ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card 

Credit cards offer various benefits to the cardholders. Best credit cards in the UAE come with a low rate of interest and it offers flexibility in terms of credit card payment. If needed, the cardholders can pay their bill in instalments. This way, credit cardholders can make most of their credit cards.ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card

Banks in the UAE offer various kinds of credit cards to suit credit card needs of the cardholders. Different credit cards offer different features and benefits that offer unprecedented levels of services in the domain of lifestyle, shopping, sports, electronics, jewellery, travel, leisure, entertainment, dining etc.

About ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card

With Touchpoints Infinite Credit Card, ADCB offers the applicants an ocean full of limitless possibilities. The card is offered exclusively for the most valued accountholders of the bank. The card is designed to fulfil all the expectations of a credit card buyer. The credit card offers a plethora of elite benefits and superior services. The card offers ultimate status & recognition to the cardholders by offering the highest purchasing power.

Features of ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card

Here are a few of the many features of ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Card:

1. Pamper your Taste Buds

The ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Cardholder can pamper their taste buds at the best fine dining restaurants in the UAE. The cardholder can avail discount at the rate of 25 percent at the fine selection of eateries and restaurants across the UAE.

2. Pay Utility Bills

Using their TouchPoints Infinite Card, the cardholders can pay their utility bills using personal internet banking account or Mobile App. In a matter of a few clicks, the credit cardholders can pay for the following:

  1. Mobile phone bills
  2. Salik
  3. College and school fee
  4. Credit card payments

3. Redeem Touch Points

With the help of personal internet banking account or Mobile App, the cardholder can manage their credit card account and redeem their TouchPoints with ease.

4. Credit Shield

The cardholder can opt for an optional insurance policy that covers their card’s outstanding balance for up to AED 1,00,000 in case of unfortunate incidents such as:

  • Total disablement (permanent)
  • Loss of employment (Involuntary)
  • Critical illness
  • Death (natural)

The cardholder can avail Credit Shield by paying a nominal insurance premium.

Benefits of ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card

Here are a few of the many benefits of ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Card:

1. BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1) Offer with Vox Cinemas

Upon buying a movie ticket using ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card, the cardholder will get a movie ticket at no additional expenses. The offer is valid on an IMAX movie ticket, 2D movie ticket, and 3D movie ticket. In order to avail the offer, the cardholders must sign up for Vox Cinema’s membership. The cardholder must purchase the ticket with their ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card using VOX Cinemas Mobile App or the official website of VOX Cinemas

Exclusive Infinite Credit Card Benefits

For ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card members, the bank offers up to 4 free tickets on a monthly basis. Apart from that, the card member can avail this offer without worrying about minimum monthly spending.

2. Free Lounge Access

When the cardholder travels with ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card, they are entitled to enjoy an elite experience. Being an Infinite Card member, they get to enjoy unlimited access to the best airport lounges across the different cities. The cardholders can bring one guest along with them.

3. Free Golf Access

With ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card, the cardholders get to avail the benefit of playing golf free of cost for 365 days at the following golf courses:

  • Meydan Golf Dubai
  • The Track
  • Yas Links Golf Club Abu Dhabi
  • Arabian Ranches Golf Club Dubai

In order to enjoy free golf access, the cardholder needs to spend a minimum of AED 5,000 using their credit card on a monthly basis. This ensures that the cardholder gets uninterrupted access the few of the best golf courses across the UAE.

Note- Making reservations are a must for availing complimentary golf access. The reservations are available on a first come, first serve basis. The cardholder must make reservations up to 14 days in advance. The card members can make reservations by calling toll-free helpline on600 5 02004.

4. An Array of Amazing Privileges

The cardholder can enjoy an array of amazing privileges on food& beverages, tickets, merchandise at the following:

  1. Warner Brothers World Abu Dhabi
  2. Yas Waterworld
  3. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Offered Benefits

  • Discount on Tickets/ Passes - The cardholders can avail discount at the rate of 15 percent on annual passes as well as general admission tickets bought at the ticket counters.
  • Complimentary Quick Pass - In order to avail priority access to various attractions and rides, the cardholder can get a Complimentary Quick Pass worth AED 150.
  • Priority Queues - The cardholders can get access to priority queues at ticket counters of the parks.
  • Discounted Merchandise - For merchandise, the cardholders can get discount at the rate of 15 percent.
  • Discount on F&B - The cardholders can get a discount at the rate of 15 percent on food & beverage.
  • Zero Percent Interest Payment Plan - The cardholder can avail zero percent interest on the payment plan for the purchases made over AED 500 at Warner Brothers World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Top Reasons to Get the ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card

Here are a few of many reasons to get ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Card:

1. Global Concierge Service

ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card members can have access to a wide selection of distinctive dining, travel, lifestyle and shopping opportunities. The card gives complimentary access to concierge service so that the cardholder gets nothing but the best.

