Get Cashback up to AED 2000

ADIB Etisalat Classic Card Features & Benefits

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Published: 16 October 2019Last Updated On: 15 January 2021

Get Cashback up to AED 2000

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Making it easy and convenient for its potential customers to have a cashless life, ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) offers an ADIB Etisalat Classic Card. This credit card is specifically designed for people with varied lifestyles. Now coming to its key features and benefits, you can earn reward points and redeem your ‘Etisalat Reward Points’ for eLife service, retail stores, car rentals, restaurants, hotels, holidays, flight tickets, and online rewards shop. In simple words, this ADIB credit card will help you spend less and earn more through the reward points during traveling or shopping.

Key Highlights of the ADIB Etisalat Classic Card

  • Annual Membership FeeAED 0
  • Competitive Profit Rate (W/ Salary Transfer): 2.99 percent(per month)
  • Competitive Profit Rate (W/O Salary Transfer): 3.09 percent(per month)
  • Welcome Bonus: 5000 Etisalat Smiles Points

What ADIB Etisalat Classic Card Features Can I Enjoy?

This ADIB credit card is loaded with a wide range of amazing features that makes this card one of the best one among all. The following are the main features of this card:

No Annual Fee

You don’t have to pay an annual membership fee, since this card charges zero annual fees.

Grace Period

You can enjoy an interest free grace period of a maximum of 55 days on this ADIB credit card provided you keep on paying the outstanding amount in full on or before the payment due date.

Cash Advance

The facility of cash advance or cash withdrawal is available on the ADIB Etisalat Classic Card. It enables you to withdraw cash up to 100 percent of your credit limit through this credit card. In general, it acts as instant finance or emergency fund as it can be availed at any time without submitting any kind of documents or getting any approval.

Cashless Facility

We all know that the credit card has made our life easier and convenient since it has reduced the hassles of carrying cash everywhere. Thus, you can use the ADIB Etisalat Classic Card to pay all of your bills such as groceries, shopping, travel, fuel, movies, etc.

Credit Card Payment

The ADIB Etisalat Classic Card offers the convenience to make your credit card payments at CCDMs, ADIB branches, AI Ansari Exchange, UAE Exchange, and AI Fardan Exchange.


With this ADIB Etisalat Classic Card, you can enjoy a plenty of offers. One such offer is reward points. You can earn reward points, which can be redeemed against the payment of various services. All you need to visit the bank’s official website, click on the rewards category and after that can choose from the wide range of reward redemption options such as eLife service, retail stores, car rentals, restaurants, hotels, holidays, flight tickets, and online rewards shop.

What ADIB Etisalat Classic Card Benefits Can I Avail?

Apart from offering amazing features, this Credit Card in UAE has a storm of benefits to offer to its customers. Here are the eminent benefits of this card:

Welcome Rewards

You can earn 5,000 welcome Etisalat Smiles Points and can avail up to three hours of free local calls by using this card.

However, these 5,000 Smiles Points is equivalent to:

  • Talk time of over 150 minutes on calls across the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  • Talk time of over 80 minutes on calls to Bangladesh, India, Oman, and Pakistan.
  • Talk time of over 60 minutes on calls to Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Talk time of over 50 minutes on calls to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Philippines, and Lebanon.

Reward Points

  • You can get ‘1.5 Etisalat Smiles Points’for each AED spent on domestic and foreign transactions.
  • You can get ‘1 Etisalat Smiles Points’for each AED spent on some selected merchants using this card so every 100 AED is three minutes of talk time on calls within the UAE. The selected merchants include a supermarket, utilities, education, government services, petrol stations, public transport, real estate agents, salik/road tolls, religious organizations/charities.

Final Words

ADIB Etisalat Classic Card is a type of card that can meet your various spending habits and day-to-day requirements. It is packed with tremendous features and benefits that will help you to make the most of this card.