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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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Serving over a million customers, ADCB is one of the leading financial institutions in the UAE. The bank is headquartered in Abu Dhabi and the government owns 60.2% of its shares. With innovative and award-winning digital solutions, ADCB offers the highest level of services and convenience to the customers. The bank comes with a host of financial products and services ranging from consumer banking, business, corporate and investment banking to credit card and loan services. 

Amongst its various credit cards, the ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card is popular for its loyalty programs. The cardholders earn TouchPoints for every purchase they make using the ADCB Gold credit card. Additionally, individuals can redeem the TouchPoints to get exclusive discounts on travel, hotel, lifestyle and shopping expenses. To make the card affordable, ADCB has lenient eligibility criteria and low credit card charges. This article elaborates on various features, benefits and ways to avail of credit cards. 

ADCB Touchpoints Gold Credit Card
Free for Life
  • Minimum Salary NA
  • Annual Fee AED Free for Life
  • Free for Life
  • Movie Discounts
  • Dining Discounts
  • Golf Benefits
  • Balance Transfer
Reward Value: NA

Features of ADCB TouchPoints Gold Credit Card 

ADCB has designed the TouchPoints Gold credit card to meet the customers’ financial needs efficiently. With the card, you can conveniently manage your finances without paying hefty charges because of low charges and fees. Following are the key features of ADCB credit card -

  • No Annual Membership Fee - The bank does not charge an annual membership fee on the TouchPoints Gold credit card. That means the card is free for life, and the cardholders don’t need to renew their membership every year. 
  • Complimentary Airport Lounge Access - ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit cardholders can enjoy unlimited airport lounge access across 10 airports in the Middle East. The benefit is available to both the primary and secondary credit cardholders. 
  • Credit Card Loans - Using the TouchPoints Gold credit card, you can acquire cash loans against your available credit limit. The bank charges low interest rates on the credit card loan and allows you a repayment tenure of up to 12 months. 
  • Convenient Balance Transfer - The bank offers a convenient balance transfer facility. Using the feature, you can transfer outstanding card bills from another credit card to an ADCB credit card at low-interest rates and repayment tenure of up to 12 months. If you use the balance transfer facility within the first 3 months of acquiring your credit card, the bank charges no interest on the transfer. 
  • Interest-Free Days - The bank provides an interest-free period of up to 55 days, which is equivalent to any other credit card in UAE. If you pay your outstanding balance in full during the interest-free days, the bank won’t charge any interest.
  • Card Control - ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit cardholders get complete card control through online banking and ADCB mobile application. They can conveniently control their card transactions, block and unblock credit cards, set credit limit, and much more. 
  • Installment Payment Plan - For all your high-value purchases, you can convert them into personal payment plans and pay in easy installments at low interest rates and flexible tenure of up to 48 months. Additionally, while shopping at partner outlets, you can avail of zero interest charges on an installment payment plan for up to 12 months.
  • Credit Shield with Free Life Cover -  ADCB bank protects your credit card outstanding balance through credit shield insurance. In case of mishaps that result in accidental death, permanent disability, loss of employment etc., the bank waives off your card debt. To avail of the credit shield insurance, you need to pay a nominal fee every month. A free life cover including Natural Death and Top-up Life cover is included when you buy credit shield insurance.
  • Credit Card Bill Payments - The bank offers credit card bill payment options through online and offline channels. You can pay a minimum of 5% of the total outstanding balance and the remaining amount will transfer into the next billing cycle. To pay the card bills, you can use personal banking, ADCB mobile banking app, cash deposit machine or visit the branch. 

Benefits of ADCB TouchPoint Gold Credit Card

Along with rewards on every expense, the ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card comes with numerous benefits, which are not only limited to offers and discounts but also provide excellent financial management. Following are the benefits of ADCB TouchPoints cards - 

  • As a TouchPoints credit cardholder, you can earn up to 0.5 TouchPoints per AED 1 for all the retail purchases using the ADCB credit card. 
  • On spending AED 5,000 every month, you earn 5,000 bonus TouchPoints.
  • You can easily convert your TouchPoints into Etihad Guest Miles, Emirates Skywards Miles and shopping points to enjoy additional discounts on a variety of purchases. 
  • As a Touchpoint Gold credit cardholder, you get unlimited access to over 10 airport lounges across the Middle East. 
  • You also get a 25% discount on dining expenses across 1400 restaurants in the UAE. The offer may not be available on all TouchPoint credit cards.  
  • The cardholder can avail of a 20% discount on the first three Uber rides every month. 
  • ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card also offers a 20% discount on renting a car through Avis Car Rental anywhere around the world. 
  • As an ADCB Gold credit cardholder, you can avail of Buy 1 Get 1 offers on movie tickets at VOX Cinemas. Get two movie tickets for the price of one up to 2 times a month. The offer applies to all 2D Standard and 2D Max Standard tickets. 
  • Apart from the above, you can also avail of numerous other benefits like an easy installment plan, balance transfer and cash advance facility, credit card loans, convenient bill payment and a lot more. 

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Deals & Rewards on ADCB TouchPoints Gold Credit Card

As mentioned above, the ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card comes with lucrative rewards and offers. The following list depicts various discounts and offers available on the TouchPoints Gold credit card. 

  • TouchPoints Loyalty Rewards - The TouchPoints reward is an award-winning loyalty program that can be converted into Skywards Miles, Etihad Guest Miles and shopping points as per your need. You earn TouchPoints for every AED 1 spent using the ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card. After accumulating the points, you can redeem them to avail of discounts on travel and hotel bookings, lifestyle & entertainment expenses and a lot more.    
  • For all retail purchases, you can earn up to 0.5 TouchPoints per AED. Additionally, you earn 5,000 bonus TouchPoints after spending AED 5,000 or above every month.  
  • You can earn up to 0.2 TouchPoints per AED on fuel, education, government service, telecommunications, etc. and 0.4 TouchPoints on supermarket, insurance, auto deal, etc. 
  • Refer to the table below for TouchPoints conversions into Skywards and Guest Miles. 

