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In June 2008, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) launched its first-ever co-branded credit card named ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card that promises a wide range of rewards and savings on every dirham spent by the credit card cardholder. Ever since its launch, this ADCB Credit Card has consistently been a favorite credit card amongst residents in the region due to its unparalleled benefits and features. Not only it offers great rewards but also this ADCB card can turn spending into free shopping at LuLu Hypermarket.

Features & Benefits of ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card
ADCB LuLu Co- Brand Platinum Credit Card

ADCB LuLu Platinum credit card comes loaded with a wide variety of useful features & benefits to ensure a rewarding experience to the cardmembers. Following are the key features & benefits of this card:

  • Zero Annual Fee: The ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card does not charge an annual membership fee to the cardholder for holding this card.
  • Free Airport Lounge Access: Cardmembers can get unlimited complimentary access to more than 25 regional as well as international airport lounges across a wide range of destinations. Singapore, USA, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Germany, France, and Canada are some of the many countries where this access is provided.
  • Card Control: The official mobile application of ADCB assists the cardholder in managing & controlling the transactions (all, online, or in-store) as well as setting spending limits (daily and monthly) simply by utilizing their cell phones.
  • Interest-Free Period: Cardmembers can get an interest-free period of 55 days (maximum) if they continuing paying their outstanding balance in full on or before the due date of payment.
  • Minimum Due Amount: Members of the ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card can pay as low as 5% of their outstanding balance every month. And, they can carry forward the outstanding balance amount to the billing cycle of the next month.
  • Convenient Payment Options: ADCB offers its cardholders the convenience of making payments for their credit card’s outstanding balance amount through any of the below mentioned payment channels:
    • Personal Internet Banking
    • Mobile Banking App
    • Cash Deposit Machines
    • Bank branches
    • Auto-debit Instructions through ADCB Current or Savings Account
    • AI Ansari Exchange
    • UAE Exchange
    • LuLu Exchange branches
  • Balance Transfers: The facility of a balance transfer can be availed within 90 days of the registration of this adcb credit card. Additionally, cardmembers can enjoy the flexibility of repaying via easy installments of up to 24 months.
  • Cash Loans: With the ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card, the cardholder can enjoy the cash loan facility through which they get cash against their available credit limit and it will be transferred to their bank account within three business days. The repayment of the amount can easily be done in monthly installments of up to 24 months.
  • Easy Installments: With the easy installment facility, cardholders can ease the pain of paying back large purchases all in one go. They can easily split their transactions into 0% internet payment plans of a maximum of 24 months at an attractive rate of interest. Additionally, when shopping at the ADCB’s partner merchants, the installments can be paid back at a 0% rate of interest.
  • Credit Shield: At just a nominal fee, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) offers an optional insurance plan that covers the outstanding balance of the card for up to the limit of AED 200,000 in an unforeseen event such as permanent total disability, critical illness, natural death, etc.

Rewards & Offers on ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card

Following are the offers and rewards offered on the ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card:

  • Rewards: ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card offers the best and the most lucrative reward programs. The reward program offered by this ADCB credit card is called ‘LuLu Points’. With the monthly spending goal of AED 5,000 (both Lulu and non-Lulu spends) cardholders can get to earn 5 LuLuPoints for every 1 AED at LuLu outlets and 1.25 LuLu points at non-LuLu outlets, all year round. Additionally, even if the monthly spending goal is not met by the cardholder, he or she is eligible to earn 1.25 LuluPoints. These accumulated LuLu Points can be instantly redeemed at different outlets across the UAE. Please note that LuLu Point redemption available for as low as 5,000 Points and with the supplementary cards also.
  • Exclusive Perks & Privileges at Yas Island Attractions: At Yas Waterworld, Warner Brothers World, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, members of the ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card can get as high as 15% discount on general admission tickets and annual passes bought at the park ticket counters, 15% discount on Merchandise, 10% discount on food & beverages (F&B), and free quick passes i.e. worth AED 150 for priority access to rides as well as several attractions.

