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ADCB bank offers a range of options when it comes to opening a savings account. Starting from its competitive profit rates to alluring touchpoint, ADCB Bank comes with a wholesome savings account offers. It also has the monetary lucky draw offers with the selected savings account.

A million AED is offered to a lucky draw prize winner every month and quarterly. While the other lucky draw winners can earn AED 500,000, AED 100,000 respectively. Granted, this lucky draw option is offered to select customers with particular savings account only.

Also, the customers holding a savings or current account with the ADCB bank can apply for the zero minimum balance account with the bank. This account is called the Active Saver Account. The Active Saver account can be opened using the mobile app of the banker.

ADCB Savings Account - Features and Benefits

The key features of ADCB Savings Accounts include:

Types of Savings Account Features and Benefits Profit Rates
ADCB Savings Accounts
  • Available for both non-residents and UAE nationals
  • Accounts available in USD, AED and other specific currencies
  • E-statements are free
  • AED savings account holder receives a debit card
  • AED accounts are offered 0.2% profit rates
  • USD accounts are offered profit rates up to 1.0%
Millionaire Destiny Savings Account
  • Debit card
  • No period for lock-in
  • Withdrawals have no penalty
  • Profits from the savings are declared and paid after every 4 months
  • A chance to win the lucky draw
  • Not Specified
Emirati Millionaire Savings Account
  • Debit card
  • No period for lock-in
  • Withdrawals have no penalty
  • Profits from the savings are declared and paid after every 4 months
  • A chance to win the lucky draw
  • AED 25 is given to charity for every account opening
  • Not Specified
Active Saver Account 
  • Through internet personal banking of ADCB bank, the account can be opened
  • The profit rates are paid monthly with daily calculations
  • Available in USD and AED accounts
  • No cheque book or an ATM card
  • Online access available
  • Touch points are redeemable
  • Transfer of funds and credit card bill payment available
  • AED accounts earn profits up to 2%
  • USD accounts earn up to 2.25%
  • Not Specified

Eligibility Criteria to Open an ADCB Bank Savings Account in UAE

The minimum eligibility to open any of the ADCB Savings Account include:

Types of Salary Accounts Eligibility Criteria
ADCB Savings Account
  • Minimum monthly salary of AED 5000 for UAE residents
Millionaire Destiny Savings Account
  • Not Specified
Emirati Millionaire Savings Account
  • Not Specified
Active Saver Account 
  • UAE residents and nationals having a valid visa
  • Aged 21 or above
  • Must be an ADCB savings and current account holder
  • Not eligible for minors and joint accounts

Documents Required to Open an ADCB Bank Account

The minimum documents required are:

Types of Salary Accounts Documents Required
ADCB Savings Account
  • Residents of the UAE-
  • Original passport of the applicant
  • Resident visa (valid for more than a month)
  • Original Emirates Identity Card of the applicant
  • Salary certificate of the applicant
  • Non-residents of UAE-
  • Original passport
  • Copy of the e-gate card and visit visa
  • Applicant’s bank statement (stamped) of 3 months with the existing bank
  • Introduction letter from an existing ADCB customer of more than a year
Millionaire Destiny Savings Account
  • Not Specified
Emirati Millionaire Savings Account
  • Not Specified
Active Saver Account
  • Not Specified
Through ADCB Hayyak
  • Passport of the applicant
  • Emirates identity card of the applicant
  • A picture of the applicant’s signature

How to open an ADCB bank Savings Account in the UAE

An applicant can open a bank account with the ADCB bank in the UAE via three ways-

  • Getting in touch with the nearest branch of the ADCB bank
  • Through phone banking
  • Through internet banking

How to close an ADCB bank Saving account in the UAE:

To close the savings account, the customer will have to submit a written application to any branch of the ADCB bank in the UAE

ADCB Savings Account FAQs:

Q1: What is the benefit of getting an account through Hayyak?

Ans: Hayyak is an app of ADCB to provide convenient banking services. It is simple and fast. You can also earn touchpoints with Hayyak.

Q2: How can I earn touchpoints with Hayyak accounts?

Ans: Hayyak account offers touchpoints for opening an account, transferring your salary and on your first purchase with the credit card

Q3: Can the Active Saver account be held by a business customer?

Ans: No, business customers cannot open an active saver account. Active Saver account can only be held by individual customers of the bank.

Q4: Is the Active Saver Account Sharia compliant?

Ans: yes, Active Saver is Sharia compliant. It follows all the rules of Islam.

Q5: What is FATCA?

Ans: FATCA is a foreign account tax compliance act. This law is enforced in the USA to address tax abuse by US citizens holding an account outside of the USA.

Q6: Does the ADCB bank implement FATCA?

Ans: Yes, the ADCB bank implements FATCA with compliance to the UAE central bank. All the subsidiaries and branches of ADCB bank complies with FATCA.

Q7: Is every customer eligible for the lucky draw of the ADCB savings account?

Ans: No, not every customer is eligible for the lucky prize draw. Only the customers of specific millionaire savings account can partake in the lucky prize draw. Also, the customers are required to have a specific ADCB savings account minimum balance to be eligible for the lucky draw.

Q8: Is the prize of a million AED given out every month?

Ans: In case of the ADCB Millionaire Savings Account, the winner of the lucky draw can win AED 1 million AED in every six months.

Q9: What is the minimum salary requirement for the UAE residents to open savings and call account in the UAE with the ADCB bank?

Ans: The minimum salary required for the residents of UAE to open a Savings and Call account with the ADCB bank is AED 5000.

Q10: How many types of savings accounts are there with the ADCB bank in the UAE?

Ans: There are 5 types of savings accounts with the ADCB bank. These accounts are- ADCB Savings and Call accounts, ADCB Millionaire Destiny Savings account, Emirati Millionaire Savings account, Active Saver Account and ADCB Hayyak account.