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ADIB Salary Account has been crafted to suit the needs of its customers. The bank offers ‘Ghina Salary Account’ that caters a wide range of unique benefits and services, as well as seamless access to the most advanced & secured Mobile Banking services, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, & Telephone Banking.

In addition to this, the account holders can transfer their salary to ADIB & they can participate in the 3 million AED Ghina prize draw (and other exciting prizes) by just maintaining a minimum monthly balance of 20,000 AED with this ADIB Salary Account.

ADIB Salary Account Features & Benefits

This ADIB account is basically based on Mudaraba (an Islamic principle) where sharing profits & loss bearing is done as specified in the ‘Banking Service Agreement’.  Below specified are some of the main features & benefits of this bank account:

  • Free Debit Card: The account holder can avail free ‘ADIB Visa Electron Debit Card’ to get instant access to their bank account & funds at any of the retail outlets & ATMs.
  • Monthly Profits: The bank calculates expected profits on a monthly basis and this profit gets

credited into the account holder’s bank account every month.

  • ADIB Mobile App: The account holder can use the mobile banking app of the bank in order to pay bills, send money in and outside of the UAE, recharge phone & Salik credit, navigate to the nearest ATM or bank branch, check account t statements as well as balances, and a lot more.
  • Standing Instructions: The account holder can make payments automatically for a range of regular transactions including bill payments, donations, and transfers on chosen dates.
  • 24/7 Banking Services: In addition to the ADIB mobile app, the account holder can enjoy seamless access to the most advanced & secured e-ADIB Internet Banking, SMS Banking, & Telephone Banking.
  • Cheque Book: The account holder of Ghina Salary Account can also avail a cheque book. Please note that the first cheque book can be obtained free of cost while additional ones can be availed by paying  AED 25.

Eligibility Criteria to Open an ADIB Salary Account

Given below is the eligibility criteria for opening this ADIB account:

ADIB Account Eligibility Criteria
Minimum Salary Requirement AED 8000

Documents Required to Open an ADIB Salary Account

The applicant needs to submit the following documents in order to open a salary account with ADIB:

Documents Documents Types
Address/Identity Proofs
  • Original Passport
  • A Valid Emirates ID (for UAE Nationals & Residents)
Other Documents
  • A Salary certificate from the employer

How to Open an ADIB Salary Account in the UAE

The applicant can open a salary account with ADIB in any of the following ways:

  • Online: In order to open a bank account online, visit the official website of ADIB, choose ADIB Ghina Salary Account, click on apply now button. And then fill in the application form and submit it to the bank. After that, the bank representative will initiate the verification process.
  • Offline: To open this ADIB account offline, visit the nearest ADIB branch and request the bank executive to open a salary account.
  • Through Phone: The applicant can also open an ADIB Salary Account via phone. They can contact a bank representative through phone on:

                   a) 8002828 (toll-free number) within UAE and

                   b) +971 26100600 outside the UAE

How to Close an ADIB Salary Account in the UAE

To close the ADIB Salary Account, the account holder may need to visit the nearest branch of ADIB in person or call on a customer service phone number.

ADIB Salary Account FAQs

Q1: Is this ADIB account Shariah Compliant?

Ans: Yes, ADIB Ghina Salary Account is Shariah Compliant which is based on the Mudaraba (an Islamic principle).

Q2: What are the Identity/Address proofs required to open this salary account with ADIB?

Ans: You need to submit an original Passport and a valid Emirates ID in order to open bank account with ADIB.

Q3:  Do I need to pay for a cheque book?

Ans: Well, you can avail a first cheque book free of cost while additional ones can be obtained by paying AED 25.

Q4: Is there a 24- hours access facility with the ADIB Ghina Salary Account?

Ans: Yes, you can enjoy seamless access to the most advanced & secured e-ADIB Banking Services, SMS Banking Service, Telephone Banking round the clock.

Q5: Is phone banking free of charge?

Ans: Well, yes. You can avail phone banking free of cost.

Q6: How can I check my account’s balance?

Ans: In order to check your account’s balance, SMS ‘BAL’ to 2400.

Q7: Will I get any debit/credit card with this ADIB Salary Account?

Ans: Yes, you will get free ‘ADIB Visa Electron Debit Card’ to get instant access to your bank account & funds at any of the retail outlets & ATMs.

Q8: How transferring salary with ‘ADIB Ghina’ is rewarded?

Ans: By opening a Ghina Salary Account with ADIB, you can take participation in the ‘Ghina Grand Prize’ of 3 million AED every four months. In addition to this, you can also take participation in the ‘monthly draw’ of ‘10 lucky winners’ where you can win AED 10000 every month. Therefore, Ghina Salary Account offered by ADIB helps you save in a smart manner.

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