ADIB Personal Loan

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) is an Islamic Banking organization that takes pride in providing excellent Shariah-compliant financial services and products.

adib personal loan

The ADIB personal loan is an example of a complete Shariah-compliant loan. ADIB personal loan aids in meeting the major financial needs, without having to submit collateral while availing the loan.

 The ADIB loan can be availed in two categories:

  1. ADIB Personal Loan for UAE Nationals
  2. ADIB Personal Loan for Expats

ADIB Personal Loan Interest Rate

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loans charge a reducing balance interest rate. A reducing ADIB personal loan interest rate decreases every time the loan borrower pays an installment.

ADIB Personal Loan

Type of Loan

Maximum Loan Amount


ADIB Personal loan Interest Rate

Type of Interest Rate

ADIB Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

AED 3 Million

Up to 48 months

6.75% - 20.00% p.a.


ADIB Personal Loans for Expats

AED 1 Million

Up to 48 months

6.75% - 20.00% p.a.


*Interest Rates are subject to change any time.

ADIB Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

The ADIB loan eligibility criteria are nearly the same for Emiratis and expats. These ADIB personal loan requirements are as follows:

Age Eligibility

The minimum age eligibility to apply for ADIB loan is mentioned below:

  • For Expats: Minimum-21 years/Maximum-60 years
  • For UAE Nationals: Minimum-21 years/Maximum-65 years

Though the age limit can vary from bank to bank, it should be met to apply for a Personal loan in UAE.

Minimum Salary Requirement

The loan applicant is expected to meet the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loan minimum salary requirement. The ADIB Bank personal loan minimum salary requirement for both expats and UAE Nationals is AED 8,000.

Work Experience

The work experience required for availing ADIB personal loan slightly differs for expats and Emiratis. ADIB  eligibility for UAE Nationals requires the Emirati applicant to have a confirmed job or a minimum of 3 months’ work experience. The expats required to have either a confirmed job or a minimum of 6 months’ work experience.

ADIB Personal Loan Documents

In order to avail ADIB Loan, the following documents need to be furnished:





UAE Nationals

Original and photocopy of Passport

Valid residence visa

Original and photocopy of Passport

Emirates ID

Only for Emiratis

Original and photocopy of Emirates ID

Bank Account Statement

3 months bank statement

3 months bank statement

ADIB Personal Loan Benefits

The ADIB personal loan offers higher loan amounts at affordable interest rates. The features and benefits of the ADIB personal finance product are as follows:

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount depends upon the earning potential of the applicant,  credit score, and various other ADIB personal loan requirements. For the UAE nationals, a maximum of AED 3 million can be borrowed, while the expats can apply for a maximum loan limit of AED 1 million. ADIB Bank personal loan can be availed for a maximum tenor of 48 months. Before applying for a loan, it is recommended to look for the loan amount as per the requirement and the rate of interest offered by the bank.

Grace Period

ADIB Personal finance for expats and UAE nationals offers a grace period of 3 months to pay the first loan installment. The borrower can pay their first installment any time during this grace period and this way get some additional time to plan the finances.

No Processing Charges

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loans do not charge any processing fee. Being an Islamic Banking organization, ADIB ensures that it maintains transparency across the schedule of fees and charges. As such, there is no hidden processing charge to be paid for availing ADIB personal loan.

Takaful Insurance

With ADIB Takaful Protection, one can be prepared for those unfortunate turns of life and can ensure the financial future of the family. Takaful Protection of ADIB comes in handy in covering the loan borrower in the event of sudden demise or permanent total disability caused by an accident. In either case, the outstanding loan amount will be covered up to AED 2 million. ADIB Takaful Protection is offered by the Abu Dhabi National Takaful Co. PSC.

Additional Benefits

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank personal loan offers the ADIB Signature card for the first year. This travel credit card enables the cardholder to avail amazing discounts on hotels, flight bookings, fuel, 4 monthly free valet parking, offers on dining and limitless complimentary access to more than 1,000 global airport lounges. ADIB customers can avail this card with no annual fee for the first year.

ADIB Personal Loan - FAQs

Q1- How can I calculate my ADIB personal loan EMI?

Ans: ADIB loan EMIs can be calculated through ADIB personal loan calculator online. To calculate your ADIB personal loan EMI, you can access the calculator and enter your details such as tenor and loan amount.

Q2- How do I apply for the ADIB personal loan?

Ans: ADIB personal loans enable the loan seekers to borrow a considerable amount at an economical rate of interest. You can apply for the loan at ADIB branches, over the phone or via online by filling up the ADIB personal loan application form.

Q3- What is the reducing balance interest rate?

Ans: A reducing balance Interest rate is a form of profit charged by the bank that varies as per the outstanding ADIB  personal loan amount. With every payment made by the loan borrower, the ADIB personal loan outstanding balance reduces and so does the applicable interest rate. The interest rate is the same for expats and UAE nationals.

Q4- What is the Al Etihad Credit Bureau Fee?

Ans: In order to analyze an applicant’s ADIB personal loan eligibility, the ADIB financial staff checks the applicant’s credit score. The credit score is a numerical value that indicates how financially risky an applicant is. The higher the credit score, the better the applicant is considered for the loan. The Etihad Credit Bureau collects the credit data, information and other commitments from the banks. The bureau offers credit report for a nominal fee and ADIB loan applicant is charged for it.

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