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Established in Ajman, Ajman Bank is one of the renowned banks in the UAE. It has ATMs and branches throughout the country and is committed to providing progressive Islamic Banking Solutions for both individual and business customers. The bank offers a huge range of value-driven banking facilities, all in compliance with Sharia principles.

Amongst the various products offered by Ajman Bank, the bank accounts are worth mentioning. With Ajman bank, customers can open different types of bank accounts, which help them to manage their finances efficiently. The account holders may also avail of various amazing features and benefits with these accounts.

Features & Benefits of Ajman Bank Accounts

Here are a few key features of the various Ajman Bank Accounts.

  • Sharia Compliant: Ajman Bank accounts are completely Sharia-compliant and follow the Sharia principles of Islamic Law.
  • Competitive Profit Rates: With Ajman Bank Accounts, the account holders can avail competitive profit rates on their savings. The profit earned can be considered as an additional income for the account holders. 
  • E-Statements: The Ajman Bank provides complimentary monthly or quarterly statements on the bank account. The account holders can also avail the option of e-statements to keep a close track of their transactions.
  • Available in Multiple Currencies: Ajman Bank accounts offer the account holders the flexibility of investing in various currencies such as UAE Dirhams, Pound Sterling, US Dollars or Euro.
  • Online and SMS Banking: The account holders can get all the updates on their bank accounts through SMS alerts. They can also avail the option of online banking through the user-friendly Ajman Bank online banking portal.
  • Bill Payments: A number of Ajman Bank Account come with an option of complimentary payment of utility bills, including DEWA, FEWA, SEWA, AADC, ADDC, Salik Recharge, du and Etisalat.

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Types of Ajman Bank Accounts in UAE

Ajman Bank offers customers various types of bank accounts in the UAE to help fulfil their financial needs. Following are some of these bank accounts.

Ajman Saving Account

Ajman Current Account

Ajman Fixed Deposit Account

Ajman Salary Account

Ajman Bank Savings Account: This Sharia-compliant savings account by Ajman Bank is designed specifically for the account holders to avail more returns as well as save more for a secured future. The lowest balance maintained every month in the account is considered for calculating the profits. These profits are shared quarterly as per the pre-determined ratio between the bank and the account holder.

The main features of this bank account include:

  • Quarterly profit distribution
  • Free quarterly account statements
  • Online & SMS banking
  • Free utility bill payment

Ajman Bank Current Account: This Sharia-compliant account is an Ajman Bank account with a credit balance, which can always be paid on demand. These current accounts are designed for delivering optimum quality services that serve the customers’ personal and business account needs. The current account can be operated not only by individuals but also by businesses and companies. 

The primary features of this bank account include:

  • Free MasterCard Platinum debit card
  • First chequebook is free
  • Online & SMS banking
  • Free monthly account statements

Ajman Bank Payroll Account (Salary Account): This bank account offers the account holders a one-stop solution for fulfilling their financial needs. This payroll or salary account helps in doing away with the hassle of payroll management. It provides employees with easy access to various banking services. This Ajman Bank account does not require an average or minimum balance. It offers a convenient salary transfer facility for employees at corporate houses with simple and minimum documentation.

The main features of this bank account include:

  • Personalised doorstep account opening services
  • No minimum average balance requirement
  • Minimum documentation
  • Hassle-free salary transfer services

Ajman Bank Mudaraba Fixed Deposit Account: This Sharia-compliant fixed deposit account is designed specifically for offering more returns to the account holder. The longer the tenure of the deposit, the higher would be the returns. The profits on this account are generated and distributed through the common Mudaraba pool. This pool is the joint investment pool amongst the shareholders and depositors. 

The main features of this bank account include:

  • 3-12 months’ flexible deposit tenure
  • Available in both USD and AED
  • Profit is distributed quarterly
  • Minimum balance required: AED 10,000

This account can be opened for individuals, minors, and joint account holders. It is available for different kinds of businesses including partnerships, sole proprietorships, and limited liability & joint stock companies.

Ajman Bank Young Account: This Ajman Bank Account has been designed keeping in mind the financial needs of minors. The account is fully Sharia-compliant and encourages kids to save more and grow their savings by earning attractive profits. The bank account offers a specially designed debit card in the name of the account holders (minors).

