ADIB Business Elite Account Features and Benefits

The ADIB Business Elite Account is designed to provide privileges to the valued clients of the bank. It is one among the four different options that it provides, including the Business Premium, Business One, and Merchant Account. The Business One and the Business Premium accounts are meant for businessmen operating on a smaller scale, since they carry an eligibility of AED 5000 and AED 100,000 respectively. On the other hand, the ADIB Business Elite Account is a much valued account providing useful options to businesses of a larger scale.

Features and Benefits

Clients who are opting for an ADIB Business Elite Account may avail of the following features which are provided to them by the bank:

  • Relationship Manager who will be assigned for personal guidance of the customer’s business.
  • The Account can be utilized for transactions in various currencies apart from AED, including the US Dollar and the GB Pound. However, the ATM can be used only in the AED.
  • A business platinum card will be provided free of cost at the time of opening of the account. The covered card limit will be up to AED 250,000. It comes with several benefits at premium locations, and it is free for life. Holders of this card will be entitled to special roadside maintenance at outlets for their vehicle. The card also comes designed as a fascinating new innovation as it comes incorporated with Visa PayWave technology. This ensures that one need not insert the card, or enter the PIN. Simply holding the card in front of the reader will suffice. There are several other benefits included too, such as special discounts and offers at retail outlets that have tie-ups with the ADIB; finally, the client can clear their dues and utility bills at any of the 78 Al-Ansari exchange branches. It also comes with the ADIB WebSecure feature, which seeks to make online transactions on retail portals trustworthy.
  • Up to 40 monthly teller transactions can be done free. For their daily banking needs, the client can use any of the teller branches of the ADIB, such as the 10 to 10 branches or the 24/7 branch at the airport in Abu Dhabi.
  • ADIB Direct platform that can be used at any time to swiftly make transactions while one is on the move. It is a centralized platform that is secure and trustworthy, and can be accessed from the comfort of your personal computers or mobile devices. Some of the main advantages of using ADIB Direct include: adaptable dashboards reflecting your financial details, and that can be modified for forecasting purposes; direct payments to portals reducing intermediary costs and add-on charges; alerts and notifications being promptly sent to the customer, and other digital services.
  • Personalised ADIB cheque books will be handed to the customer. It is available in AED currency. The first one will be free, while additional ones can be subscribed for at a minimal cost of AED 25 per booklet.

Reasons to choose

  • Monthly e-statements can be downloaded by the customer that can be used.
  • Favourable foreign exchange rates are available for trading.
  • Different types of investment accounts are provided.

Documents Required

  • Trade license issued by the competent authority, which is the Department of Economic Development, in this instance.
  • Emirates ID of the concerned business person.
  • Commercial registration
  • Chamber of commerce membership proof documentation.


Minimum relevant balance that is required is AED 500,000. Monthly maintenance fee of AED 50 shall be charged. 

Application Process

In order to initiate the process of acquiring an ADIB Business Elite Account, the customer has to simply log in to the page on the ADIB site, click on the ‘Business’ sub section. There, one will be required to fill in the necessary details including the trade license number, among others. If they are not comfortable with this method, they may also try visiting a nearby ADIB branch, or apply by phone on the number 0265787777 for domestic enquiries, or 97126578777 for international customers.


Q1: What is the main difference between the Business Elite Account, and the other accounts such as Business One or Business Premium?

Ans: The Business Elite account is designed to cater to a unique set of clients, i.e. who are running businesses at the higher spectrum. This is reflected in the minimum average balance that needs to be maintained which is above AED 500,000. In comparison, businesses or companies operating at a lower scale should go for Business One or Business Premium.

Q2: If I switch my Business account from Elite to one of the other accounts, will my credit rating be affected?

Ans: If you have duly paid any outstanding overdrafts on the previous account, switching will not affect your credit Score.

Q3: Can I get the assistance of a relationship manager in this scheme?

Ans: Every Elite customer has the right to get the assistance of a dedicated relationship manager, who shall look into their personal requirements.

Q4: In case I wish to apply for a loan, how will the bank decide the tenure?

ADIB will take a call on the loan tenure that will be granted under the Elite account, based on the debt ratio that the client holds on the earlier debts taken and the monthly income that they have. 

Q5: Can I access my Business Elite account when I am outside the UAE?

Ans: ADIB allows you to access your Business Elite account from anywhere in the world from the mobile banking services app.

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