ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Credit Card

A credit card is plastic money issued by banks and financial institutions that provide a credit line to their customers. These cards can be utilised for the purchase of goods and services.

ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Credit Card:

Etihad Guest Above Platinum Credit Card offered by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) is exclusively designed to meet the higher standards of the sophisticated individual today. The credit card comes with amazing benefits and privileges so as to complement the modern lifestyle of an individual. ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum card member get to have the best experience and get a chance to Rise Above the others. This card makes sure that travel of the card holder becomes a rewarding affair while using the card.

Salient Features of ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Credit Card:

Whether it’s having a family vacation in Singapore, shopping in Europe or any business trip to Washington DC, Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card by ADCB will help its card members get there. The platinum card comes with some power-packed features. They are as follows:

Family Protection Plus:

The card member can subscribe to an optional and additional economical life insurance policy offering cover against accidental death, natural death, accidental disability, and medical expenses for just 50 Fils per day.

Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection:

Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card member can make use of this card to make purchases across the globe and enjoy free security for 90 days. An automatic extension of up to 2 years of manufacturer’s or retailer’s warranty on eligible items is also offered. Coverage for cardholders include:

  • A surplus of USD 50 is applicable to every single claim made.
  • A maximum cover up to USD 20,000 per year, USD 5,000 per incident, and USD 1,500 per commodity.
  • Damage or loss must happen in under 90 days of the purchase

Legal and Medical Referral Services:

ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Credit Card offers legal and medical referral assistance to its cardholders and their immediate family members while travelling together on their journey outside their principal residence country for a period of up to 90 days. A devoted 24-hour helpline – International SOS can be called while on foreign soil to avail 24-hour legal and medical services.

These services include:

  • Customer Enquiry Service
  • Stolen and Lost Card Reporting
  • Interpreter Referral
  • Legal Referral
  • Visa Requirement Information and Inoculation
  • Arranging Return of Children
  • Arranging Transportation to Join a Cardholder
  • Arranging Transportation of Mortal Remains
  • Arranging Emergency Medical Repatriation
  • Arranging an Emergency Medical Evacuation
  • Guaranteeing Hospital Admittance Deposit
  • Dispatch of the Physician
  • Delivering Essential Equipment or Medicine
  • Checking the Medical Condition during and post-Hospitalisation
  • Medical Service Provider Referral
  • Medical Advice on call

Credit Shield

Etihad guest Above Platinum Card by ADCB offers protection to its card members in the event of death, involuntary employment loss, critical illness, or permanent disability. The card holders can simply enrol themselves in the Credit Shield programmer simply by paying an affordable monthly fee. This programme also safeguards the cardholder against the risk of death due to any reason for up to AED 100,000.

Utility Bill Payments

The card holders of Etihad Guest Above Platinum Credit Card can pay their utility bills including SEWA, DEWA, ADDC, AADC, and Etisalat. This can be done seamlessly via ADCB Mobile Banking or ADCB Net Banking, anywhere, anytime.

Transfer of Balance:

The card members can transfer their outstanding balance from their credit card from other banks to Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card and save with comparatively lower rate of interest.

Personal Payment Plan

Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card member can split their daily purchase transactions made on the card at lower rates of interest and make the payment in easy instalments of 24, 18, 12, 9, and 6 months.

Credit Card Loan

The cardholders of ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card can avail loan on their credit cards. They just have to call the bank and get the cheque at their doorstep. They can avail this loan at comparatively lower interest rates and repayment can be done in easy instalments of 24, 18, 12, 9, and 6 months.

Disclaimer: The candidate applying for this card must refer to the terms and conditions booklet for further details on each of the benefits and features of Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card, or visit their official portal, or simply call on 800 8008.

The terms and conditions of the card are subject to change without any prior notice. All the offers are available only at ADCB’s discretion. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank assumes no obligation and makes no warranties with regard to the services and products offered by the service providers/partners/vendors.

Key Benefits of ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card:

Besides the aforementioned features, Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card also provides several benefits to its users. The key benefits of the Platinum Card by ADCB are formulated to fit the needs of different individuals having different expectations.

