ADIB Personal Loan for UAE Nationals

The Amiri Decree number 9 lead to the creation of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) in 1997. ADIB personal loans like all of the bank’s financial products are Shariah-compliant and forbidden from charging Riba or interest. There are two types of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loans offered, the ADIB personal loan for expats and ADIB personal finance for UAE nationals.

ADIB Bank personal loans for UAE nationals come with much more relaxed eligibility criteria and a larger loan amount of up to AED 3 million. The ADIB personal finance product also includes incredible benefits such as free credit cards and life insurance.

ADIB Personal Loan Features & Benefits

Some of the best ADIB personal loan features and benefits for UAE nationals are as follows:

Loan Amount

While the ADIB personal loan for expats offers a maximum amount of AED 1 million,  the ADIB personal finance product for UAE nationals offers a maximum amount of AED 3 million.

Islamic Banking

No interest, charitable donations, and transparent charges make the ADIB personal loan for UAE nationals completely Shariah-compliant and a leader of Islamic Banking financial products in the UAE.

No Extra Fees

The Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loan asks for no processing fee and charges no instalment deferment fee either.

Quick Processing

An intuitive online ADIB personal loan form and around the clock customer support make the application process an extremely quick one.


UAE nationals can postpone their ADIB personal finance payment up to two times every year at no extra charge.


Emiratis receive the following benefits with their Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loan:

    1. An ADIB Signature card that is offered for free in the first year.
    2. An Islamic Banking life insurance policy known as Takaful cover.

ADIB Personal Loan Eligibility & Documents

The ADIB personal loan eligibility for UAE nationals is quite relaxed and is as follows:


UAE nationals enjoy a lenient ADIB personal loan requirement for age, ranging from 21 years to 65 years.


The ADIB personal loan minimum salary requirement for UAE nationals is a monthly salary of AED 8,000.

Work Experience

Emiratis are required to display only 3 months of work experience to avail of ADIB personal finance services.

ADIB personal loan requirements ask for the following documents from UAE nationals:

  1. Their Emirates ID
  2. Their original passport
  3. Their 3 latest months of a banking statement

ADIB Personal Loan Profit Rates

There is no such thing as an ADIB personal loan interest rate as the ADIB personal finance options are fully Shariah-compliant in nature. Instead, UAE nationals are charged a profit rate which reduces as the borrowed amount is paid off.

Profit rates for the Emirati ADIB personal loan lie between 6.75% and 20% yearly.


Q.1. How do I apply for an Emirati ADIB personal loan?

Ans: UAE nationals may apply for the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loan via the phone, at ADIB branches or through the online application form.

Q.2. What are ADIB personal loan deferments?

Ans: A loan deferment is the postponement of a monthly instalment amount. UAE nationals can avail of two loan deferments on their ADIB personal loan every year for free.

Q.3. What is the late fee for an ADIB personal loan?

Ans: The ADIB personal loan for UAE nationals charges a late penalty of AED 100, which is donated to charity.

Q.4. What are the benefits offered with the free credit card the ADIB personal loan offers?

Ans: The ADIB personal loan offers a first-year free ADIB Signature card to UAE nationals. This card offers discounts on hotel stays, cash back on fuel expenses and flights, and various other advantages such as complimentary airport lounge access, valet parking and more.

Q.5. What is the grace period associated with ADIB personal finance?

Ans: ADIB personal finance offers 90 days of a grace period. Which means that UAE nationals may enjoy their Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loan for up to 3 months before making their first instalment payment.

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