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The ADIB Etihad Gold credit card offers membership into the Etihad Guest Miles program and a long list of world-class features and benefits that are unmatched by any other credit card available in the UAE.

ADIB Etihad Gold Credit Card

Airport Lounge Access
  • Minimum Salary AED 5,000
  • Annual Fee AED 1,000
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Dining Discounts
  • Purchase Protection & Extended Warranty
Reward Value: AED 11,101

Features & Benefits of ADIB Etihad Gold Card

The key features and benefits of the ADIB Etihad Gold credit card are mentioned below: 

Secured Payments

ADIB Etihad Gold credit card members are offered a fully secured way of making purchases and card payments in two key ways. Firstly, the ADIB credit card is a Chip & Pin card, i.e. it contains a microchip that prevents the card from being duplicated. Secondly, the ADIB Etihad Gold credit card online portal is encrypted to ensure sensitive information is kept confidential.

Visa Features

The ADIB Etihad Gold credit card is a Visa card. The cardholder cannot only enjoy the various benefits offered by the leading payment network but also international connectivity all over the world. Cardholders may use their ADIB Etihad Gold credit card virtually at any vendor or ATM in the world.

Customer Support

Card members of the ADIB Etihad Gold credit card may get in touch with the customer support staff at    any time of the day and in a variety of manners. As  this credit card offers access to  help via the phone  and SMS, through mobile apps and the secured ADIB credit card online platform.

Supplementary Cards

Family members can also partake in the various ADIB Etihad Gold credit card offers and services via supplementary ADIB credit cards.  Cardholders receive up to  4  free supplementary ADIB  Etihad Gold credit cards for the eligible family members, after which they are charged an annual fee of AED 1,000 on every subsequent supplementary card.

Airport Lounge

Cardholders can avail 2 complimentary airport lounge access in one year at more than 850 VIP airport lounges globally.

Roadside Assistance

ADIB Etihad Gold credit card members can also enjoy prime protection for their vehicle with a complimentary roadside assistance plan. It includes the following services:

  • Unlimited free city limit towing
  • Inter Emirate towing services limited to 3 times a year.
  • Complimentary jump start facility
  • Free lockout services.
  • Complimentary flat tyre services.
  • Free fuel delivery facility
  • Free transportation for registration of the vehicle once annually.
  • Free rent a car for a period of 24 hours in conjunction with an accident. 

Cash Withdrawal

As mentioned earlier, the ADIB Etihad Gold credit card is a  Visa card and as such, can be used at any  ATM in the world to withdraw cash. Cardholders may use their card to withdraw the entirety of their available credit limit as cash in times of financial emergency.

Annual Fee Waiver

The ADIB Etihad Gold credit card charges an annual fee of AED 1000. This annual membership fee can be waived entirely through the Etihad Guest Miles program. This ADIB credit card offers a waiver on the annual fee in return for a set number (30,300) of Etihad Guest Miles.

Fast Track to Etihad Guest Silver Tier

Primary cardholders of this ADIB Etihad Gold credit card can fast track to Etihad Silver Tier upon completing 4 return flights on Etihad within the time frame of one year of the issuance of the card. The Etihad Guest Miles Silver membership offers priority- check in, faster miles earning, extra baggage allowance and more.

Complimentary Companion Ticket Voucher

The cardholder will receive a complimentary companion ticket voucher to fly on Etihad Airways to any destination upon making the spending of AED 150,000 or more than that by using this card.

Easy Payment Plan

ADIB Etihad Gold credit card members can make huge purchases of AED 1000 and more than that at participating merchants and then convert their purchases into EMIs at 0% profit rate. The easy payment plan is an innovative facility offered by ADIB that allows customers to make hefty payments at once which are later broken into smaller fragments which makes it easier for customers to repay the outstanding amount.

Balance Transfers

The balance transfer service offered on ADIB credit card allows cardholders to transfer their other card’s outstanding balance amount to the ADIB Etihad Gold credit card for which the card owner will have to pay a balance transfer fee.