# Note- 0% interest payment plan is available on all purchases that are more than AED 500 made at all the aforementioned amusement parks.

  • Careem Rides: Member of the ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card can avail a 20% discount on 3 Careem rides per month. All they are required to use the promo code “MASTERCARD” at the time of booking a Careem ride to enjoy this discounted offer. Additionally, the cardholder can also use the personal chauffeur service to commute to wherever they are required to go. All they need to do is choose the type of car, and book for on the spot or schedule it for a later ride.
  • Buy One Get One Free: ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card ensures a wide range of complimentary offers for cardmembersAs a LuLu Platinum cardmember, one can enjoy the following offers throughout Africa and the Middle East across premium spas, fine dining establishments, and more:
    • Complimentary 60 minutes SPA treatment upon purchase of 60 minutes treatment.
    • Complimentary entree upon purchase of one entree.
    • Complimentary main course upon purchase of one meal.

More than 900 unlimited usage offers can simply be accessed by downloading the MasterCard Buy 1 Get 1 from the Google Play or Apple store and entering the ADCB LuLu Platinum Card.

Fees & Charges on ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card

Following are the fees & charges associated with the ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card:

Particulars Fee & Charges

Annual Membership Fee


Finance charges (Retail purchase)

3.25% Monthly

Finance charges (Cash Advance)

3.50% Monthly

Finance charges (Balance Transfer)

Up to 1.50% Monthly

Over limit fee

AED 288.75

Late payment fee

AED 241.50

Card replacement fee

AED 78.75

Duplicate statement fee

AED 26.25

Returned cheque charge

AED 157.50

Processing Charges for Outstation Cheque

AED 21

Copy of sale voucher

AED 26.25

Credit shield fee (Optional)


Temporary credit limit increase fee

AED 52.50

International Transaction Charges


Processing Charge for 0% payment plans at partner merchants and credit cards

AED 52.50

Foreclosure fee (Credit Card Loans)

AED 210

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is LuLuPoints Rewards Program?

Ans: LuLuPoints Reward Program is the reward or loyalty program offered to ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Cardholders. Members of this credit card can get to earn 5 LuLuPoints for every 1 AED spent at LuLu outlets and 1.25 LuLuPoints for every 1 AED spent anywhere else in the UAE. The minimum monthly spend goal for LuLuPoints is as low as AED 5000. If the monthly spending goal is not met, the cardmember is still eligible to earn rewards of 1.25 LuLuPoints.

Q2: Is there any membership fee for the LuLuPoints program?      

Ans: No. There is no membership fee for the LuLuPoints program. Cardholders are automatically eligible to earn LuLuPoints on every purchase through LuLuPoints.

Q3: How can I check the balance on my ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card?     

Ans: It is very easy to check the balance on your ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card. Here are some common ways:

  1. SMS Enquiry– ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit cardmembers can check their credit card balance by simply sending SMS at 2626.
  2. Internet Banking– Cardmembers may log in to their internet banking accounts and check their ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card balance in a matter of a few seconds.
  3. Mobile Banking – Cardmembers may also check their card balance using ADCB’s multi-functional Mobile App. In addition, cardmembers may also pay their shop, and make credit card payments for their ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Cards directly through the mobile app.
  4. ADCB Mobile Alerts– Cardmembers may also register for ADCB Mobile alerts to get instant notifications about their balance, payment reminders, transactions, and more, even on-the-go.

Q4: Can I earn LuLuPoints on other Products and Services?

Ans: No. You can earn LuLuPoints only on purchases made with your ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card. You may earn TouchPoints for other eligible ADCB Products and Services. For more details on TouchPoints, please visit the official website of ADCB.

Q5: What is the maximum and minimum LuLuPoints I can redeem?

Ans: There is no maximum or minimum value for the redemption of LuLuPoints. You can redeem any value of LuLuPoints. However, the points should be in multiples of 100. In addition, you must have a minimum of 5000 points for redemption.

Reviews & Ratings

4.6/5 (based on 16,000+google icon reviews)
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