ADIB Visa Cashback Card

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The ADIB Visa Credit Card provides a variety of facilities including cashback, lounge access, roadside assistance and much more. The cardholders can also enjoy the benefit of a free grace period, cash withdrawal, and supplementary credit cards.
ADIB Visa Cashback Card

Benefits and Features of the ADIB Visa Cashback Card

Here is a list of the major benefits and features offered by this Visa ADIB credit card:

Free Roadside Assistance Facility

The card members can enjoy the facility of roadside assistance with no cost or charges. The package is inclusive of the following:

  • Post-accident, the cardholders can get a vehicle upon rent (for 24 hours).
  • Complimentary Benefit for a Flat Tire
  • Complimentary Transport Facility for the registration of car (in the same city), one time in one year.
  • Free Lockout Service
  • Inter-Emirate Free Towing Facility up to 3 times in 1 year
  • Free Unlimited Towing Facility Within the City Limit
  • Complimentary Service for Fuel Delivery
  • Free Jump Start Service 

Supplementary Cards

Members of this card can get up to 4 free supplementary cards through this ADIB Visa Platinum Card. They’ll have to bear an annual membership fee of AED 500 from the 5th supplementary card.

Cash Withdrawal

Cardholders have the option to make cash withdrawals of up to 100% of their finance limit through this card.

Grace Period on the Card

This Cashback ADIB Visa Credit Card provides the cardholders with a free grace period for up to 55 days  to repay the remaining balance.

Airport Lounge

The cardholder has access to various premium airport lounges through the Veloce lounge. 

Balance Transfer

The cardholder can consolidate all outstanding dues in his or her ADIB card  by  using  the  balance transfer feature for which the cardholder will have to pay a balance transfer fee.

Easy Payment Plans

Users can convert their large purchases made on this ADIB card that are worth AED 1,000 or more into small affordable monthly payments for a fixed tenure at partner retailers. The easy payment plan is an innovative facility offered by ADIB that allows customers to make hefty payments at once which are later broken into smaller fragments which makes it easier for customers to repay the outstanding amount. 

Easy Cash

In case of immediate needs of funds, the cardholder can access the easy cash feature offered by ADIB. The easy cash facility is similar to insurance coverage that provides a blanket of financial protection to the loved ones and family members of the cardholder during unforeseen events. 

Contactless Payment

The cardholder can enjoy fast, secure and simple payments with the NFC enabled ADIB cards. 

Payment Options

The bank offers the following options for making payments. 

  • Branches of ADIB: Card members can pay their ADIB Visa card in the UAE at more than 89 branches of ADIB located within the seven Emirates.
  • Cheque & Cash Deposit Machines: ADIB CCDM can be used throughout the day in order to settle card payments.
  • Online Banking: The payments for ADIB Credit Card may be done through the e-ADIB Internet Banking’s sections for card payment. The card member can use this option to see the card details that include the transaction history between particular dates.
  • Phone banking: The bank offers 24/7 phone banking facilities for cardmembers for managing their accounts and making card payments.
  • Exchange Houses: The card bills of cardholders may be settled at exchange houses within the UAE.
  • USSD Message: The payments can also be made simply by dialing the code *161#. 

Rewards and Offers ADIB Visa Cashback Card

  • Cardholders can enjoy a flat cashback of 1%, anytime & anywhere on both international and domestic spending through this ADIB Credit Card.
  • Members of this ADIB Visa Card can enjoy dining discounts of up to 25% at participating restaurants across UAE. 

Documents Required for ADIB Visa Cashback Card

Here is a list of the documents required in order to apply for this ADIB Credit Card:

  • Copy and original Emirates ID
  • Copy and original passport
  • Previous 3 months’ bank account statement
  • Salary certificate from the present employer (not more than a month old) 

Fee & Charges Applicable on ADIB Visa Cashback Card

Fees and Charges Amount

Annual Membership Fees

AED 500 (First year free)

Annual Membership Fees on 5th Supplementary Card

AED 500

Profit Rate/ month (including Salary Transfer)

2.99 %

Profit Rate/ month (not including Salary Transfer)

3.09 %

Cash Advance limit

100 %

Charges on Cash Withdrawal (ATM)

3 % (99 minimum)

Charges on Card Replacement

AED 75

Excess Transfer of Funds from Credit Card to Account on Cash Cover

AED 100

Payment per Month

5% (100 minimum)

Grace Period (Monthly Payment)

Up to 55 days

The Commitment of Charity Donation on Late Payments

AED 100

Charges for Increasing Temporary Limit

AED 50

Service Fee on Non-AED Payments

3.1 %

Service Fee on Global AED Payments

1.8 %

Copy of Sales Receipt Fee

AED 25

Copy of Hotel Receipt or Travel Fares Fee

AED 25

Charge for Additional Statement (copy)

AED 45

Certificate of Liability or No Liability

AED 50

Charges Returned Cheque

AED 100

Amount of Contribution/ month (Optional)

0.9345 fils upon every 100 utilized cover amount

(Updated as of February 2020) 

FAQs on ADIB Visa Cashback Card

Q1: Can I use this ADIB credit card outside the UAE? 

Ans: Yes, this credit card can be used outside the UAE by paying a fee of 1.8%      of the amount of transaction.

Q2: Do I have to pay any fees on withdrawing cash through ATMs? 

Ans: Yes, you have to pay a cash withdrawal charge of 3% of the amount withdrawn or  AED  99, whichever is more.

Q3: Can I make non-AED transactions on this credit card? 

Ans: Yes,  you can make non-AED transactions using this Visa credit card; however, you will have to pay a fee of 3.1% of the amount of transaction.

Q4: Do I have the option to increase the credit limit on my card? 

Ans: Yes, you can get your credit limit increased temporarily by charging a fee of AED 50 on it. 

Q5: Do I have to pay any charges for the facility of roadside assistance on this card? 

Ans: No, the roadside assistance facility available on this credit card is a complimentary benefit. The facility includes various services such as:

  • Car on rent for twenty-four hours
  • Complimentary transport service for registration of the vehicle
  • Complimentary fuel delivery facility
  • Complimentary lockout facility
  • Complimentary service for flat tire
  • Complimentary jump-start facility
  • Inter-emirate towing
  • Complimentary unlimited towing within city limits

Reviews & Ratings

4.6/5 (based on 17,147+google icon reviews)

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