How to Pay ADCB Credit Card Bill Payment Using Online & Offline Modes

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  | Published: 15 June 2021 | Last Updated On: 21 July 2021
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A credit card extends your financial reach by providing you with the facility of borrowing money from a financial institution to pay your monthly bills you cannot or do not want to pay right away. Using ADCB Credit Card, you can pay for your utility and shopping bills today and repay the amount to the bank later. However, you should ensure making your ADCB Credit Card bill payment on time to avoid penalties. 

ADCB Credit Card Bill Payment Through UAEFTS in UAE

UAEFTS is a Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) platform owned and hosted by the Central Bank of the UAE. It stands for UAE Fund transfer system and allows you to transfer your account balance from one bank to the other. Using this platform you can also make your ADCB credit card bill payment from another bank via an exchange house. However, before initiating the payment, confirm with the exchange house if it accepts payment for ADCB. The code for credit card payment via UAEFTS for ADCB is ‘CRP’.

Please note that exchange houses may charge you an extra amount for enabling the payment. 

Advantages of using UAEFTS to make ADCB Credit Card bill payment

  • UAEFTS is a widely available platform that lets you make payment for your credit card without visiting the bank.
  • Using UAEFTS, you can make credit card bill payment via exchange house from anywhere in the world.
  • All the banks accept UAEFTS payment which means that you can make credit card payments using another bank account easily.
  • Want to pay using another currency? No problem! UAEFTS payment accepts payment in foreign currencies as well, transgressing the national barriers.
  • Using RTGS UAEFTS lets you keep track of your credit card payment from initiating payment to confirming the balance transfer.

Disadvantages of using UAEFTS to make ADCB Credit Card bill payment

  • The exchange house will demand additional charges for accepting the ADCB Credit card bill payment. Thus, you end up paying more than your credit card bill
  • In case you decide to pay a partial amount instead of making a complete payment, you will require paying additional charges on every payment made via exchange house.
  • Since the payment is transferred from one bank to the other, it may take up to 2 days for the payment to reflect.
  • All exchange houses do not accept payment for all banks in the UAE which means that you will need to locate the exchange house that accepts ADCB credit card bill payment. This can be a tedious and exhausting process.

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ADCB Credit Card Bill Payment Options in UAE 

Along with attractive offers, the bank also offers you numerous options to make ADCB Credit Card bill payments. For smooth and easy transactions, you can use offline and online platforms provided by banks.

How to make ADCB Credit Card bill payment offline

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank allows you to make ADCB Credit Card Bill payment offline using cheque or cash. To pay offline, you are required to visit the ADCB branch and make the payment directly to the bank. You can locate your nearest ADCB bank and ATM branch at

Credit Card Payment by writing a Cheque

 You can write a cheque in the favour of your bank to make ADCB Credit Card bill payment offline. While writing the cheque please ensure the following things:

  • Mention your credit card number in the ‘payee’ column
  • Enter the amount
  • Sign the cheque
  • Mention your bank account number and contact number behind the cheque
  • Fill in the deposit slip

You can deposit the cheque at Cheque Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) located at ATM and bank branches. Please note that your ADCB baking account may take up to 24 hours while any other bank’s cheque may take up to 3 working days to clear. You are advised to deposit the cheque at least 4 working days before the due date.

Credit Card Payment by Depositing Cash

You can also choose to withdraw cash from your bank account and make ADCB Credit Card bill payment offline instantly at your bank. You will require depositing the cash to CDM. Making payment via cash is the most convenient method offline since your payment is confirmed within minutes.

