2021
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Founded in the year 2007, Ajman Bank is one of the prominent Islamic banks that follow the principle of trust integrity and transparency.

Among the various financial solutions offered, Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card is particularly designed for both Emiratis and expats.  Ajman Bank Bright World credit card provides a wide range of exciting benefits to their customers. This is a card that offers maximum rewards on every purchase.

Highlights of this Card

  • 0% fees on foreign transaction
  • Secure mobile payment through Samsung pay
  • Travel the world with up to 30% off on clear trip
  • Earn up to 3 BRight Rewardsfor every AED 10 spent

Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card Features

There are some key features of Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card:

Secured Online Purchases

Ajman Bank  Bright World credit card offer CHIP and PIN or 3D secure facility to its cardholder.3 D security offered by this bank ensures complete peace of mind while making an online transaction. This advanced feature helps the bank to gain customers trust.

Contactless Technology

The Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card comes with contactless technology, which helps in making your transactions faster and easier for your day to day shopping. It is one of the safest methods for purchasing various products through this card.

Mobile  Banking

You can now have complete control over your finances by accessing your credit card from anywhere in the world and at any time with the help of a multi-functional mobile app.

Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card Benefits

When it comes to Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card, they give full assurance to their customers of giving the best benefits ever. Here are some key benefits of this Ajman Bank Credit Card.

Supplementary Card

This bank provides supplementary cards to the cardholder’s family so that they can also access that account, this way bank will treat all accounts as a single account.  It ensures that the cardholder’s family also experiences and enjoys the same benefits, which the primary cardholder does.

Complimentary Lounge Access

The cardmembers of this credit card can avail free access to airport lounges by simply showing this credit card to the concerned authority.

Balance Transfer

This card provides a balance transfer facility. Balance transfer feature allows its cardholder to transfer their outstanding balance with another bank to Ajman Bank credit card with a repayment tenor up to 36 months.

Bright Rewards

The members can redeem Bright rewards across more than 300 airlines on flight tickets, 300,000+ hotels, gift vouchers etc.

Easy Cash Facility

This card allows the cardholders to transfer money from this card to their bank accounts and repay the instalments accordingly.

Ajman Bank Traveller App

One can avail more than 1000 buy-one-get-one and super saver offer at fingertips.


Ajman Bank Bright World Credit Card offers huge numbers of exclusive discounts and benefits to meet the cardholder’s everyday needs. The payment done by this credit card is accepted globally and these features considered as unique to attract more customers.