Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, referred to as the ADIB, is widely known in the UAE for its customer-centric approach to banking as well as tailored banking solutions (for individuals and small businesses) that help them achieve their financial goals in accordance with Islamic laws. Whether you need a credit card, car finance, home finance, motor Takaful, and more, you can always turn to the ADIB for excellent products at affordable rates.

Let’s have a look at the key features of major ADIB products

Best Banking Products
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    Bank Account
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    Credit card

Products and Services Offered by ADIB Bank

The following products and services are offered by ADIB Bank – 

Accounts Cards Finance Takaful
Wealth Management Rise Priority Banking Dana
ADIB@Work Smart Deals ADIB Mazaya Community Banking
ADIB Direct Commercial Banking Financial Banking Transaction Banking
Government Public Sector - - -

Online and Offline Features of ADIB Bank

Here’s what you can access online and offline with the ADIB – 

Online Features Offline Features
Quick and hassle-free personal loans at competitive profit rates Widespread offline Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank branches 
Wide range of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank credit cards to choose from and apply for Dedicated personnel at the branches to help you apply for your chosen product and resolve all queries and doubts
Excellent investment services -

ADIB Bank Offerings

Given below is a comprehensive overview of the key ADIB products and services – 

Personal Banking Products
Accounts Current Account
Savings Account
Ghina Savings Account
Ghina Salary Account
Banoon Children’s Savings Account
Electron Account
Short Term Investment Account
Investment Deposit Account
ADIB UAE-Egypt Account
ADIB Student Account
ADIB Salary Bonus Programme
Cards Emirates Skywards Cards
Smiles Covered Cards
Etihad Guest Cards
Etisalat Cards
Rewards Cards
Cashback Cards
Other Cards
Booking.com Cards
Rotana Rewards Exclusive Visa Card
ADIB ISIC Pre-paid Card
Finance Personal Finance
Home Finance
Debt Settlement
Car Finance
Education Finance
Travel Finance
Boat Finance
Goods Murahaba
Takaful Motor Takaful
Covered Card Takaful
Personal Finance Takaful
Ghina Savings Account Takaful
Wealth Management Investment Solutions
Rise Rise Accounts
Wealth Management
Lifestyle Benefits
Rise Cards
Priority Banking ADIB Gold
ADIB Diamond
Market Updates
Dana Dana Accounts
ADIB Dana Master Card
Dana Financing Solutions
ADIB@Work Corporate Solutions
New to UAE Banking
Personal Finance Solutions
Home Finance
ADIB Gold & Diamond Priority Banking
Takaful Solutions
Smart Deals -
ADIB Mazaya Banking Benefits
Lifestyle Benefits
Wealth Management
Corporate Banking Products
Community Banking Business Finance Solution
Global Transaction Services
Priority Banking
Personal Banking
Private Banking
ADIB Direct -
Commercial Banking -
Financial Institution -
Transaction Banking -
Government Public Sector -
Covered Cards ADIB Business Gold Covered Card
ADIB Business Platinum Covered Card

ADIB Accounts

Discussed below are the primary types of ADIB accounts in detail – 

1. Current Account

With an Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Current Account, you can flexibly manage your money and enjoy features related to bill payments, chequebooks, and salary transfer deposits. The ADIB current account makes for a great choice if you wish to avail of the greatest degree of financial convenience along with a high level of security.


  • Unlimited teller transactions (for free) at 60+ locations across the UAE
  • Complimentary VISA Debit Card
  • Mobile banking available
  • First Chequebook provided for free

2. Savings Account

You can use an ADIB Savings Account to ensure peace of mind with respect to your investments, which can be accessed at any time as per your requirements and also yield quarterly profit.


  • Unlimited teller transactions for free at 60+ locations across the UAE
  • Complimentary VISA debit card
  • Mobile banking available
  • Quarterly profits at competitive rates

3. Ghina Savings Account

ADIB Ghina is a type of savings account that can help you save smartly, earn a profit on your savings, and enjoy a host of other features.


  • Participation in Ghina Prize Draw (amount of up to AED 3 million)
  • Complimentary VISA debit card
  • Standing instruction feature available for the ease of periodic payments
  • Quarterly profits provided at competitive rates

4. Ghina Salary Account

ADIB Ghina Salary Account is another great savings account where you can transfer your salary and avail of multiple benefits and features.


  • Participation in Ghina Prize Draw
  • Complimentary VISA debit card
  • Free Chequebooks
  • Mobile banking application
  • Quarterly profit on savings 

5. Banoon Children’s Savings Account

Starting to save earlier can benefit children when they grow up and require funds for education and other such requirements. With the help of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Banoon Children's Savings Account, you can do just that as well as inculcate the habit of saving from an early age in your children.


