ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card

This ADIB Credit Card Offers a huge amount of benefits including cashback, roadside assistance, lounge access and more. The cardholder can also avail the facility of cash withdrawal, complimentary grace period, and supplementary cards.

Benefits & Features of ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card

Listed below are a few features and benefits of this ADIB Credit Card.

Cash Withdrawal

The cardholder can withdraw cash equivalent to the 100 percent of their finance limit on this credit card.

Complimentary Roadside Assistance

The card member can avail roadside assistance without any cost. The package includes the following.

  1. After an accident, the cardholder can avail a car on rent for twenty-four hours.
  2. Complimentary Transport Service for registration of the vehicle (in same city), once in a year.
  3. Complimentary Fuel Delivery Facility
  4. Complimentary Lock out Facility
  5. Complimentary Service for Flat Tire
  6. Complimentary Jump Start Facility
  7. Inter-Emirate Towing up to three times in one year
  8. Complimentary Unlimited Towing Within City Limit Services

Grace Period

This ADIB Credit Card offers a complimentary grace period of a maximum of 55 days for the repayment of the outstanding balance.

Supplementary Cards

The cardholders can also opt for a maximum of four supplementary credit cards on this ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card.

Payment Options

Mentioned below are the payment options offered by the bank.

  • ADIB Branches- The card member can make payments on their ADIB credit card at 89+ ADIB branches situated in the 7 Emirates in the UAE.
  • ADIB Cash & Cheque Deposit Machines- The ADIB CCDM are available all day long for the settlement of card payments.
  • Internet Banking- Card payments on this ADIB Credit Card can be made using the card payment sections of the e-ADIB Internet Banking. This option can be used to view card details, including the history of transactions between specified dates.
  • Phone banking- ADIB offers round the clock phone banking option to the card member for account management as well as for card payment.
  • Exchange Houses- The cardholders can settle their card bills at any exchange house located in the UAE.
  • USSD Message Service- The cardholder can also make payment by dialing *161#.

Required Documents

  1. Valid Passport (copy and original)
  2. Valid Emirates Identity Card (copy and original)
  3. Bank Account Statement (previous 3 months)
  4. Current Employer Salary Certificate (less than thirty days old)

Rewards & Offers on ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card

The cardholder can earn a cashback of flat one percent, anytime and anywhere using this ADIB Platinum Credit Card.

Charges on ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card


 Fees  Amount
Annual Fees 1000
Annual Fees on fifth Supplementary Cards 1000
Profit Rate per month (with Salary Transfer) 2.99 percent
Profit Rate per month (without Salary Transfer) 3.09 percent
Limit on Cash Withdrawal 100 percent
Cash Withdrawal Charge (ATM) 3 percent (99 minimum)
Card Replacement Charge 75
Excess Fund Transfer from Card to A/c over Cash Cover 100
Monthly Payment (monthly) 5 percent (100 minimum)
Monthly Payment Grace Period Maximum 55 days
Commitment of donation to Charity on Late Payment 100
Temporary Limit Increase Charge 50
Service Charge on Non-AED Transactions 3.1 percent
Service Charge on International AED Transaction 1.8 percent
Sales Receipt Charge (copy) 25
Hotel Receipt/Travel Fares Charge (copy) 25
Additional Statement Charge (copy) 45
Certificate for Liability/No Liability 50
Returned Cheque Charge 100
Contribution Amount per month (Optional) 0.9345 fils on each 100 used cover amount

(The charges are applicable w.e.f. January 1, 2018)

Additional Benefits

Airport Lounge Access

The card member can avail complimentary access to airport lounges throughout the world, using Veloce Lounge.

Valet Parking

This ADIB Credit Card also offers a maximum of four standard valet parking service monthly at most of the malls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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