The Global Concierge Service offers the following benefits:

  • Planning vacation itineraries
  • Chartering a plane or yacht
  • Planning for a wedding
  • Organizing corporate meetings
  • Planning a night out in town
  • Planning a birthday dinner
  • Sourcing/ delivering tickets to the sold-out events anywhere in the world. 

The offered service enables the cardholder to enjoy the ultimate experience and create memories that last a lifetime.

Thanks to Global Concierge Service, the cardholder can have access to a single point of contact which caters to their needs. The cardholder can access the GCS around the clock. The best part about the GCS is that it provides assistance in Arabic, English, and Russian. The payment (if any) for the opted services will be billed to the cardholder’s TouchPoints Infinite Card.

The cardholder can get in touch with GCS Desk by calling 800 0441 3487

2. Convenient Payment Option

The ADCB Credit Cardholder can avail convenience options for making payment. The cardholder can pay as low as 5 percent of their outstanding balance on a monthly basis. They can carry the remaining balance forward to their next billing cycle hassle-free.

They can make payment for their credit card outstanding through any the following options: 

  • 1. Mobile Banking App - In the app, the cardholder can select their credit card under Manage your Credit Cards and make the payment.
  • 2. Internet Banking - The cardholder can sign in to their personal banking account. Below the Credit Card option, they can find Credit Card Payment option and pay their credit card bill, seamlessly.
  • 3. Cash Deposit Machine - The cardholder can visit the nearest branch of ADCB bank and pay their credit card bills using the cash deposit machine.
  • 4. Auto Debit - The credit cardholder can enable auto debit instructions and pay their credit card bill using their ADCB Current or Savings account. In order to activate the auto debit facility, the cardholder can call 600 50 2030 and get in touch with the bank or they can visit the nearby ADCB branch.
  • 5. Partner Payment Locations - The cardholder can pay their credit card bills at the following:
    • Emirates Petroleum Products Company
    • Emirates National Oil Company
    • UAE Exchange
    • Al Ansari Exchange
    • LuLu Exchange

The cardholder will have to pay a nominal fee (AED 5) for every transaction for paying their credit card bill through the partner payment locations.

3. Balance Transfer

The cardholder can transfer their outstanding balance from credit card of the other banks to their ADCB credit card save money on interest charges. The cardholder can enjoy the freedom to repay up to 12 months.

4. Credit Card Loan

The cardholder can avail the facility of credit card loan in case they need money. The loan can be applied as per the available credit limit. The cardholder can get in touch with the bank to get the money transferred in their account. The bank will transfer the money within three working days.

  • It benefits the cardholder in three ways:
  • 1. The applicable rate of interest is on the lower side.
  • 2. The cardholder can repay the loan in instalments.
  • 3. The cardholder will get a period of up to 24 months to repay the loan.
  • 4.  Instalment Plans: The cardholder doesn’t need to worry about paying the bill of their expensive purchases. With ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Card, they can divide the bill into instalment plans. The instalment plan will attract a low rate of interest. Additionally, the cardholder will get a period of up to 24 months to pay the bill.

5. Zero Interest Charges

At various partner locations, the cardholder can buy whatever they want and pay the bill in instalment at no interest charges.

ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card Rewards

With MyChoice, the cardholder gets to select the rewards as per their credit card expectations. They get the freedom of selecting how they want to accumulate and redeem their rewards. The cardholder can get enrolled in one category or they can get enrolled in all the categories. There is no restriction when it comes to selecting categories.
Here are the categories and the rewards offered on each category:



Reward Categories

Bonus TouchPoints for category purchases

Maximum TouchPoints reward on a monthly basis (for each enrolled category


Utility bill payment (through bank)

15 points  per 1 AED



Telecom Bill (through bank)

5 points per 1 AED




7 points per 1 AED




5 points per 1 AED




Duty-Free-  domestic and 

15 points per 1 AED


How does MyChoice work?

