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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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This ADIB Credit Card is loaded with a variety of benefits including shopping vouchers, complimentary airline tickets, a discount of 25 percent (maximum) on selected dining outlets in the UAE and many more. The cardholders can enjoy rewards on various domestic & international spending. It comes with an advanced PIN & Chip technology for making purchases and cash withdrawals securely.
ADIB Value Card

Benefits and Features of ADIB Value Card

Here is a list of the major features and benefits offered by this ADIB credit card

Cash Withdrawal

Cardholders have the option to make cash withdrawals up to 100%  of their finance limit through this card.

Secure Transactions

With the Chip and PIN technology on this ADIB Credit Card, the cardholder can safely make purchases and cash withdrawals.

Payment of Utility Bills

The card member can make the following utility bill payments using phone banking or online banking: 

  1. Du/Etisalat Bills (Mobile, Landline, Internet, and TV)
  2. Electricity and Water Bills (SEWA, DEWA, ADWEA) 

Account Management

  • ADIB offers round the clock phone banking option to the card member for a secure and fast way to access their accounts.
  • The account statements are sent online (e-statement) via email every month.
  • The cardholder can view and transaction on the ADIB Value Card by visiting the official website of the bank through the online banking facility.
  • The information and transaction alerts can be received through SMS. 

Payment Options

The bank offers the following options for making payments. 

  • Branches of ADIB: The card members can pay their ADIB credit card at more than 89 ADIB branches located within the seven Emirates in the UAE.
  • Cheque & Cash Deposit Machines- ADIB CCDM can be used throughout the day in order to settle card payments.
  • Online Banking: The payments for ADIB Credit Card can be done through the e-ADIB Internet Banking’s card payment sections. The cardholders can use this option to see their card details that include the transaction history between particular dates.
  • Phone banking: The bank offers 24/7 phone banking services to the card members for managing the accounts and making card payments. 
  • Exchange Houses- The card bills of the cardholders can be settled at any exchange house that is located in the UAE.
  • USSD Message: The payments can also be made simply by dialing *161#. 

Card Protection

The ADIB Value Card offers protection including extended warranty, purchase protection, and Islamic Covered Card Takaful Scheme Protection.

Cash on Call

The cash on call facility offered on  the ADIB Value  Card helps its  cardholders get  access to  cash equal to the available limit with just a phone call. It helps the cardholder in saving on extra costs. In addition to this, it provides flexible repayments along with the variable options for tenure.

Balance Transfer

The cardholder can use the balance transfer facility with just a phone call. The cardholder will have to pay a balance transfer fee for availing the facility.

Easy Payment Plan

The cardholder can make large purchases of AED 1000 and above than that at participating merchants and then convert it into equated monthly installments at 0% profit rate. The easy payment plan is an innovative facility offered by ADIB that allows customers to make hefty payments at once which are later broken into smaller fragments which makes it easier for customers to repay the outstanding amount. 

Rewards & Offers Available on ADIB Value Card

Following offers and rewards can be availed by the cardholder of the ADIB Value Card: 

ADIB Rewards Program

Members of this credit card can get rewarded for their domestic and foreign spend as they are given membership to the ADIB Rewards Program. The cardholder can  earn one  reward point for AED  1spent  on the card locally and two reward points on each AED 1 spent internationally.

Table for Points Redemption 

ADIB Reward Points

Value in AED

For 10,000 points


For 100,000 points


Redemption of ADIB Rewards:

Flights: Card members can redeem their ADIB Reward Points on flight tickets for any destination, any airline at any time.

Shopping Mall Vouchers: Cardholders can redeem their ADIB Reward Points for shopping  mall  vouchers that can be used at the following shopping malls in Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi: 

  1. Abu Dhabi Mall
  2. Sharjah Mega Mall
  3. Sahara Centre (Sharjah) 

Dining Offers: Card members can avail a maximum discount of 25% on a few selected dining outlets in the UAE. 

Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required for the ADIB Value Credit Card

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for the ADIB Value Card, the minimum monthly salary requirement is AED 5000. 

Documents Required

Here is a list of the documents required in order to apply for this ADIB Credit Card: 

  • The original valid Passport of the applicant along with a valid copy of the same.
  • The original valid Emirates ID of the applicant and a valid copy of the ID.
  • Bank account statements of the last three months.
  • A salary certificate from the current employer which should not be more than 30 days old. 

Fee & Charges Applicable on ADIB Value Credit Card

Following are the fees & charges associated with the ADIB Value card:                                                                                      

Fees Amount

Annual Membership Fees

Free for Life

Annual Membership Fees on fifth Supplementary Cards

AED 250

Profit Rate/ month (with Salary Transfer)

2.99 %

Profit Rate/ month (without Salary Transfer)

3.09 %

Late Payment Charges

AED 100

Cash Advance limit

100 %

Charges on Cash Withdrawal (ATM)

3 % (99 minimum)

Charges on Card Replacement

AED 75

Excess Transfer of Funds from Card to Account on Cash Cover

AED 100

Monthly Payment

5 % (100 minimum)

Grace Period (Monthly Payment)

Maximum 55 days

Commitment of Charity Donation on Late Payments

AED 100

Charges on Temporary Limit Increase

AED 50

Service Fee on Non-AED Transactions

3.1 %

Service Fee on International AED Transaction

1.8 %

Copy of Sales Receipt Fee

AED 25

Copy of Hotel Receipt/Travel Fares Fee

AED 25

Additional Statement Fee (copy)

AED 45

Certificate for Liability/No Liability

AED 50

Charges Returned Cheque

AED 100

Contribution Amount/ month (Optional)

0.9345 fils on each 100 used cover amount

(The prices and interest rates are subject to change as per the bank's requirement.) 

Frequently Asked Questions on ADIB Value Credit Card

Q1: Is there any specific purpose for this credit card? 

Ans: This ADIB Credit Card offers you the value as well as benefits for international and local expenses. 

Q2: What all services are included in the payment of utility bills? 

Ans: The payment of utility bills includes electricity and water bills and Du/Etisalat bills. 

Q3: Do international and local transactions offer you the same rewards? 

Ans: No, both international and local transactions made using this card offer different rewards. You can earn one reward point for AED 1 spent locally and two reward points on each  AED  1  spent internationally.

Q4: Am I allowed to use my credit card internationally? 

Ans: Yes, you have the option of using your credit card globally with those restrictions as the ones imposed in your home country. You will have to bear foreign transaction charges every time you make use of this credit card in some other country.

Q5: Do the national users have the benefit of the credit shield? 

Ans: The facility of credit shield is available for all the users of this credit card- both expats and UAE Nationals.

Reviews & Ratings

4.6/5 (based on 17,000+google icon reviews)
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