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Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card offered by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) is exclusively designed to meet the higher standards of the sophisticated individual today. The credit card comes with amazing benefits and privileges so as to complement the modern lifestyle of an individual. ADCB Etihad Platinum cardmembers get to have the best experience and get a chance to rise above the others. This card makes sure that the travel of the cardholder becomes a rewarding affair while using the card.

Features and Benefits of ADCB Etihad Platinum Credit CardADCB Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card

The platinum card comes with some power-packed features and benefits. They are as follows:

Extended Warranty and Purchase Protection

Etihad Platinum Cardmember can make use of this card to make purchases across the globe and enjoy enhanced protection and care. The coverage provided to the cardholder includes:

  1. Purchase Protection: This protection covers the cardholder against any accidental damage or theft caused to the new purchases made on their ADCB Etihad Platinum card for a period of up to 365 days. The reimbursement amount is capped at USD 5,000 per occurrence and USD 20,000 annually. The cardholder must file a claim within 48 hours from the occurrence.
  2. Extended Warranty: This ADCB Etihad card allows cardmembers to double up the original repair period offered by their retailer or manufacturer for up to 1 year. This helps in providing coverage for any repair or replacement costs. The reimbursement amount is capped at USD 2,500 per occurrence and USD 20,000 annually.

Credit Shield

Etihad Platinum Card by ADCB offers protection to its card members in the event of death, involuntary employment loss, critical illness, or permanent disability. The cardholders can simply enrol themselves in the Credit Shield programmer simply by paying an affordable monthly fee. This program also safeguards the cardholder against the risk of death due to any reason for up to AED 100,000.

Transfer of Balance

The card members can transfer their outstanding balance from their credit card from other banks to the Etihad Platinum Card and save with a comparatively lower rate of interest. Additionally, this can be repaid over a flexible tenure of up to 48 months.

Card Control

The cardholder has complete control over the transactions on his or her card along with the setting of daily spending limits by using the card control feature on the ADCB app. This feature allows the cardholder to set daily and monthly spending limits, along with blocking all, online, in-store, or foreign transactions. Cash withdrawals from ATMs can also be blocked using this service.

Interest-Free Days

This ADCB Etihad Card allows a maximum of 55 interest-free days as long as the cardholder continues to make payment against the outstanding dues in full every by the due date.

Convenient Payment Options

The cardholder has the flexibility to pay as little as 5% while carrying the remaining balance to the next month’s billing cycle. The payment for the dues can be made by using any of the various convenient payment options offered by ADCB:

  1. Mobile Banking
  2. Personal Internet Banking
  3. Auto-Debit Facility
  4. ADCB Branches and Cash Deposit Machines

Card Management

The card can easily be managed by cardmembers by using either the Personal Internet Banking or the Mobile Banking platform. Additionally, payment for various services can be made using any of these platforms, such as:

  1. Utility bills
  2. Phone bills
  3. College and school fee
  4. Salik
  5. Credit Card Bills

Personal Payment Plan

Etihad Platinum Cardmembers can split their daily purchase transactions made on the card at lower rates of interest and make the payment in easy installments that are spread across flexible tenures of up to 48 months.

When shopping at the wide list of partner merchants, the cardholder can pay back in installments spread across 12 months at a zero interest and low processing charges.

Credit Card Loan

Cardholders of ADCB Etihad Platinum Card can avail loan on their credit cards. They just have to call the bank and the amount is transferred in their account within 2 working days. They can avail this loan at comparatively lower interest rates and repayment can be done in easy installments of flexible tenures ranging up to 48 months.

Privileges at Visa Luxury Hotels

Cardholders are entitled to exclusive privileges with the collection of over 900 luxury resorts and hotels of Visa. These perks include:

  1. Automatic upgrade of room on arrival
  2. Free in-room WiFi
  3. Complimentary breakfast daily
  4. Food and beverage credit worth USD 25
  5. VIP guest status along with a late check-out until 3 pm

Complimentary Lounge Access

The card members can enjoy 3 complimentary accesses to more than thousands of premium airport lounges all across the globe if they travel with their Etihad Platinum Card. They can enjoy the services of the premium lounges without paying a penny. The cardholders can have refreshments, watch movies, and go online at the lounge.

Additional guests can also accompany the cardholder, over the entitlement at a flat rate of USD 32 for every guest per visit.

Rewards and Offers of ADCB Etihad Platinum Card

Listed below are some of the rewards and offers on the Etihad Platinum Card:

Reward Miles on the Purchases made

Etihad Platinum Cardmembers can earn various rewards by spending with the Platinum Card be it dining, shopping, travel, or entertainment expenses across the globe. They are eligible to earn Etihad Guest Miles on every purchase made on their cards, anywhere in the world.

