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ADCB bank is a commercial bank. It offers a wide range of options in terms of savings and business accounts. The ADCB bank offers competitive profit rates on savings accounts in the UAE. Although the ADCB savings account interest rates differ for USD and AED accounts.

ADCB Current and Savings Accounts Features & Benefits

  • Easy Access
  • E-statements are free
  • Non-UAE residents can also open a savings account with ADCB bank
  • Debit cards are available only for AED savings accounts
  • Easy access
  • The requirement for minimum balance is low
  • Business choice debit card is globally accepted (In case of business account)
  • Cheque book is free

Types of ADCB Bank Accounts in UAE

ADCB Savings Account

ADCB Business Accounts

ADCB Current Account

ADCB Fixed Deposit Account

ADCB Salary Account

ADCB Savings Account

Savings Account
  • 0.2% p.a for AED accounts
  • 1.0% p.a for USD accounts
  • Minimum monthly salary of AED 5000
Millionaire Destiny Saving Account Monthly prize draw
  • AED 1 million (1 winner)
  • AED 10,000 (10 winners)
  • AED 5000 (100 winners)
  • Minimum monthly balance of AED 5000 required
Emirati Millionaire Savings Prize draw of-
  • AED 1 million (every 6 months)
  • AED 250,000 (every month)
  • AED 10,000 (daily)
  • Minimum monthly balance of AED 5000 required
Active Saver Accounts
  • Up to 2% p.a on AED accounts
  • Up to 2.25% p.a on USD accounts
  • ADCB current or savings accounts required
Hayyak Accounts
  • Touchpoints awarded
  • Salary transfer required

Business Accounts

CATEGORIES FEES (Non-maintainance of Account balance) MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIRED
Business Choice Current Account- Silver
  • AED 150
  • Minimum balance of AED 10,000
Business Choice Current Account- Gold
  • AED 200
  • Minimum balance of AED 50,000
Business Choice Current Account- Platinum
  • AED 300
  • Minimum balance of AED 100,000
Business Choice Special Savings Account
  • Not Specified
  • Minimum AED 10,000 required to earn interest
E-Business Account
  • Not Specified
  • No minimum balance

Other Accounts

Current Account
  • Fee is applicable as per the bank norms
  • Minimum monthly salary of AED 5000
Fixed Deposit
  • NA
  • Minimum deposit of AED 5000

Eligibility Criteria to Open an ADCB Bank Account:

ADCB Active Saver Account
  • UAE residents and UAE nationals having a valid visa
  • The applicant should be 21 or above
  • The applicant should have existing savings or current account
  • Not for minors or joint accounts
Fixed Deposits
  • Both non-residents and UAE residents can apply
  • The applicants must have an existing current or savings account with ADCB bank
  • AED 5000 (or other currency equivalent to AED 5000) of minimum deposit required

Documents Required for Opening ADCB Bank Accounts:

  • Original Passport
  • UAE residence visa
  • Emirates ID
  • Salary certificate
  • A picture of the applicant’s signature
  • Entry stamp paper or a copy of visit visa of non-residents
  • The applicant’s existing account with stamped statements of the previous 3 months (non-residents)
  • Letter of recommendation from existing ADCB customers (non-residents)

How to Open ADCB Bank Account in the UAE:

 One can open an ADCB bank account via any of the three ways-

  • Visiting the nearest branch of the ADCB bank
  • Through the website
  • Through phone banking

Frequently Asked Questions on ADCB Bank Account in the UAE:

Q1: What are the types of ADCB Islamic savings account?

Ans: The different types of ADCB savings accounts are Millionaire Destiny Saving, Emirati Millionaire Savings, Active Saver Accounts and Hayyak Accounts

Q2: How many Active Saver bank can I open?

Ans: You can open up to 5 Active Saver Bank with ADCB banking services

Q3: What is the minimum amount to open a fixed deposit account?

Ans: You will need to open a fixed deposit account of minimum AED 5000 or USD 1500

Q4: Will I be charged for the cheque with my Current account?

Ans: No, there is no charge on the Cheque book.

Q5: What is the interest rate on the fixed deposit?

Ans: Fixed deposit offers rates of interest up to 3.15% per annum

Q6: How many types of ADCB Millionaire savings account are there?

Ans: There are two types of ADCB Millionaire savings account- Emirati Millionaire Savings and Millionaire Destiny savings account ADCB

Q7: What is the minimum salary required to open an E-Business account?

Ans: You can open an E-business account with zero balance

Q8: Is there any charge for not meeting the minimum balance requirements in E-business account?

Ans: Since there is no minimum balance requirement in E-business accounts, there is no charge involved.

Q9: To open an account, what is the required ADCB savings account minimum balance?

Ans: You will need AED 5000 or USD 1500 to open a savings or a current account in the ADCB bank.

Q10: What is the minimum balance required for Business Choice Current account for silver, gold and platinum?

Ans: The minimum balance required for Business Choice Current account for silver, gold and platinum is AED 10k, AED 50k and AED 100k respectively.

Q11: What is the percentage of VAT charged on the accounts?

Ans: 5% of the VAT is included in the charges wherever the VAT is applicable.