Easy Cash

ADIB Etihad Gold credit card empowers its card members to avail funds for short term in financial emergency. The easy cash facility is similar to insurance coverage that provides a blanket of financial protection to the loved ones and family members of the cardholder during unforeseen events. 

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ADIB Etihad Gold Card Rewards & Offers

Below is a list of the best rewards and offers on the ADIB Etihad Gold credit card: 

Welcome Bonus

Cardholders of the ADIB Etihad Gold credit card can earn 35,000 Etihad Guest Miles as a sign up bonus that is one of the highest of any travel credit card throughout the Middle East.

Etihad Guest Miles

ADIB Etihad Gold credit card members are enrolled in the Etihad frequent flyer program known as Etihad Guest Miles. The program allows cardholders to earn free flight tickets, hotel stays, gift vouchers and  more. Furthermore, the ADIB Etihad Gold credit card offers a  complimentary guest flight ticket, which is not offered by any other credit card in the  UAE. Moreover,  cardholders can  earn Etihad Guest Miles in  the following manner:

  • For every AED 4 that is spent locally, the cardholder earns 1 Etihad Guest Mile.
  • For every AED 4 that is spent internationally, the cardholder earns 5 Etihad Guest Miles

Dining Discounts

ADIB Etihad Gold credit card members can avail up to 25% off on all participating restaurants. 

ADIB Etihad Gold Card Eligibility Criteria & Required Documents

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must have a minimum monthly income of AED 5000 to be eligible for the ADIB Etihad Gold Card.

Required Documents

The applicant needs to submit the following documents to apply for the ADIB Etihad Gold Card: 

  1. The applicant has to have the original valid passport and a valid copy of the
  2. The applicant has to have the original valid Emirates ID along with its valid
  3. The bank account statements of the applicant for the last 3
  4. A salary certificate obtained from the current employer that should not be more than 30 days 

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Fees & charges for the ADIB Etihad Gold Card

The table below states the fee and charges for this ADIB card:

Fees Amount

Annual Membership Fees

AED 1000

Annual Membership Fees on fifth Supplementary Card

AED 1000

Profit Rate/ month (with Salary Transfer)

2.99 %

Profit Rate/ month (without Salary Transfer)

3.09 %

Cash Advance limit

100 %

Late Payment Charge

AED 100

Charges on Cash Withdrawal (ATM)

3 % (99 minimum)

International Transaction Charge


Charges on Card Replacement

AED 75

Excess Transfer of Funds from Card to Account on Cash Cover

AED 100

Monthly Payment

5 % (100 minimum)

Grace Period (Monthly Payment)

Maximum 55 days

The commitment of Charity Donation on Late Payments

AED 100

Charges on Temporary Limit Increase

AED 50

Service Fee on Non-AED Transactions

3.1 %

Service Fee on International AED Transaction

1.8 %

(Updated as of February 2020) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  Is this ADIB Etihad Gold Card offers the roadside assistance facility? 

Ans: Yes! This ADIB card offers roadside assistance service on a complimentary basis that includes free lock out service, free flat tyre services, free jump start services, free fuel delivery service, and a lot more.

Q2:  Is there balance transfer facility offered on this card? 

Ans: Yes, balance transfer facility is offered on the ADIB Etihad Gold Card. 

Q3:  Do domestic and international transactions offer the same rewards? 

Ans: No, both domestic and international transactions made utilizing this ADIB credit card offer different rewards. You can earn 1  Etihad Guest Mile for every AED 4  spent domestically and 1.5 Etihad Guest  Miles for every AED 4 spent internationally.

Q4:  What is the annual membership fee charged on this card? 

Ans: The annual membership fee of the ADIB Etihad Gold Card is AED 1000. 

Q5: How many free supplementary credit cards can I opt for? 

Ans: You can opt for 4 free supplementary ADIB Etihad Gold cards. After that, you will have to pay an annual fee of AED 1000 per supplementary card. 

Reviews & Ratings

4.6 / 5 (based on   20020 google icon reviews)

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