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Air travel has become a regular need for many people. Some like to explore new places while others have business-related work. As a result, more people are travelling by flight. For such frequent travellers, banks and financial institutions offer air miles points card. With the help of the same, the cardholder earns travel rewards which they can redeem as per applicable terms and conditions.

What is Air Miles Credit Cards?

Air miles Credit Cards is a specialized Credit Cards that enables the cardholder to collect miles against the expenses made on the card. These miles can easily be redeemed in the form of a discount against several expenses such as holiday packages, car rentals, etc. Not just that, they can be used to book flight tickets and upgrade the tickets. In short, air miles points card offer rewards to Credit Cards holders for using their cards.

The air mile cards are issued in partnership with specific airlines. That being said, sometimes the card can be issued independently as well. The significant advantage of the air miles card is that the earned miles can be utilized across various airlines which offer a selection of different destinations and dates.

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How can you earn Air Miles?

Well, air miles are earned when cardholder make expenses using the card. The cardholder (for example, Etihad Guest or Emirates Skywards) can earn and collect their frequent travel points or miles against every successful transaction. With the Etihad Airways and Emirates Airline, you can also earn miles when you use your air mile Credit Cards in certain hotels and restaurants.

Features and Benefits of Air Miles Credit Cards

For frequent flyers, having an air miles points card is like having a special privilege. It offers an array of complimentary benefits throughout the trip. Specially designed for air travellers, air mile Credit Cards offers several useful features and benefits. From lifestyle and skyward to visa and financial benefits, air mile Credit Cards holders can enjoy various benefits.

Let’s have a look at the features and benefits offered by air mile Credit Cards:

  • Earn Air Miles: Some of the top air miles Credit Cards offer high reward points against the airline related transactions made on the card. These high rewards can be redeemed against various expenses such as car rentals, purchasing air tickets, discount on holiday packages and other travel related expenses.
  • Bonus Miles: The bonus miles are offered either in the form of welcome gift or a renewal gift. Air mile Credit Cards generally offers complimentary bonus miles within a few days of card issuance. These points can be redeemed for booking flight tickets.
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access: It offers the facility of complimentary airport lounge access. It enables the cardholder to sit back and relax in the airport lounges. The facility offered by air Miles rewards card is very comforting in times of delayed flights. Having said that, the access is limited to some selected airport lounges. Air mile Credit Cardsholders just need to display their card at the eligible airport lounges in order to enjoy internet facility, modern amenities, and refreshments offered by the airport lounges.
  • Golf Benefits: Air miles rewards card holders can avail the service of free golf once a month. Moreover, this facility is offered for basic as well as supplementary card members. This service can be availed at some selected golf courses in the UAE.
  • Accelerated Miles: What could be more exciting than earning reward points? Some of the best airmiles Credit Cards provides accelerated miles on transactions done on the card. The cardholder needs to be aware of the transactions that an eligible for earning miles in order to enjoy its full benefits.
  • Movie Ticket Offers: Certain air mile Credit Cards issuers offer extra privileges such as complimentary movie ticket on the purchase of one movie tickets with VOX cinemas as per applicable terms and conditions. In order to avail this benefit, the cardholder needs to book the movie ticket through the official website of Vox Cinemas.
  • Extra Benefits: Some of the top air miles Credit Cards provide free travel insurance and features like ‘Purchase Protection’.

Accountholders can get air miles card and earn exciting rewards and avail benefits while enjoying their trip.

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How To Compare And Find The Best Credit Cards For Airline Miles?

There are various banks that offer air miles card. While it gives the accountholder various options, it leaves a room for confusion as well. The accountholder ought to compare air miles Credit Cards and opt for the best one that suits their need the best.

The best air miles Credit Cards can help to save hard-earned money and earn miles that can be redeemed for their next travel. The below-mentioned parameters can help to compare and find out the best air miles Credit Cards:

1. Consider Points Earning Rate: While choosing the best Credit Cards for airline miles, it’s important to check the rate of points that will be rewarded on every A different earn rate could be rewarded for specific spending such as an international purchase or purchase made during promotional periods.

 In addition to this, there are some transactions that will not provide the cardholder with any earning point. That is why it is very important to check the limitations when it comes to opting for the air mile Credit Cards.

2. Annual Fee: Another important factor to consider while choosing the air miles card is an annual The annual fee should be on the lesser side. The fee is charged so that the card. The fee is charged for offering the exclusive services to the cardholder.

3. Reward Value: The the types of reward a cardholder is eligible to avail, depends on the number of points a cardholder has accumulated. For every cardholder, it is important to check how these rewards are calculated. This helps when an account holder has to apply for the best Credit Cards for airline miles.

4. Extra Charges: Before choosing the best card for airmile miles, it is important to check what other charges are applicable for that particular air miles card (if any). Apart from extra charges, the cardholder will have to pay a fine for late payments and for exceeding the Credit Cards limit.

5. Promotional Benefits and Features: During the first few months, some of the top air miles Credit Cards offer promotional benefits for new cardholders. Accelerated points are one of the top benefits offered exclusively for new cardholders. Such benefits add a great value to the air miles card. Hence, the account holder should look out for promotional benefits and features.

6. Complimentary Extra Benefits: Some air miles cards offer additional benefits such as airport lounge access, hotel discounts etc. The extras benefits can be availed to make most of the card as long as the cardholder avails these services.

7. Sign up Bonuses: Air mile Credit Cards providers offer signup bonus as a welcome gift. Best card for airline miles offers a bonus that enables the cardholder to avail the offered benefits such as free miles, discount on air tickets, and so many other travel-related benefits.

Note- The account holder must read all the terms and conditions carefully. It will help them to make the most of their air mile Credit Cards.

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