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Ajman Bank BRight World credit cards is an Islamic credit card which is structured according to the Sharia Islamic principles. It depends upon the concept of Murabaha which comes under Sharia Law. It offers the cardholder a plethora of benefits that include redeemable reward points, chip, and PIN security, balance transfer, plans with 0% profit rate on payments via installments and many more. 

Features and Benefits of Ajman Bank BRight World Credit Card

Following are the features of this Ajman Bank Credit Card- 

  • Samsung Pay: The cardholders have the option of using Samsung Pay through which they can enjoy a secure and seamless payment experience.
  • Contactless Transactions: The cardmembers of the Ajman Bank BRight World Credit Card can enjoy convenient and fast contactless transactions for regular shopping purposes.
  • Mobile Banking: Ajman Bank Credit Cards offer their cardholders an option of multi-functional mobile banking for managing their cards conveniently.
  • PIN and CHIP: This credit card comes with a security chip and provides at most security through a personalized PIN number.
  • Security on Online Purchases: This Ajman Bank Credit Card provides the cardholders a security feature called mindwithour3D secure so that they can peacefully shop online.
  • International Transaction Fees: With Ajman Bank BRight World Credit Card, the cardholders can enjoy 0 percent international transaction fees. 
  • Free Lounge Access: This credit card by Ajman Bank also offers complimentary access to various lounges across the globe.
  • Greener Banking: By providing an interactive e-statement, the Ajman Bank credit cards have effectively eliminated the need for bulky and wasteful paper statements. Not only is the ROADMILES Visa Classic Ajman Bank card e-statement more environmentally friendly, but it is also far more convenient. It can be accessed from anywhere across the globe and is delivered without fail to the cardholder’s registered email account. 
  • Balance Transfers: The Ajman Bank credit card offers cardholders an extremely practical balance transfer facility, which allows them to their clear outstanding dues with great ease.
  • Quick Cash Advances: In times of emergency, there is often no better substitute for quickly available cash, and that is exactly what the Ajman Bank credit card cash advance feature offers. Cardholders can request for up to 80% of their available ROADMILES Visa Classic Ajman Bank card limit in funds 
  • Easy Installment Plans: Another exciting feature that the ROADMILES Visa Classic Ajman Bank credit card offers is the Easy Installment Plan scheme. Cardholders can convert purchases at partnered locations into smaller instalment amounts to be repaid in tenors of 3 months and 6 months, and with no processing charges. 
  • Traveler App by Ajman Bank: This Ajman Bank Credit Cards offers its cardholders over 1000 Buy 1 Get 1 and super saver options at their fingertips through this App called the ‘Traveler App’.
  • Discount on Clear Trip: The card members of this BRight World Credit Card can avail of a discount of up to 30 percent on Clear trip and travel around the world.
  • Supplementary Cards: This Ajman Bank Credit Card also offers supplementary credit cards to the family members of these credit cardholders. The supplementary cardholder must be above 18  years of age.
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Ajman Bank BRight World Credit Card Offers and Rewards

Following are the offers of this BRight World Credit Card- 

Facility of Easy Cash

With this facility of easy cash by Ajman Bank, the cardholders can gain more from their credit cards. 

  • The cardholders can avail a maximum of 90 percent of their credit limit in the form of Easy Cash. The credit card also offers them a flexible payment scheme for up to twelve months.
  • There is no requirement of any paperwork to avail this facility. The cardholder can call on 80022 for making a request for the same.
  • The cardholders have the benefit of making flexible payments into 3, 6, 9 or 12 months’ installments. 
  • The funds will be transferred to the cardholder’s account at Ajman Bank or some other bank in the  UAE.
  • There is a small processing fee charged on the Easy Cash facility. 

Credit Shield

The credit shield insurance (Takaful Cover) is a protection given to the cardholders under which the outstanding balance of their credit card can be waived in case of unfortunate events such as permanent disability, loss of employment, critical illness or death. Under this scheme, the cardholder remains covered for the first 2  months without any cost, subsequently, they will have to pay some charge on credit shield.

