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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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The ADIB Etisalat Gold credit card offers cardholders a plethora of benefits and features for an unbelievably low annual membership fee of AED 299 only. Owners of the  Etisalat Gold card are also enrolled in the Etisalat Smiles Rewards program, which allows them to unlock various benefits such as free flights, complimentary hotel stays, shopping vouchers and more.

ADIB Etisalat Gold Card
Airport Lounge Access
  • Minimum Salary AED 8,000
  • Annual Fee AED 299
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Dining Discounts
Reward Value: AED 4,208

Features & Benefits of ADIB Etisalat Gold Card

The exciting Etisalat Gold credit card benefits and features are explained below: 

Card Security

ADIB Etisalat Gold credit cards come equipped with a unique microchip that prevents malicious parties from duplicating and misusing the card. This form of security is referred to as Chip & Pin security.

Global Support

Not only is the ADIB Etisalat Gold credit card a globally accepted card thanks to its use of the Visa  payment network, but the Etisalat Gold card also offers around the clock access to customer support representatives. Cardholders may use their card locally and internationally without interruption and with guaranteed support.

Contactless Transactions

The NFC enabled ADIB Etisalat Gold credit card also allows contactless payments. The contactless payment feature is available at nearly every modern POS machine and allows for quick purchases that can be made by the cardholder only. Contactless payments also protect the Gold card’s magnetic strip from damage.

Supplementary Cards

Owners of the ADIB Etisalat Gold credit card may request up to four supplementary cards at no charge. Supplementary Etisalat Gold credit cards offer access to a common credit limit and can be set with restricted spending limits as well. Starting with the 5th supplementary Etisalat Gold ADIB credit card, cardholders will be charged an annual fee of AED 299 per card.

Airport Lounge Access

The cardholder can enjoy access to various airport lounges through the Veloce Lounge. The list of lounges can be found on ADIB’s official website.

Cash Withdrawals

Owners of this credit card can access 100% of their available credit limit as instant cash. Being a Visa card, this ADIB credit card offers access to funds from nearly every ATM in the world.

Profit Free Grace Period

Cardholders have an extremely diverse set of ADIB Etisalat Gold card payment options to choose from as well as 55 days of grace period to make said payments, during which they will not incur any profit charges or late payment penalties.

Visa Benefits

Cardmembers have access to the diverse range of Visa Gold benefits offered by Visa. 

0% Payment Plans

The cardholder can split the purchases made at partner retailers into affordable recurring payments spread over a fixed tenure with this facility at a 0% profit rate. The 0% payment plan is an innovative facility offered by ADIB that allows customers to make hefty payments at once which are later broken into smaller fragments which makes it easier for customers to repay the outstanding amount.

Easy Cash

In case the cardholder needs a cash boost, he or she can make use of the easy cash facility. The easy cash facility is similar to insurance coverage that provides a blanket of financial protection to the loved ones and family members of the cardholder during unforeseen events. 

Balance Transfer

Cardmembers can consolidate their outstanding debt on other cards by using the balance transfer feature offered by this ADIB Etisalat card for which the cardholder will have to pay a balance transfer fee. 

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Rewards & Offers for ADIB Etisalat Gold Card

Details on the ADIB Etisalat Gold rewards and offers are mentioned below: 

Etisalat Smiles Rewards

ADIB Etisalat Gold credit card members are enrolled in Etisalat’s loyalty program as soon as the card is issued to them. This loyalty program is known as Etisalat Smile Rewards and these reward points can be exchanged for various benefits such as  flight tickets, hotel stays, retail vouchers and more. The details  on the same are mentioned below: 

For Self-Funded Cardholders:

For Non-Self-Funded Cardholders:

Every AED 1 of local or international retail expense earns 2 Etisalat Smile Points.

Every AED 1 of local or international retail expense earns 3 Etisalat Smile Points.

Every AED 1 of expense on government services, bill payments, fuel or real estate earns 1 Etisalat Smile Point.

Every AED 1 of expense on government services, bill payments, fuel or real estate earns 1 Etisalat Smile Point.