Listed below are some of the benefits offered by Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card:

Tier Miles on the Purchases made:

The purchases made on the card also makes the card member eligible to earn the Tier Miles. These Tier Miles are taken into account towards the attainment of the next tier along with maintenance of the current status of the tier in under the Etihad Guest Programme.

  • 1 Etihad Guest Tier Mile for each USD 1 of the qualifying purchase is earned, both overseas and domestically.
  • The bank awards the Tier Miles subject to a maximal of 25K Tier Miles for the Platinum cardholders. This is only applicable for qualifying purchases and has a validity of 12 months basis the calendar year.

Miles on Purchases

Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card member can earn various rewards by spending with the Platinum Card be it dining, shopping, travel, or entertainment expenses across the globe.

  • 1 Etihad Guest Mile for every single USD 1 can be earned spent locally.
  • 100% bonus miles can be earned while using the Platinum Card for overseas purchases or to book air tickets with Etihad Airways.
  • 50% bonus miles can be earned while using the Platinum Card for the purchases for lodging expenses or Duty-Free.
  • Purchases made in the categories of Education, Utilities, Government Services, and Supermarkets will draw 0.75 Etihad Guest Miles for every USD 1.

Membership of Exclusive Etihad Guest Silver Tier

Fast-tracking of status of Silver Tier to elite Etihad Guest Silver Tier is enabled by Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card. This Platinum cardholder automatically gets enrolled in Etihad Guest Silver tier while fulfilling wither of the below-mentioned parameters:

  • Accumulation of 18K tier miles via purchases with the Platinum Card in under a period of 6 months of the issuance of the card; or
  • Completion of 2 return flights on the Etihad Airways in under 6 months of the card issuance.

The card members are upgraded automatically to Etihad Guest Siler Tier in under 2 weeks of fulfilling either of the aforementioned parameters.

Complimentary Lounge Access:

The card members can enjoy 3 comp accesses to the premium airport lounges all across different cities if they travel with their Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card. They can enjoy the services of the premium lounges without paying a penny. The cardholders can have refreshments, watch movies, and go online at the lounge.

Complimentary Golf Access

Individuals who have Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card can play golf free of cost at some of the country’s best golf courses.

  • They can play Golf free of cost around the year at the Yas Links Golf Club Abu Dhabi, Arabian Ranches Golf Club Dubai, Meydan Golf Dubai, and The Track.
  • The card members just have to make a purchase of AED 5,000 on their Platinum card every single month so as to enjoy continuous access.

Complimentary Upgrade Voucher

The individuals who have the privilege of becoming the Etihad Guest Silver Tier Member will qualify for the Upgrade Voucher also. This voucher entitles the card members to 50% off on the redemption of their Etihad Guest Miles for Etihad Airways first class upgrade.

Etihad Airways issues the upgrade voucher after every 5th one-way flight taken up by the card member from the date of attainment of Etihad Guest Silver Tier status.

Complimentary Airport Chauffeur Service

  • Two 1-way complimentary airport chauffeurs in one calendar year are received by Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card holder.
  • These transfers can be available for the card members together with three other family members to travel either from or to Abu Dhabi International Airport to the residence of the cardholder anywhere in UAE. The member has to intimate at least 48 hours prior to the flight departure in order to book the transfers.

Yas WaterWorld and Ferrari World:

Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card member can avail exclusive benefits at the two of the largest theme parks in the country, namely Yas WaterWorld and Ferrari World.


  • A discount of 15% on the annual passes and General Admission Tickets.
  • The card member receives a Complimentary Quick Pass worth AED 150 for priority queues and priority access to the rides at ticket counters.
  • A discount of 10% on Food and Beverages
  • Up gradation of comp tickets on the next premium
  • A discount of 15% on Merchandise
  • An interest payment plan of 0% is available on all the purchases of more than AED 500 made at the Yas WaterWorld and Ferrari World.

Who can buy ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card?

The individual with a minimum salary of AED 15,000 can buy the Platinum Card from ADCB.

Why Choose ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card?

