ADNIF Personal Loan

Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance Company (ADNIF) provides personal loans in the UAE under the name of First Abu Dhabi Islamic Finance Personal Loan. Adhering to Islamic Banking fundamentals, ADNIF is renowned for its competitive profit rates and debt consolidation feature. In addition to fulfiling personal needs, ADNIF personal loans can also be used to pay school expenses, finance international trips and extended stays, and more in just a few clicks.read more

ADNIF Personal Loan
ADNIF Personal Loan
Personal Loan Starting from 2.63%* Interest rate

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  • Hassle-free documentation
  • EMI Tenure up to 48 Months
  • Lowest Interest Rates

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The Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance Company or ADNIF and its associated ADNIF personal loans have been offered in the UAE since 2008. ADNIF was initially formed as the Islamic Banking limb of the former National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NBAD). NBAD was part of a merger soon thereafter, which lead to the creation of UAE’s largest bank - First Abu Dhabi (FAB) bank.

 The Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance personal loan is now referred to as the First Abu Dhabi Islamic Finance personal loan. Both terms will be used interchangeably as we take a look at the best ADNIF personal loans and their benefits.

Features & Benefits of the ADNIF Personal Loan

The ADNIF personal loan is offered in complete compliance with Shariah laws and offers substantial loan amounts at the most competitive profit rates in the market.

Islamic Banking

ADNIF personal loans in the UAE follow Islamic Banking fundamentals and do not charge interest. The ADNIF personal loan charged no hidden fee and its schedule of charges is freely available on the FAB website.

Debt Consolidation

The ADNIF personal loan allows customers to merge all existing monthly loan obligations into a single loan. The ADNIF personal loan debt consolidation feature allows loan holders to expertly manage their expenses under one consolidated EMI.


One of the best ADNIF personal loan examples is Sukuk finance. A Sukuk personal finance solution offers Shariah-compliant bonds, i.e. an exchange of securities at a stipulated profit rate.


Another highly pragmatic ADNIF personal loan is the Education finance solution. The ADNIF Education finance solution is an interest-free student loan that allows customers to pay for school fees and higher learning expenses alike.


From daily shopping to home decor and more, the Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance personal loan for Goods financing allows loan holders to avail of instant funding for a variety of purchasing options.


The Shares financing category of ADNIF personal loans are the best ADNIF personal loans in the UAE for customers with a knack for prudent investment. Loan holders are offered a high degree of control, from setting limits on buying to managing the quantities of various types of shares.


ADNIF personal loans for travel and tourism allow customers to avail of quick, short-term capital, which makes travel absolutely worry-free. Loan holders can use the generous ADNIF personal loan amount to finance international trips and long stays in just a few quick steps.

ADNIF Personal Loan Eligibility & Required Documents

To apply for an ADNIF personal loan, one must first clear all of the following eligibility requirements:


The ADNIF personal loan online application allows applicants to quickly submit their funding request. Only UAE residents may apply for an ADNIF personal loan at this time


Age restrictions for the ADNIF personal loans in Dubai and across the UAE are 21 years - 60 years for expats, and 21 years - 65 years for UAE nationals.


Nearly all of the ADNIF personal loans mandate a minimum tenor of 12 months. The maximum available tenor on an ADNIF personal loan in the UAE is of 48 months.

In addition to all of the mentioned ADNIF personal loan eligibility requirements, applicant’s may also be asked to submit personal information required to conduct a credit history check. Applicants will further be required to submit or upload the following documents to apply for an ADNIF personal loan:

  1. Submission of the ADNIF personal loan online form.
  2. Emirates ID.
  3. Passport.
  4. Residence visa (not required for UAE nationals).
  5. Bank statements for up to the latest 6 months.
  6. Salary transfer certificate/letter from employer.
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Q.1. What is the difference between the FAB Islamic personal loan and the ADNIF personal loan?

Ans: Both the FAB Islamic personal loan and the ADNIF personal loan are one and the same. The ADNIF personal loan in the UAE was rebranded to the First Abu Dhabi Islamic personal loan in 2018.

Q.2. What makes the ADNIF personal loan Sharia-compliant?

Ans: The Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance personal loans do not charge any interest, share a part of their profits as charitable donations and do not employ any hidden costs. All of these features are a part of the principles of Islamic Banking.

Q.3. Is salary transfer mandated for ADNIF personal loans?

Ans: While the ADNIF personal loan does allow non-salary transfer customers to apply, the best ADNIF personal loan benefits such as low profit rates and bigger loan amounts can only be accessed with the monthly salary transfer.

Q.4. Does the ADNIF personal loan also offer life insurance?

Ans: Yes, applicants may also avail of a Shariah-compliant life insurance policy when they apply for an ADNIF personal loan. The policy is knowns as Life Takaful and charges a fee of 1% - 2% of the total borrowed amount.

Q.5. What is the fee for instalment deferment for the ADNIF personal loan?

Ans: While the Abu Dhabi National Islamic Finance personal loan instalment deferments are offered free-of-charge, ADNIF reserves the right to refuse deferment requests and to set a maximum number of yearly deferments. Kindly get in touch with an executive via the ADNIF personal loan online chat for more information on the same.

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