Convenient Payment Option

After the cardholders have enrolled for credit shield, their subscription gets renewed automatically for a  fee of 0.89 percent out of their outstanding balance per month. They can conveniently pay this fee using their credit card. This transaction will be included in the credit card statement monthly.

Cash on Call

This Ajman Bank Credit Card offers a convenient and flexible option of availing a cash advance by just giving one call to the call center of the Ajman Bank. 

  • The cardholder can avail a maximum of 80 percent of the pre-determined credit card limit in the form of cash advance.
  • There is no requirement of any paperwork to avail this facility. The cardholder can call on 80022 for making a request for the same.
  • There is a one-time processing fee of AED 150 charged on the cash on call facility. 
  • The funds will be transferred to the cardholder’s account at Ajman Bank or some other bank in the  UAE.  

3D Secure

With this 3D secure feature of this Ajman Bank Credit Card, the cardholders can be relieved about the safety of their card. This feature includes an extra verification layer to the card making online shopping more secure. 

  • The cardholders can make transactions anytime, anywhere without the installation of any specific software.
  • This facility is easy and quick. The cardholders are not required to do any registrations as this function is automatically enabled on their Ajman Bank Credit Cards.
  • This facility makes online shopping safer for the cardholders. They receive a One-Time Password on their registered mobile number whenever they make online transactions.
  • This facility is convenient, simple and hassle-free. 

Fees and Charges on Ajman Bank BRight World Credit Cards

Ajman Bank Credit Card charges a very low-profit rate and fees from its cardholders. The charges and  fees on this credit card are as follows: 

Fees and Charges Ajman Bank BRight World Credit Card

Supplementary Card Fees

First few Cards- Free50 AED per card per annum for subsequent cards

Late Payment Charges

125 AED

Per Transaction Fees on Cash Advance (up to 5,000 AED)

150 AED

Card Replacement Charge

75 AED

Duplicate Statement

45 AED monthly

Sales Voucher (Copy)

65 AED

Annual Fee

1,500 AED

Over-Limit Fee

125 AED

Processing Fee (FX Transactions)

0 percent

Credit Shield Charge

0.89 percent monthly

Liability Letter


Minimum Due Amount

5 percent of outstanding principle & 100 percent of the total amount of fees

Maximum Amount of Withdrawal (per transaction)


DDS set-up fees recovery of Dues on Credit Card


EPP Charges (Retail Purchases)


EPP Charges (Balance Transfer)


EPP Charges (Easy Cash)


EPP Charges (Foreclosure Fees)

200 AED

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(The prices and interest rates are subject to change as per the bank's requirement.)

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FAQs on Ajman Bank BRight World Credit Card

Q1:  What does a Credit Card Balance Transfer mean? 

Ans: The Balance Transfer on credit card means the transfer of the amount existing in one credit card account to another credit card account. A Balance Transfer fee may also be levied on you in order to avail this facility in case of some cards.

Q2:  What does 3D Secure mean? 

Ans: Ajman Bank uses a 3D Secure facility which is  a  free service that ensures the security of using your credit cards for online transactions. It offers an extra verification layer for extra secure online transactions. You will have to enter an OTP (One-Time Password) that you will receive on your registered mobile number while making transactions online on websites that has this sign- MSC (MasterCard Secure Code). This OTP is important for completing the online purchase or transaction.  This facility can be availed on 3D Secure merchant websites only.

Q3:  How to register for 3D Secure facility? 

Ans: 3D Secure facility requires no registration. It  is  enabled automatically on  your Credit Card. Make sure  you have updated your recent phone number with the bank because the OTP will be sent on the mobile number registered in the bank records.

Q4:  Are my personal details safe & secure? 

Ans: Yes. Your Ajman Bank Credit Card details will be encrypted and then stored on a secure and safe server. 

Q5: How do I get to know that a particular merchant supports 3D Secure feature? 

Ans: Any merchant who is 3DS (3D Secure) compliant will have a  MasterCard Secure Code or  VBV (Verified by Visa) logo.

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