An individual can have the following reasons to consider buying Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card:

  • Premium lifestyle and travel benefits
  • 25,000 Welcome Bonus Etihad Guest Miles
  • Great to avail benefits related to Etihad Airways.
  • Earn bonus miles up to 100,000 miles.
  • Benefits and discounts at Yas WaterWorld and Ferrari World

ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card Fees and charges:


Primary Card

Annual Fee (AED)

Platinum Card

AED 2,500

Other Fees and Charges

Annual Fee (AED)

Cash Advance Fees

AED 50 or 3% (whichever is higher)

Finance charges are evaluated on the daily closing balance from the date of transaction until the date of payment:

Retail Transaction - Infinite Card: 2.99% monthly

Cash Advances: 3% monthly

Late Payment Fees

(in case the minimum due payment is not paid by the due date of payment)

AED 150

Card Replacement Fees

AED 95

Over Limit Charges

AED 150

Returned Cheque Charges

AED 150

Duplicate Statement Fees

AED 25

Copy of the Sale Voucher or Invoice

AED 25

Outstation Cheque Processing Charges

AED 20

Credit Shield Fees (optional)


Processing Fees for expatriates transactions


Credit Balance Refund Fee

AED 75

Temporary Credit Limit Increase Fees

AED 75


Due Date of Payment from the Date of Statement

20 days

Minimum Due Payment

AED 100 or 5%(whichever is higher)

Credit Card Loan (CCL)/Personal Payment Plan (PPP)

Tenure of Repayment

24, 18, 12, 9, and 6 months


Provided at a competitive rate


1% flat rate per month

Balance Transfers

On all the transferred balances for the first 6 months at a lower rate of interest


ADCB Etihad Guest Above Plan Card Rewards:

Etihad Guest Above Infinite Card offers various rewards. Two most exclusive rewards offered by the bank are:

Anniversary Bonus Miles:

Out of gratitude towards the customer’s patronage, the 25,000 Etihad Guest Miles on every succeeding anniversary of the membership of the card is offered by the Bank.

Anniversary Bonus Miles will be credited to the card member’s Etihad Guest Account in under a duration of 60 days of paying off the Yearly Fee during the succeeding years.

Welcome Bonus Miles:

50,000 Etihad Guest Miles for the duration of the first year of issuance of the card is offered by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB). Welcome Bonus Miles can be redeemed for their flights and upgrade across the growing list of exotic destinations on Etihad Airways’ network and its associates.

Additional Information/Documentation:

The following documents will be required while applying for ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card:

  • Statement of Bank for the last 3 months
  • Proof of Income for the self-employed
  • Payslip for salaried individuals for 3 months
  • Proof of Residence
  • A copy of Passport with a copy of VISA (only for expatriates)
  • A valid and authorised Emirates ID
  • Copy of current credit card with a recent statement

How to apply for ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card?

So as to apply for Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card, one has to follow the steps below:

  • Visit the official portal of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB)
  • The user is redirected to a new page where the applicant has to fill in the form by entering the necessary details including Personal Details (Name, Email ID, Address etc.) along with Employment Details (Name of the Employer, Fax, etc.)
  • Click the ‘Apply Now’
  • After the submission of the form online, a representative from ADCB will get in touch with the user.


Q1. Is there any membership to be paid to enrol for ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card?

A1. No. The applicant does not have to pay any membership fee in order to enrol for ADCB Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card.

Q2. What is the rate of interest charged on Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card?

A2. 3.25% rate of interest is charged on Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card by ADCB.

Q3. What is Etihad Guest Miles Programme?

A3. Etihad Guest Miles Programme is a reward programme designed by the Etihad Airways for loyal and frequent flying members.

Q4. How can I redeem my Etihad Guest Miles?

A4. You can redeem Etihad Guest Miles instantly and avail free upgrades, book free flights, and more. It is easy to spend your miles with the Etihad Airways. You can also avail various benefits of shopping opportunities at Rewards Shop. You can also use these Etihad Guest Miles to experience Pearl Business Class flights and the Diamond First Class.

Q5. Which utility bills can be paid with the help of Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card?

A5. You can pay utility bills including SEWA, DWA, Etisalat, ADDC and AADC using Etihad Guest Above Platinum Card by ADCB.

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