The primary features of this bank account include:

  • No minimum balance required
  • A minimum initial deposit of AED 500
  • Available in AED only
  • Minimum balance of AED 5,000 is required to earn profits

Ajman Debit Card

Ajman Bank 2-in-1 Account: The Ajman Bank offers a bank account in UAE that provides the account holders with combined benefits of a current as well as a savings account. The facilities offered on this 2-in-1 account are chequebook, Debit/ATM card, and flexibility of earning profits on the deposits. This account helps in saving more as well as managing regular transactions. It can also be considered as a regular checking account or a salary transfer account. The applicant can open this Ajman Bank account with AED 10,000 or above.

The main features of this bank account include:

  • Minimum quarterly average balance of AED 10,000
  • Free debit card and chequebook 
  • Attractive interest rates
  • Can be used as a salary transfer or regular bank account

Upfront Profit Wakala Deposit Account : This Ajman Bank Fixed Deposit helps account holders earn a reasonable amount of profit. With this account, you need not even wait for your deposit to be matured. Instead, you can earn profits upfront and right away. The bank account follows the Sharia concept of Wakala.

The primary features of this bank account include:

  • Flexible tenure of 6 months, 1, 2 and 3 years
  • Available in AED only
  • Minimum deposit amount of AED 100,000
  • Additional current account with a free debit card and no minimum balance requirement

The Ajman Bank Company Account: This bank account has been specifically designed for business customers. The bank account is Sharia-compliant and offers profits based on the concept of ‘Mudaraba’. The best part about this bank account is that it offers medical insurance for employees by paying easy monthly instalments. 

The main features of this bank account include:

  • Free local and international fund transfers with mobile banking
  • WPS payroll processing facility
  • Free Platinum MasterCard debit card and chequebook
  • Free online and mobile banking services
  • Minimum balance of AED 10,000 per quarter is required to earn profits

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Documents Required to Open Ajman Bank Account in UAE

For opening a bank account with Ajman Bank, the applicant needs to submit a few documents to the bank. Here are a few account opening documents that need to be submitted.

Category Documents Required
ID Proof
  • Emirates ID for both expats and UAE nationals (original & copy)
  • Passport along with Visa details for expats (original & copy)
  • Duly filled up and signed form for account opening and T&Cs
Other Documents
  • Salary Certificate (for salary transfer account)
  • Trade License (for business account)

Open Ajman Bank Account

How to Open Ajman Bank Account in the UAE?

Following are the three options available for applicants to open an Ajman Bank Account. 

  1. Branch Applications: The applicants can visit the nearby branch of Ajman Bank to get their accounts opened. They need to carry the required documents with them and submit them along with the duly filled account opening form.
  2. Online Applications: The applicants can get their accounts opened through the bank’s online banking portal. Through its net banking facility, Ajman Bank provides account holders with the convenience and facility to conduct a majority of their transactions at the hour that suits them not just in the Emirates but across the globe.
  3. Phone Banking: The applicants can also contact the bank on its official customer support number 80022 for bank account opening in UAE.

Ajman Bank Account FAQs

Do I have to pay any account opening charge for opening bank accounts with Ajman Bank?

No, Ajman Bank does not charge any account opening fee from you.

Do I have to pay any account closure charge for closing a bank account with Ajman Bank?

Yes, you have to pay an account closure charge of AED 100 for closing an account with Ajman Bank only when it is closed within one year. In the case of fixed deposits, the account closure fee is 2 per cent of the fixed deposit amount.

What is the minimum balance required to maintain on the Ajman Bank savings and current accounts?

You need to maintain a minimum balance of AED 3,000 on both savings and current accounts with Ajman Bank in the UAE.

Do I need to pay any fees on the e-statement of my account?

No, you do not need to pay any fees on the e-statement of your account; it is a complimentary facility.

Are the Ajman Bank accounts Sharia-compliant?

Yes, these bank accounts are in compliance with the Sharia principles of Islamic laws.

Do I have to pay any charges for activating a dormant account?

No, you do not have to pay any fees for activating a dormant account. 

Can I deal in any currency other than AED in Ajman Bank Accounts?

Yes. Some bank accounts can be managed in multiple currencies other than UAE Dirhams, which include US Dollars, Euro and Pound Sterling.

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