Reward Points


Emirates Skywards Miles

18 TouchPoints = 1 Skywards Mile

Etihad Guest Miles

14 TouchPoints = 1 Guest Mile

  • Buy 1 GET 1 VOX Cinema Offers - ADCB Gold credit cards offer access to Buy 1 Get 1 cinema offers that provide two movie tickets at the price of one for 2 times every month at VOX cinemas across 2D Standard and 2D Max Standard tickets.  
  • Dining Privileges - With the ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card, you get up to a 25% discount at over 1400 restaurants across the UAE. 
  • Exclusive Discounts at Yas Theme Park - Enjoy the advantage of TouchPoints Gold credit card with exclusive discounts on tickets, food and beverages, etc. at Warner Bros, Yas Water World, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi and Clymb Abu Dhabi. 
  • Visa ENTERTAINERS offers - The cardholders can avail of 2 for 1 offer at various spas, restaurants, entertainment, fitness outlets, and more across the Middle East. To avail of the offers, the cardholders need to download the visa ENTERTAINERS app, register using their ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card and get going. 

ADCB TouchPoints Gold Credit Card Exclusive Limited Time Offer

Earn up to 60,000 bonus TouchPoints when you sign up for your new ADCB TouchPoints Gold Credit Card. Also, enjoy an array of lifestyle value-added benefits with your ADCB credit card. This is a limited-time offer and the following important terms and conditions will apply:

  • Only the customers who do not hold any ADCB credit card or covered card at the moment are eligible for the offer.
  • The cardholders must achieve a minimum spend of AED 5,000 within 60 days of issuance of their card to avail of this offer. 
  • Card allotted between 15th June 2022 and 15th August 2022 are eligible for this offer. 
  • Transactions like retail purchases, credit card loans and balance transfers will be considered when covering the minimum spend required for the offer.

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for ADCB TouchPoints Gold Credit Card 

Before applying for a TouchPoints Gold credit card, you need to ensure whether you are eligible or not. Following are the eligibility criteria for the ADCB credit card. 

  • Minimum Age - To apply for a credit card, an applicant must be 21 years old or above. 
  • Salary Requirements - The individual must have a minimum salary of AED 8,000 or above per month. 
  • Nationality - The TouchPoints Gold credit card is available to both UAE nationals/residents and expatriates, subject to the furnishing of required documents. 

Documents Required to Apply for ADCB TouchPoints Gold Credit Card 

The list of documents required in order to apply for the ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card is as follows - 

  • A valid Emirates ID and its copy
  • Recent utility bill, lease agreement/rent agreement or any form of address proof
  • A valid passport ID and UAE visa with address details for the expats
  • Recent salary slip, salary certificate issued by your employer (not older than a month)
  • Latest bank account statements (of the last 3 to 6 months)

How to Apply for ADCB TouchPoints Gold Credit Card ? 

After your documents are ready, you can visit the bank or log in to ADCB’s official website and apply for a credit card. Following are various ways through which you can apply for an ADCB credit card -

  • Online Application - For online application, the individuals need to visit the ADCB’s official website or also visit our ADCB credit card page and select the TouchPoints Gold credit card. Subsequently, they need to enter their contact details and hit the ‘apply now’ button. The bank representative will later call you for the further application process. 
  • Application through Phone Call - You can contact the ADCB’s support team on 600-50-2030 and provide your details and they will assist you through the application process. 
  • Application via SMS - Individuals can also apply for the ADCB credit card through SMS. For SMS applications, they need to SMS ‘TPCARD’ at 2626. 
  • Offline Application - Individuals can visit the nearest ADCB branch and apply for the TouchPoints Gold credit card. To locate a nearby branch, you can visit the bank’s portal. 

Fees & Charges on ADCB TouchPoints Gold Credit Card 

The following table depicts various charges on ADCB TouchPoints Gold credit card.

Type of Charges and Fees

Charges in AED

Annual Membership Fee


Monthly Interest Rates (Retail Purchases)

3.25% per month

Cash Advance Interest Rates

3.50% per month

Interest Rates for Balance Transfer, Credit Card Loan, Instalment Plans 

Maximum of 1.50% per month

Fees for Cash Advances

3.15% or AED 105 (Whichever is more)

Over Limit Charges

AED 288.75

Late Payment Fee

AED 241.50 (upon failure to pay the minimum amount due by the due date)

Card Replacement Charges

AED 78.75

Foreign Currency Transaction Charges


Credit Shield Insurance charges

1.0395% of the outstanding amount

Temporary Increase in Credit Limit Charges

AED 52.50

Fee for Exchange House Payments

AED 5.25 for each transaction

Foreclosure Charges 

AED 210

Processing fee for the 0% interest payment plans at the partner merchants and for credit card loans

AED 52.50

Due Date

25 days from the purchase date

Minimum Monthly Due

Minimum of 5% or AED 100

Cash Advance Limit

60% of the available credit limit

Latest ADCB Credit Card Offers

What is the minimum salary required to apply for the ADCB TouchPoints Titanium/Gold credit card?

An individual need to have a minimum salary of AED 5,000 or more before applying for the ADCB credit card.

Do I need to pay annual charges for TouchPoints credit cards?

No, the TouchPoints credit cards are free for life, so you don’t need to pay an annual membership fee.

How can I redeem my TouchPoints on an ADCB credit card?

You can use the ADCB online banking or mobile application to log in to your credit card account. Then, you need to visit the rewards section to redeem your TouchPoints.

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