Aim at Cutting Down on DEWA Bills While in Quarantine!

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While we are amidst this Pandemic, and the long summer of Dubai is approaching, it is always good to stay prepared for the warmer days.

When it comes to preparing about warmer days especially while you are quarantined at home to beat the Coronavirus, the spike in the water and electricity bills becomes a major concern, especially in your pocket.

Research shows a considerable reduction in the household savings in the hot months as the residents of the Emirate of Dubai have to spend a huge amount of their incomes on utility bills.

If you are worried about the rising Dubai Electricity and Water Authority Bills (DEWA Bills) in these difficult times, then these tips may come in handy for you.

Register for the Shams Dubai Program by DEWA

The Shams Dubai program was started by DEWA in 2015 along with an objective to promote the use of clean energy. This program encouraged the customers to put solar panels on their properties for meeting the energy usage needs at their homes. This may help cut down your electricity bills per month. The summers can lead to high bill amounts, and you would obviously not want to get in a situation where you would need a personal loan in UAE for paying your bills.

 Do Not Waste Water

The component of water usage on your DEWA bill needs your attention as much as the electricity usage component. A high amount of water bill every month may add up to unwanted extra expenditure if you are not careful.

Some smart investments and basic changes in your habit can make you water-wise and also help in the reduction of your DEWA bill. For example, do not leave the water running when you brush your teeth. You should spend on efficient faucets and showerheads, which optimize the use of water. You should also consider buying low-flow toilets.

Also, remember to make more judicious use of water-guzzling machines like dishwashers and washing machines.

Turn On AC When Really Necessary

It is obvious that limiting the use of air conditioners can help in saving a lot of money that you have to pay on electricity bills. One effective way of reducing your AC cost is by setting the default temperature on the thermostat of the machine at 24 degrees Celsius. This will lead to a cost cut of up to 6% on your electricity consumption. Moreover, 24 degrees Celsius is a suitable temperature that offers the same amount of comfort while also saving power.

If the thermostat of your AC is more than 10 years old, then it is time to buy a new one. The older your thermostat is, the more electricity it consumes as its efficiency depreciates with time. You must try to buy a model, which is energy efficient.

Keep the Turn-off Rule in Mind

There is one thumb rule that you and your family must always follow. Always turn off the lights, fans, and other electrical appliances when they are not being used by anyone. Due to ignorance and laziness, we sometimes skip turning off the appliances as well as power switches in our house. These things lead to an increase in your electricity bills, which could easily be avoided otherwise. So, no matter you are in a hurry or how lazy you feel, this turn-off rule should always be kept in mind, if you wish to reduce your DEWA bills.

The Bottom Line!

Considering there is a Pandemic declared, it is important for one to keep their finances intact during these tough times and opt for tips that are money-saving as well as energy-saving in nature.

By using these tips you can save a good amount on your utility bills, and use the money saved to keep your finances and emergency fund intact while you are quarantined at home for your safety.

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