How to make ADCB Credit Card bill payment online

If you want to avoid the hassle and crowds at the bank, you can make an ADCB Credit Card bill payment online. ADCB offers numerous platforms which let you make credit card payments online in less than a minute. Besides, you can make this type of payment outside the working hours of the bank or even on holidays. You can use the following methods for online payments:

  • ADCB phone app
  • Internet Banking
  • Autopay
  • Paying from another bank
  • Phone Wallet

How to make ADCB Credit Card bill payment via mobile app

To provide you the convenience of banking, ADCB brings you a mobile banking app that allows you to make your ADCB Credit Card bill payment in these easy steps:

  • Step 1: Login to your registered ADCB mobile app
  • Step 2: Click on “Credit Card” on the home menu
  • Step 3: Click on the “Make Payment” option
  • Step 4: Select payment account clicking on the “Choose Account” option
  • Step 5: Check the amount in the select amount option. You can change the account at your convenience
  • Step 6: Click on the “Submit” option
  • Step 7: After verifying the amount, click on “Make Payment

Your payment will be made instantly and you will receive notification your ADCB mobile app

Log in to ADCB mobile app->Credit Card->Make Payment->Choose Account->Submit->Make Payment

Credit Card Payment by Internet Banking

If you are using your desktop, you can visit and follow these steps:

  • Log in with your user ID and password
  • Click on credit card
  • Select make payment
  • Enter the amount
  • Submit the payment

You will immediately receive confirmation for your credit card bill payment.

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Credit Card Payment by AutoPay

Engorged in your hectic schedule, you may fumble with your due dates. Forgetting to pay your credit card bill can attract additional charges and penalties. Besides, it may also hamper your credit score. To help you with your ADCB credit card bill payment, ADCB allows you to link your credit card with your ADCB banking account. While setting the auto-payment option, specify the due date and the amount and the bank will deduct the amount from your bank account without requiring any action from your side. The auto-pay option is a convenient method of paying your credit card bills. However, ensure that the payment you set is equivalent to the amount of not less than the minimum due.

Paying from another bank

If you are not an ADCB banking account holder, you can pay your credit card bill using another bank’s account. 

  • Log in to the bank’s phone app
  • Use your credit card number as an account number to add it as a beneficiary.
  • Mention ADCB Bank in the bank column
  • Specify the amount
  • Confirm the payment and other details
  • Submit payment

Please remember that this payment will not be facilitated by ADCB bank. Therefore, the bank will not be responsible for any late payments and you will be subjected to pay the late fee penalty. To make an ADCB Credit card payment from another bank you can also use an alternative option if you have an ADCB bank account:

  • Transfer the amount from another bank to ADCB account
  • Pay via mobile app or internet banking

ADCB Credit Card Payment through Phone Wallet

Phone Wallet is the next-generation payment platform that provides you instant cross-bank payment solutions. You can use a phone wallet from your mobile phone or desktop to pay your ADCB credit card payment in less than a minute. To avail of this method, you can use these facilitators:

  • Apple Pay
  • EWallet
  • Emirates Digital Wallet LLC and Klip
  • Google Pay
  • PayBy
  • Samsung

Can I pay my ADCB Credit Card bill from another bank’s credit card?

ADCB does not allow direct payment for credit card bills using other bank’s credit cards. However, there are indirect methods to use this option i.e. borrowing cash advancement and balance transfer.

Borrowing Cash Advancement

Your credit card comes with cash advancement facilities. You can borrow cash from your credit card and pay the amount to the company later. To use this facility:

  • Visit ATM
  • Borrow cash
  • Deposit cash in ADCB CDM

Balance Transfer

Many credit cards have the option of transferring the balance amount. Using this facility, you can transfer your debt from one credit card to the other:

  • Call your credit card bank and request them to transfer the balance from your ADCB credit card to your other credit card. 
  • Give your card provider with ADCB credit card details such as account number, expiry, etc
  • Mention the amount you require paying.

While there are methods to make ADCB credit card bill payments from other bank’s credit cards, you are advised to not avail of this facility unless it is the last resort because this method does not clear your debt. It merely shifts your debt from one to the other credit card providing you more time to make the payment. However, this may result in costing you more and hampering your credit score. 

Please note that you can make complete payment or partial payment on your ADCB credit card bill. However, if you choose the latter option, you will be subjected to pay interest on the pending amount in the subsequent cycle.

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