ADCB Hayyak Account

What is ADCB Hayyak?

ADCB Hayyak is a paperless account opening application in the UAE specially designed and launched for ADCB customers. The word ‘Hayyak’ means welcome. With ADCB Hayyak mobile app, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank welcomes you to the next generation of banking solutions. Through the Hayyak mobile app, ADCB provides you with the comfort of opening your bank accounts from home or anywhere in the world.

Features and Benefits of ADCB Hayyak

Hassle-free Account Opening process

Opening a bank account can be a challenging task. The stress of carrying and managing hard copies of your documents and the long queue in the bank can spoil your banking experience. With ADCB Hayyak, you do not need to worry about the tedious process of opening a bank account. You can open a bank account without any stress using ADCB Hayyak.

Personalized Services

ADCB Hayyak is a unique banking app that allows you to personalize your bank accounts at your convenience. Want to operate banking in the Arabic language? No problem, you can choose your preferred language. You have the freedom to choose between a current account and a savings account. The special customization option on the app permits you to choose how your name would appear on the debit or the credit card. The app also lets you choose between a regular account and a Shari’a-compliant account. ADCB Hayyak provides for each of your personal needs.

Multiple Services

Catering to all your banking demands, the ADCB Hayyak app allows you to avail numerous facilities on your mobile phone.

Apply for Personal Loan

You can log in to your ADCB Hayyak app and check the eligibility on your account. Once you have checked your eligibility and credit limit, you can apply for a personal loan without going through the elaborated procedure of taking the loan.

Increase your credit limit

Using the ADCB Hayyak app, you can check your credit card limit and request the bank to increase your credit limit. However, make sure you check the maximum credit limit eligibility on your account.

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Welcome Kit

With the ADCB Hayyak account, you receive a welcome kit which consists of a ADCB Hayyak debit card and a chequebook within 48 hours of opening the account. If you want to personally collect the welcome kit instantly, you can change the preferred delivery channel and collect your welcome kit instantly from any uBank center in the UAE.

Phone Wallet

You can connect your credit or debit physical card with your mobile wallet to make easy online payments. All you need to do is scan your card or manually input your card details into Apple Pay or Samsung Pay and make payments with your mobile phone 24/7.

Minimum Balance requirement

Since the ADCB Hayyak Instant account provides you the option to choose the type of bank account, the minimum balance requirement may vary from AED 0 to AED 3000 or AED 5000 as per the account variant you choose.

Interest Rate Offered by ADCB Hayyak Instant Account

The interest rate offered on ADCB Hayyak instant account will vary according to the type of account you select. However, on your savings account, you generally receive 0.10% profit rates. Please note that no interest rate will be offered if you open a current account.

Fee, Charges & Minimum balance on ADCB Hayyak Instant Account

Account Closure AED 105
Non-ADCB ATM transactions in UAE, balance enquiry, decline transaction, and Cash Withdrawal AED 2.10 Per transaction
Using ATM outside UAE and GCC AED 21 Per transaction
Statement of Account previous cycle AED 26.25 per cycle

 *Please note that these charges may vary as per the account variant and 5% VAT will be applied on all the above or additional charges levied by the bank.

Details about charges are not clear on the website, please check.

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Currency Accepted

The currency accepted by the ADCB Hayyak Instant Account will vary as per the account. Some bank accounts accept AED, USD, GBP, and other international currencies while others may only allow AED and USD currency. Some savings account may not accept any currency except AED.

Eligibility Criteria for ADCB Hayyak Instant Account

ADCB Hayyak Instant Account is an exclusive facility offered to UAE residents. Only the UAE residents age 21 or above are eligible to avail of it.

Documents required for opening an ADCB Hayyak Instant Account

To open a paperless account using ADCB Hayyak Instant Account from your home, you need:

  • Scanned copy of Emirates ID
  • Scanned copy of residential proof
  • Scanned copy of passport

To apply for a personal loan you need to submit an additional salary proof verifying that your minimum salary is AED 5000

How to Apply for ADCB Hayyak Instant Account

  • Download ADCB Hayyak App from your mobile store.
  • Upload a scanned copy of your passport and emirate ID.
  • Choose to open a banking account/apply for a personal loan/apply for a credit card
  • Choose language and other personalized options
  • Your account and loan are immediately ready.

FAQs on ADCB Hayyak Instant Account

Q1: What is the minimum salary requirement for a Personal loan?

Ans: Your minimum salary should be not less than AED 5,000.

Q2: What is the maximum personal loan I can borrow?

Ans: Your loan limit may vary as per Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s terms and conditions. However, the maximum limit can go up to 20 times your monthly salary.

Q3: Do I get any rewards for using my credit card?

Ans: Yes, when you use your credit card, you are eligible for the ADCB Touchpoints rewards program.

Q4: When can I withdraw money from my account?

Ans: As soon as you receive your welcome kit, you can activate your cards and start using them.

Q5: How can I add funds to my account?

Ans: Using the “Add funds” option, you can scan your debit card and instantly transfer funds to your new account.

Reviews & Ratings

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