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The Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card is based on the Murabaha - the concept of sharia. This Ajman Bank credit card offers ultimate rewards to its cardholders, making their experience rewarding. With this card, card members can immediately plan their next vacations as it offers BRight Rewards on each transaction made against the card. With a wide range of travel options across 300,000+ hotels and 300+ airlines, this card is exclusively designed for avid travelers.

Features & Benefits of Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card

The Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card offers some unmatched benefits and features that other credit cards can’t simply match. Following are the key features & benefits of this Ajman Bank credit card that does not only make it a better travel companion but also one of the best credit cards:

  • No Annual Fee: This Ajman Bank credit card is free for life card as it doesn’t have an annual fee.
  • Samsung Pay: Cardholders can enjoy safe & secure payment experience through mobile by using Samsung Pay.
  • Contactless Payment: The Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card is eligible for contactless payment. It lets the cardholder to enjoy fast & convenient transactions for their day to day shopping.
  • Secured Online Purchases: The 3D secure feature of this Ajman Bank credit card ensures absolute security. It allows cardholders to shop online with absolute peace of mind.
  • Chip & Pin Technology: The Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card ensures maximum safety & security through personalized ‘CHIP & PIN’ technology.
  • Balance Transfer: Members of this card can easily transfer a balance from other credit cards to this Ajman Bank credit card with the lowest profit rate. Not only this, they can enjoy the flexibility to repay the amount in easy & convenient monthly installments of up to 36 months.
  • Easy Payment Plan (EPP): Card members can convert their credit card retail purchase into easy to pay monthly installments through the “0% Easy Installment Plan”. They can purchase anything at the participating merchants and pay back in flexible payment tenures.
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access: Members of the Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card can enjoy complimentary access to premium airport lounges. All they need to show this card at the reception of the lounge to enjoy this free service.
  • Supplementary Cards: Members of this Ajman Bank credit card can share the wonderful benefits of this card with their family members as Ajman Bank offers free supplementary Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Cards. The bank offers 1st 2 supplementary cards at no cost thereafter AED 50 per annum will be charged per supplementary card.
  • Valet Parking Services: The cardholder can enjoy valet services at more than 35 locations twice a month.

Rewards of Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card

Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card offers complimentary BRight rewards to its card members on all of their retail purchases with this card. They can earn up to 1 BRight Reward for each AED 10 spent.

The BRight Rewards can easily be redeemed for online purchases of electronics, gift vouchers, more than 300 airlines for booking flight tickets and 300,000 options of hotel stays.

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Fees & charges of Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card

Below-mentioned are the fees & charges associated with the Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card: 

Types of Charges


Profit Rate Per Month


Annual Membership Fee

No annual fee

Supplementary Card Charges

1st 2 supplementary/add-on cards are free, then AED 50 per annum per add-on card.

Late Payment Charges (Forced Donation)

AED 125

Cash Advance Charges

AED 150

Charges of Card Replacement

AED 75

Fees of Duplicate Statement

AED 45 p.m.

Charges for procuring a copy of sales voucher

AED 65

Over Limit Charges

AED 125

Processing charges for foreign transactions

2% of the amount of the transaction

Credit Shield Charges

0.89% per month

Cash Advance

90% of the total credit limit

Easy Payment Plan (EPP) Foreclosure Charges

AED 200

Minimum Amount Due

5% of the outstanding amount and 100% of  all fees & charges

Frequently Asked Questions on Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card

Q1: Where can I make payments for the Ajman Bank ROADMILES Classic Visa Credit Card?

Ans: Card repayments for the ROADMILES Visa Classic Ajman Bank credit card can be made through any of the following ways:

  • Branches: Payments for the ROADMILES Visa Classic Ajman Bank credit card can be made at any Ajman Bank branch in the UAE. Branch addresses can be found on the Ajman Bank site.
  • ATMs & CCDMs: The Ajman Bank card can also be paid for at any of the Ajman Bank ATMs and Cash & Cheque Deposit Machines (CCDMs). The list of ATMs and CCDMs is available on the bank’s website.
  • Internet Portal: Ajman Bank credit cards offer an extremely user-friendly digital banking portal for cardholders to track account activity, make payments, transfer funds and more. The Ajman Bank internet banking login can be accessed from any web browser.
  • Phone Banking: Cardholders can even make their Ajman Bank credit card payments via a phone banking service, which can be initiated by calling 800-22.
  • Mobile Banking App: ROADMILES Visa Classic Ajman Bank credit card payments can be made through the Ajman Bank mobile banking app, available on Android and iOS stores.
  • SMS Service: In addition to providing updates on the Ajman Bank credit card activities, the Ajman Bank SMS service can also be utilized to initiate card payments. The various instructions needed to make an Ajman Bank card payment via SMS are detailed on the bank website.

Q2: What if my monthly income doesn’t meet the card requirement? Can I still avail Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card?

AnsWell, Ajman Bank doesn’t provide credit cards to those applicants who don’t meet the eligibility criteria pre-decided by the bank.

Q3: Can I withdraw cash with this credit card?

Ans: You can withdraw cash up to 90% of the total credit limit. 

Q4: What is the Easy Payment Plan?

Ans: Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card’s Easy Payment Plan allows you to convert credit card purchases into convenient monthly installments of flexible tenures.

Q5: If my Ajman Bank BRight Platinum Credit Card is misplaced will that be replaced?

Ans: You can easily get your misplaced card replaced. All you need to inform the bank about the same and then the bank will talk to you about a replacement of the card.

However, the replacement fee of the Ajman Bank BRight Titanium Credit Card is AED 75.

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