  • In order to make the best of the MyChoice bonus rewards, the cardholder needs to spend AED 2,500 per enrolled category on a monthly basis.
  • The total purchases comprise of the purchases made within the enrolled category along with the other purchases during a month (if any).


In case a cardholder enrols for Supermarket &Telecom reward category, they will have to make a total overall purchase on their card worth AED 5,000 or more. Otherwise, they won’t be eligible to get the bonus rewards. The bonus rewards will be applicable to the purchases made within the enrolled reward category.

How to Earn Your Rewards?

Making purchases with ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card, for every AED 1 spent on the eligible purchase, the cardmember will earn rewards at 1.5 TouchPoints.

How to Enroll for MyChoice?

It is very simple, easy and convenient. There are two ways to select the rewards category.

  • The cardholder needs to log in to their Personal Internet Banking and enrol for MyChoice.
  • The cardholder can call around the clock helpline 600 50 2004 and enrol for MyChoice.

Note- All the registered preferences until 10th of every month shall be applicable for the current month. The preferences registered after 10th of every month will be applicable from the next month onwards.

How to Redeem your TouchPoints?

Over a period of time, the cardholder can accumulate TouchPoints. The accumulated TouchPoints can be redeemed for the following:

  • Shopping vouchers
  • Dining vouchers
  • Airline tickets
  • Airline upgrades
  • Paying utility bills

How to Apply for ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card?

The applicants who want to make most of their money and avail maximum rewards on their credit card may fill an online application form in a matter of a few seconds at

After successful submission of the application form, a credit card expert from will get in touch with the applicant to proceed. The credit card expert will collect the required documents. When the paperwork is sorted, the credit card application will be processed by the bank.

Thanks to the technological development, the way people buy credit cards in the UAE has revolutionized. makes credit card buying process very easy, simple and seamless. It provides unbiased information to applicants so that they can zero down on a card that fulfils their credit card expectations. The website provides updated fee structure to the applicants so that they can make the right decision.

ADCB TouchPoints MyChoice Infinite Credit Card Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - What is TouchPoints rewards program?

Ans - When you make a purchase using your ADCB credit/ debit card, finance through ADCB, save with ADCB, and invest with ACDB, you earn points. Additionally, you earn points for making transactions using online banking, bill-pay, and various other interactions with the bank.

Q2 - What is MyChoice rewards program?

Ans - MyChoice rewards program is a one-of-a-kind banking ecosystem that enables you to create customized banking packages that fulfil your individual banking needs. In addition to that, it offers amazing preferential and lifestyle benefits.

Every MyChoice program comes with unique preferential benefits such as:

  • Preference of credit card (free)
  • Discounts on processing fee of loan
  • Higher rate of interest on accounts
  • Higher rate of interest on deposits
  • TouchPoints draw (monthly)
  • Extra TouchPoints on insurance
  • TouchPoints Bonus of up to AED 2,50,000

Q3 - How can I redeem my TouchPoints?

Ans - You can redeem your accumulated TouchPoints for vouchers. You can spend the vouchers at one of ADCB’s partner merchant outlets.

Steps to redeem the accumulated TouchPoints:

Step 1- Sign in your ADCB Personal Internet Banking account.

Step 2- Click on the Redeem Now option.

Step 3- Select the preferred partner merchant outlets.

Your redeemed voucher will be mailed to you within 5 working days.

Q4 - How I instantly can redeem TouchPoints at the merchant location?

Ans - Here are the steps to redeem accumulated TouchPoints instantly at merchant location:

Step 1- Visit the preferred merchant outlet & select the item you want to purchase.

Step 2- Request the staff for the redemption of TouchPoints.

Step 3- Display your ADCB Credit at the counter.

Step 4- The cash counter staff will swipe the card and process the instant redemption.

Q5 - Where can I redeem my TouchPoints?

Ans - You can redeem your accumulated Touchpoints at partnered merchant outlets for the following categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Electronics
  • Jewellery
  • Travel
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Bill payments
  • Dining
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