 These Etisalat Smile Points can simply be redeemed for payment for various Etisalat services via the Etisalat Smiles website. Some of the redemption services are: 

  1. Air tickets
  2. Mobile bills
  3. Hotels
  4. eLife services
  5. Holidays
  6. Retail stores
  7. Car hires
  8. Online rewards shop
  9. Restaurants 

Joining Bonus

The ADIB Etisalat Gold Card is loaded with 20,000 sign-up points for the cardholder, these points are equivalent to:

  • 600 minutes+ talk time for calls made within the UAE.
  • 320 minutes+ talk time for calls made to India, Bangladesh, Oman, and Pakistan.
  • 240 minutes+ talk time for calls made to Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.
  • 200 minutes+ talk time for calls made to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Phillippines, and Lebanon. 


Etisalat Gold ADIB credit cards offer various discounts and savings on dining, entertainment, lifestyle, and other such expenditures.  The deals are regularly updated on the ADIB site, under the ‘SMARTDEALS’ section.

Dining Discounts

Cardholders can enjoy discounts worth 25% on dining at the participating restaurants across the UAE. 

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Fee & Charges for ADIB Etisalat Gold Card

The ADIB Etisalat Gold credit card fee and charges can be summed up as follows:

Fees Amount

Annual Membership Fees

AED 299

Annual fee from 5th supplementary card onwards

AED 299

Profit Rate/ month (with Salary Transfer)

2.99 %

Profit Rate/ month (without Salary Transfer)

3.09 %

Cash Advance limit

100 %

Charges on Cash Withdrawal (ATM)

3 % (99 minimum)

Charges on Card Replacement

AED 75

Excess Transfer of Funds from Card to Account on Cash Cover

AED 100

Late Payment Fee

AED 100

Monthly Payment

5 % (100 minimum)

Grace Period (Monthly Payment)

Maximum 55 days

The commitment of Charity Donation on Late Payments

AED 100

Charges on Temporary Limit Increase

AED 50

Service Fee on Non-AED Transactions

3.1 %

Service Fee on International AED Transaction

1.8 %

Copy of Sales Receipt Fee

AED 25

Copy of Hotel Receipt/Travel Fares Fee

AED 25

Additional Statement Fee (copy)

AED 45

Certificate for Liability/No Liability

AED 50

Charges Returned Cheque

AED 100

Contribution Amount/ month (Optional)

0.9345 fils on each 100 used cover amount

(The prices and interest rates are subject to change as per the bank's requirement.) 

Documents Required for ADIB Etisalat Gold Card

The following documents are required in order to apply for this ADIB Etisalat card: 

  1. Original valid Passport and a copy of the same
  2. Original valid Emirates ID and a copy of the same
  3. Past three months’ bank account statements
  4. Salary certificate issued by the present employer, should not be more than 30 days old 

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FAQs on ADIB Etisalat Gold Card

Q1: If I have a damaged ADIB Etisalat Gold card, is there any fee applicable? 

Ans: If the cardholder delivers the damaged card to the ADIB branch, there is no fee charged. 

Q2: Can I apply for supplementary cards for my family? 

Ans: Yes, as a cardholder, you are eligible to apply for supplementary cards. There is no fee charged up till 4  supplementary cards are  issued, after which there is  an  annual fee  of  299  applicable from the     5th card onwards.

Q3: What are the platforms that I can use to make my card payments? 

Ans: Below mentioned are the ways by which the cardholder can make the ADIB Etisalat Gold Card payments: 

  1. ADIB Branches
  2. ADIB Cash and Check Deposit Machines (CCDM)
  3. Online Banking
  4. Telephone Banking
  5. Exchange Houses 

Q4: Where can I apply for the ADIB Etisalat Gold Card? 

Ans: You can apply for this ADIB Etisalat call online, at the branch, or by calling the dedicated helpline. 

Q5: Can I make non-AED transactions on this ADIB Etisalat card? 

Ans: Yes, you can use your Etisalat Gold card to make non-AED transactions. However, you will have to bear a service fee of 3.1% on any such transaction.

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