  • 1.25 Etihad Guest Miles can be earned for every single USD 1 spent internationally.
  • 1 Etihad Guest Mile can be earned for every single USD 1 spent locally.
  • 1.25 Etihad Guest Miles can be earned for every single USD 1 spent with Etihad Airways.
  • Purchases made in the categories of Education, Utilities, Government Services, and Supermarkets will draw 0.75 Etihad Guest Miles for every USD 1.

Monthly Bonus Miles

Out of gratitude towards the customer’s patronage, the 1,000 Etihad Guest Miles as a monthly bonus on every succeeding monthly spending equal to or more than USD 1,000.

Welcome Bonus Miles

12,000 Etihad Guest Miles for the duration of the first year of issuance of the card is offered by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB). Welcome Bonus Miles can be redeemed for their flights and upgrade across the growing list of exotic destinations on Etihad Airways’ network and its associates.

The welcome bonus is a one-time reward and is credited to the cardholder’s Etihad Guest account within sixty days from the annual fee payment during the card issuance’s first year.

Agoda Discounts

The cardholder can enjoy a discount of up to 12% on selected properties when making hotel bookings with Agoda’s official website using the ADCB Etihad Platinum credit card. Deals

Cardmembers are entitled to a discount of 8% at the point of checkout when booking on the’s official website. This can simply be redeemed by adding the ADCB Etihad Platinum card and using the promo code ‘VISA8.’

2 for 1 Visa Offers

Be it food or entertainment, the cardholder can access exclusive 2 for 1 deals offered on this ADCB Visa card along with more than 5,000 discount deals on travel simply with the Visa MENA app that can be downloaded from the Apple or Google Play Store. In order to get started, the cardholder just has to enter his or her ADCB Etihad Platinum card on the mobile app.

Discounts on Lifestyle and Dining

The cardholder is eligible to enjoy discounts of up to 30% across more than 1400 dining outlets across the UAE. On top of that, he or she also has access to numerous offers on shopping, travel, entertainment, among much more.

Offers at Yas Attractions

Etihad Platinum Cardmember can avail exclusive benefits at few of the largest theme parks in the country, namely Warner Bros. World, YasWaterWorld, Clymb and Ferrari World.

Benefits offered to cardmembers are as follows:

  • A discount of 15% on the annual passes and General Admission Tickets.
  • The card member receives a Complimentary Quick Pass worth AED 150 for priority queues and priority access to the rides at ticket counters.
  • A discount of 10% on Food and Beverages
  • A discount of 15% on Merchandise
  • An interest payment plan of 0% is available on all the purchases of more than AED 500 made at the theme parks.

ADCB Etihad Platinum Card Fees and charges

Particulars Fee and Charges

Platinum Card

AED 525

Finance Charges for Cash Advance

3.50% monthly

Cash Advance Fees

AED 105 or 3.15% (whichever is higher)

Finance charges for
Retail Purchases

3.25% monthly

Finance Charges for Credit Card Loans/Balance Transfers/Installment Plans

Maximum of 1.50% monthly

Late Payment Fees

(in case the minimum due payment is not paid by the due date of payment)

AED 241.50

Card Replacement Fees

AED 78.75

Over Limit Charges

AED 288.75

Returned Cheque Charges

AED 157.50

Duplicate Statement Fees

AED 26.25

Copy of the Sale Voucher or Invoice

AED 26.25

Credit Shield Fees (optional)

1.0395% (of the outstanding at the billing cycle)

Processing Fees on 0% interest payment plans at the partner merchants and credit loans

AED 52.50

Charges for Liability/no liability letter

AED 52.50

Temporary Credit Limit Increase Fees

AED 52.50

Due Date of Payment from the Date of Statement

25 days

Minimum Due Payment

AED 100 or 5%(whichever is higher)

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FAQs on ADCB Etihad Platinum Card

Q1: Is there any membership fee to be paid to enroll for ADCB Etihad Platinum Card?

Ans: Yes. The applicant has to pay an annual membership fee of AED 525 in order to enroll for ADCB Etihad Platinum Card.

Q2: What is the rate of interest charged on Etihad Platinum Card?

Ans: An interest rate of 3.25% per month is charged on the retail purchases made on the Etihad Platinum Card by ADCB.

Q3: What is the Etihad Guest Miles Programme?

Ans: Etihad Guest Miles Program is a reward program designed by Etihad Airways for loyal and frequent flying members.

Q4: How can I redeem my Etihad Guest Miles?

Ans: You can redeem Etihad Guest Miles instantly and avail free upgrades, book free flights, and more. It is easy to spend your miles with Etihad Airways. You can also avail various benefits of shopping opportunities at Rewards Shop. You can also use these Etihad Guest Miles to experience Pearl Business Class flights and the Diamond First Class.

Q5: Can I obtain a cash advance using my ADCB Etihad Platinum Card?

Ans: Yes, you can obtain a cash advance of up to 60% of your available credit limit using this ADCB Etihad card. There is a cash advance fee applicable that is worth 3.15% or AED 105 – whichever amount is higher.

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