ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card

In order to cater to the credit cards need of UAE’s residents, one of the best UAE banks, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank offers TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card. The card rewards the cardholder whenever the cardholder makes purchases using the ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card. Additionally, this ADCB Credit Card offers enhanced features and benefits right from entertainment deals, online food delivery discounts that make this card one of a kind.
ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card

Features & Benefits of ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card

ADCB Touchpoints Platinum Credit Card is loaded with so many features and benefits that make this card a must have. Here are the prominent features & benefits of this ADCB credit card:

Lifestyle Benefits

  • Free Golf Access

ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Cardholders can have access to luxurious golf courses on an annual basis at the following golf courses:

  1. Meydan Golf Dubai
  2. The Track
  3. Yas Links Golf Club Abu Dhabi
  4. Arabian Ranches Golf Club Dubai

In order to avail the free golf access, cardholders must spend a minimum of AED 5,000 on the credit card on a monthly basis. Since the facility is available on first come first serve basis, cardholders must make reservations for up to 14 days in advance to avail this facility.

  • 2-for-1 Deals

Cardholders can avail exclusive 2-for-1 deals on food as well as entertainment along with more 5000+ travel discounts. All they need to download the MasterCard Buy 1 Get 1 mobile application or Visa Offers MENA to avail these perks and privileges.

Travel Benefits

  • Free Airport Lounge Access

ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Cardholders get to enjoy free unlimited access at more than 25 MasterCard airport lounges throughout the world. In addition to this, card member can avail three free access yearly at more than 1000 airport lounges globally via LoungeKey.

  • Dragon Pass Dine & Fly Airport Dining Program

Members of this ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card can avail access to more than 200 airport restaurants offers throughout the world. All they need to download the Dine & Fly mobile app and complete a simple registration to start redeeming.

Other Benefits

  • MasterCard or Visa Benefits

Card members can enjoy a wide range of Visa well as MasterCard benefits.

  • Credit Shield

It provides the cardholders insurance coverage for an outstanding amount up to AED 2 Lakh in event of critical illness, loss of employment (involuntary), permanent disability, and death. In order to avail this benefit, the cardholder needs to a nominal fee.

  • Extended Warranty & Purchase Protection

Members of this ADCB credit card can avail purchase protection on the products bought using the ADCB TouchPoints Platinum credit card. It covers the theft or accidental damage of purchased goods and items.

  • ADCB Mobile Application

The official mobile app of ADCB helps the card member in managing & controlling the transactions and maintaining spending limits just by utilizing their mobile phones.

  • Credit Card Loan

The card comes with a facility of availing credit card loan against the available credit limit of the cardholder. The cardholder needs to get in touch with the bank, the balance money will be transferred to their account in a period 3 working days. The cardholders can enjoy a low rate of interest and repay the loan in easy instalments up to a period of 12 months. But please note that the 0 rate of interest is only valid for the initial three months from the date of card issuance.

  • Balance Transfer

Members of this ADCB credit card can save on their interest expenses by transferring their outstanding amount balances from other bank’s credit card to the ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card. In addition to this, they can enjoy the flexibility of 0 rate of interest and repay in monthly installments of a maximum of 12 months. But please note that the 0 rate of interest is only valid for the initial three months from the date of card issuance.

  • Easy Instalments

The ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card allows its card members to convert their transactions in simple 0% easy payment plan for a maximum of 24 months. They can shop at a wide range of retail partners and then make payments in easy instalments with 0 rate of interest charges.

  • School Fee Payments

With this ADCB TouchPoints Platinum credit card, the card member can convert their child’s school as well as college fees into easy instalments with no interest rate for 12 months (maximum).

  • No Interest Period

Members of this ADCB credit card can enjoy an interest-free period of a maximum of 55 days if they continue paying their outstanding balance in full on or before the payment due date.

  • Mobile App & Internet Banking Facility

Cardholders can easily pay their college & school fees, mobile phone bills, utility bills, credit card bills, Salik recharge via the ADCB internet banking or mobile application by sitting at the comfort of their home.

  • Super-Fast Payment

Cardholders can pay as minimum as 5% of their outstanding ADCB credit card bills each month and carry the remaining balance forward to the billing cycle of the next month. Members of this ADCB credit card can pay their credit card bill at any of the below-mentioned convenient channels:

  • Cash Deposit Machines
  • Personal Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking App
  • ADCB branches
  • Debit Instructions

Member of this credit card can setup automatic debit instructions for making payments through their savings or current account.

ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card Rewards & Offers

Following are the rewards and offers provided on this ADCB credit card:

ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card Rewards

Members of the ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit card are entitled to receive rewards on making purchases using this card in terms of Touchpoints. They can earn 1 TouchPoint for AED 1 purchase. They can receive 10,000 TouchPoints as a bonus upon spending AED 10,000 each month.

And cardholders can accumulate the TouchPoints over a period of time. The accumulated TouchPoints can be redeemed them for the following:

  1. Dining vouchers
  2. Shopping vouchers
  3. Airline tickets
  4. Airline tickets upgrades
  5. Paying utility bills

Buy 1, Get 1 Free (BOGO) with VOX Cinemas

The card comes with a facility of a free movie ticket when the cardholder buys a free ticket using their ADCB TouchPoints Credit Card. The cardholder can enjoy BOGO offer on a VIP, Standard, MAX Standard and IMAX movie ticket booked with ADCB TouchPoints Credit Card through the VOX Cinemas website or Mobile App.

Moreover, ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card members can avail up to 4 free tickets on a monthly basis. Additionally, they can enjoy 20% off on selected meals.

Discount on Talabat Orders

ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card offers 20% discount on Talabat orders, for a maximum of AED 20 off/per order on two orders every month. This discounted offer is valid on orders across the UAE and it is not applicable on service charges and mobile wallet payments.

Exclusive Offers at Yas Island Theme Parks

The cardholder can avail the following perks and privileges at Warner Brothers World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi:

  • They can get 15% discount on annual passes and General Admission Tickets bought at the tickets counters.
  • They can get complimentary quick pass that costs AED 150 for early access to attractions and rides and priority access at ticket counters of the park.
  • They can get discounted merchandise at the rate of 15 percent.
  • They can get discounted food & beverage at the rate of 10 percent.

Discount on Careem Rides

Card members can get 20% discount on Careem rides three times per month when they travel across countries in the Middle East. All they are required to use the promo code – MASTERCARD at the time of booking a ride.

Discounted Offer with Agoda

On booking a hotel with Agoda, the card member can avail a maximum of 12% discount on the eligible properties throughout the network.

Hotel & Airfare Discounts With Cleartrip & MasterCard

Cardholders can visit Cleartrip and can book any roundtrip, hotel, or international airfare using this ADCB credit card in order to avail a maximum of 30% off on their travel booking.

Fees & Charges on ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card

Following are the fees & charges associated with the ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card:

Particulars Fee & Charges

Annual Membership Fee

AED 630 (2nd year onwards)

Finance charges (Retail purchase)

3.25% Monthly

Finance charges (Cash Advance)

3.50% Monthly

Finance charges (Balance Transfer)

Up to 1.50% Monthly

Over limit fee

AED 288.75

Late payment fee

AED 241.50

Card replacement fee

AED 78.75

Duplicate statement fee

AED 26.25

Returned cheque charge

AED 157.50

Copy of sale voucher

AED 26.25

Credit shield fee (Optional)


Temporary credit limit increase fee

AED 52.50

International Transaction Charges


Foreclosure fee (Credit Card Loans)

AED 210

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Is there any limit on the online transaction or usage ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: No. As long as the credit card limit isn’t exhausted, there is no restriction on the number of transactions and on the card usage.

Q2: How does 3D Secure™ protects against unauthorized transactions?

Ans: 3D Secure feature shields your credit card against unauthorized transactions. It mandates to enter an OTP (one-time password) that is sent to your registered mobile number as well as registered email address. After entering the OTP, the online transaction can be completed. This extra-layer of authorization ensures that being the cardholder, only you will have the password that is required to complete the transaction.

Q3. Can I avail supplementary ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: Yes, you can avail complimentary supplementary credit card for the eligible family members.

Q4: Can I avail the facility of credit card loan with ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card?

Ans: Yes. The card offers the benefit of credit card loan as per the available limit of the card. After the successful submission of cardholder’s application, it takes 3 working days for the balance to be transferred in their bank account. The benefit of credit card loan with the card is that it offers a 0 rate of interest. Additionally, it offers the cardholder to repay the loan in easy instalments of tenure of up to 24 months.

Q5: How can I pay my ADCB TouchPoints Platinum credit card bill?

Ans: You can pay your ADCB credit card bills without any extra charges at your preferred ADCB branch. Additionally, you can pay your bill through personal internet banking, cash deposit machines, and mobile banking app.


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