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ADCB Personal Loan

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) is a public shareholding organization, formed in 1985 with a majority stake belonging to the Abu Dhabi Investment Council. ADCB ranks amongst the largest banks in the UAE with the total assets worth over AED 145 billion. The ADCB personal loan is one of the most rewarding loans in the region, with benefits such as membership into the ADCB rewards program.

The ADCB bank personal loan is available for two categories amongst the UAE residents- for Emiratis and for Expatriates with slightly differing ADCB personal loan eligibility criteria. This personal loan allows the borrower to enjoy various offers and discounts including retail store discounts.

ADCB Personal Loan Interest Rate

Applicants will be charged a reducing interest rate, which gets smaller with every installment payment that the loan holder makes. ADCB personal loan calculator is very useful to calculate ADCB personal loan interest rate calculations.

ADCB Personal Finance Interest rate
Category Interest Rate TouchPoints Offered*
  For Emiratis 5.25% p.a. Minimum 200 TouchPoints per every 1,000 dirhams of  the finance amount
  For Expatriates 6.25% p.a. Minimum 200 TouchPoints per every 1,000 dirhams  of the finance amount

(Updated as on September 2019)

The TouchPoints offered with an ADCB personal loan can be redeemed for shopping vouchers across tons   of malls in the UAE and for lifestyle purchases such as spa and massage treatments.

* If the total loan amount is less than or equal to 150,000 dirhams, then the TouchPoints earned is 200 on every 1000 dirhams of the amount. However, if the loan is above 150,000 dirhams, the TouchPoints earned is 300 on every 1000 dirhams of the amount.

ADCB Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria

The ADCB personal loan eligibility parameters are designed to assess an applicant’s creditworthiness and the risk of lending funds to them.


The applicants are required to be a minimum of 21 years of age. This is applicable for UAE nationals and expats both.

Salary Transfer

Applicants may not be able to avail this loan without a salary transfer. Salary transfer must be approved by the applicant's employer.

Credit Score

The applicant’s credit score will be used to determine the maximum ADCB loan amount they are eligible for and subsequently, the applicable ADCB personal loan interest rate as well.

ADCB Personal Loan Documentation Requirements

The ADCB personal loan requirements also include submission of the following documents:

  1. Emirates
  2. Residence
  3. Passport & Residence Visa (for non UAEnationals)
  4. Salary transferletter
  5. Bankstatement

These requirements may change as per ADCB's discretion. Applicants can refer to the ADCB customer care contact number for further information on the same.

Features & Benefits of ADCB Personal Loan

Here is a rundown on the benefits and features available on this consumer finance.

Loan Amount

The maximum ADCB personal loan amount is calculated in multiples of the monthly salary of the applicant. This is subject to change based on the earning potential of the loan applicant.

Life Insurance

ADCB bank personal finance offers a Credit Life insurance policy, which protects the borrowers from the liability of making outstanding payments in the event of sudden unexpected medical emergencies. The Credit Life insurance cover is available for as little as 1.05% of the borrowed loan amount.

Unemployment Cover

Loan holders may also opt-in for the involuntary loss of employment cover offered alongside the ADCB bank personal loan. This covers up to 10% of the outstanding loan payments for a period of 6 months and at a fee   of 0.1% of the remaining finance amount.

Online Application

From applying for an ADCB personal finance to submitting a review for the same, the customers can perform all banking operations via the newly revamped ADBC online platform. The bank’s website also offers useful information and tools such as the personal loan calculator.

Loan Deferment

This bank also reserves the right to approve postponement of the payment of installments. This is only applicable for the borrowers that have made payment for a minimum of 6 installments, on time.

Touch Points

It also offers membership into the TouchPoints rewards program. TouchPoints can be earned for every AED 1,000 of the   finance amount upwards of AED 10,000 in total.

Credit Card

Being amongst the most rewarding personal loans in the UAE, the bank offers a free credit card along with various other benefits with this loan.

Salary Overdraft

The borrower can also enjoy a salary overdraft of up to 3 times (2 times in case of expats) on this finance in the Emirates.

Other Benefits

Other than the various benefits mentioned above, the borrower also gets the facility of loan consolidation. They can avail this loan hassle-free with simple documentation.

ADCB Personal Loan - FAQs

Q.1. Is there a method to calculate my ADCB personal loan EMI before applying?

Ans: Yes, ADCB personal loan applicants can make use of an online loan calculator for the UAE ADCB loan for an estimate of the EMI. Applicants will require the interest rate, tenor and loan amount to calculate their monthly EMI.

Q.2. How long does it take for a loan application to get approved?

Ans: UAE residents that apply for an ADCB personal finance can expect a response within a day of submitting their form and quick approval processes. The application process for these loans for UAE nationals as well as for expatriates may be initiated online, over the phone or in person at the ADCB branches.

Q.3. Is there an ADCB top-up personal loan?

Ans: Yes, loan top-ups are available for existing borrowers. These top-ups extend the total tenor and the borrowed amount. The interest rates may vary depending upon the additional amount that is availed of.

Q.4. What is the deferment charge?

Ans: ADCB personal loan borrowers may be granted a loan deferment only after having made 6 months of regular payments. These ADCB bank personal loan deferments can be accessed for AED 105 on each postponement.

Q.5. What does the TouchPoints program offer?

Ans: Members of this finance can earn TouchPoints for every AED 1,000 of the borrowed amount over AED 10,000. These TouchPoints are rewards points that allow borrowers to avail of big discounts and promotions on retail purchases, lifestyle expenses and even travel costs.

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