  • Standing instruction feature available to ease up the payment of your regular bills
  • Complimentary Darhoom prepaid card
  • Zero minimum balance requirement
  • Competitive profit rates

6. Electron Account

With the ADIB Bank Electron Account, residents who are new to the UAE can easily access a demand deposit account and utilise it for savings, enjoy various other benefits, and manage their finances properly without any hassle.


  • Unlimited teller transactions without any fees at 60+ locations across the UAE
  • Complimentary VISA debit card
  • Mobile banking available
  • Standing instruction feature available

7. Short Term Investment Account

The Short Term Investment Bank Account by the ADIB allows users to access their money on a daily basis while also giving them the opportunity to earn profits at greater rates compared to savings accounts.


  • Unlimited teller transactions (for free) at 60+ locations across the UAE
  • Complimentary VISA debit card
  • Mobile banking available
  • Option for standing instructions available to streamline your regular bills and payments

8. Investment Deposit Account

For individuals looking for higher returns on savings, ADIB offers an investment deposit account that offers higher expected rates of profit as well as flexible investment tenures.


  • Competitive rate of profit
  • Financing is available
  • Reinvestment feature to gain even better profit available
  • Flexible investment tenure 

9. ADIB UAE-Egypt Account

You can easily handle your funds in Egypt as well as the UAE with the ADIB UAE-Egypt account without any hassle.


  • Option to open an account at any ADIB Bank UAE Branch
  • Option to simplify periodic transactions with the standing instruction feature 
  • Access to both Egypt and UAE branches of the ADIB
  • UAE-Egypt debit card provided for free
  • Free funds transfer (once a month) from ADIB account in the UAE to the one in Egypt

10. ADIB Student Account

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank Student Savings Account can help your children get acquainted with the importance of saving and investing early and let them manage their finances.


  • Free Account
  • Complimentary ISIC prepaid card
  • Quarterly profit expected at high rates
  • No limit on cash withdrawals

11. ADIB Salary Bonus Programme

ADIB Salary Bonus Programme (ASBP) is an innovative product that provides you the chance to transfer your salary to the bank and win massive rewards. 


  • Automatic enrollment (for individuals with a monthly salary of at least AED 3,000)
  • Monthly draws
  • Grand prize (up to 24 times the salary of the user)
  • Completely free online transfer

12. Amwali

ADIB Amwali Account is a unique product designed to help children gain knowledge of finance and manage expenses better. Individuals with existing ADIB accounts can open this type of account for their children and let them receive funds, use a debit card, create savings plans, and more.


  • 24/7 access to the account via mobile application
  • Children can receive funds from parents and others
  • Create online goals
  • Option to enjoy numerous offers on entertainment, online shopping, gaming, and more

ADIB Cards

Let’s now have a look at the key features of ADIB credit cards in the UAE:

Emirates Skywards Cards

1. ADIB Emirates Skywards World Elite Card


  • Bonus Skywards Miles - up to 50,000 Miles
  • Silver Tier Emirates Skywards membership for free
  • Gold Tier Fast Track Emirates Skywards membership
  • Free Emirates Home services in Dubai
  • Unlimited access to select airport lounges around the world

2. ADIB Emirates Skywards World Card


  • Up to 40,000 bonus Skywards Miles
  • Silver Tier Emirates Skywards membership
  • Home check-in services (free for up to 2 times per year) in Dubai
  • Unlimited free access to airport lounges across the world

Smiles Covered Cards

1. ADIB Smiles Visa Signature Card


  • Receive up to 70,000 sign-up Skywards Miles bonus
  • Free 1-year Smiles Subscription
  • If you spend at least AED 25,000 each quarter, you will receive 10,000 Smiles points as bonus
  • Each 5 AED spent globally earns you 15 Smiles points
  • Each 5 AED spent in Dubai earns you 10 Smiles points

2. ADIB Smiles Visa Platinum Card


  • Get up to 50,000 sign-up Skywards Miles bonus
  • Free 90-days Smiles Subscription
  • 10,000 Smiles points as bonus on spending at least AED 25,000 in a quarter 
  • Each 5 AED spent globally earns you 10 Smiles points
  • Each 5 AED spent in Dubai earns you 8 Smiles points

3. ADIB Smiles Visa Gold Card


  • Up to 20000 sign-up Skywards Miles bonus
  • Free 90-days Smiles Subscription
  • If you spend AED 25,000 or more in a quarter, you will receive 10000 Smiles points as bonus
  • Each 5 AED spent globally earns you 8 Smiles points
  • Each 10 AED spent in Dubai earns you 6 Smiles points

4. ADIB Smiles Classic Card


  • Receive up to 5,000 sign-up Skywards Miles bonus
  • 10,000 Smiles points as bonus on spending at least AED 25,000 in a quarter 
  • Each 5 AED spent globally earns you 6 Smiles points
  • Each 10 AED spent in Dubai earns you 4 Smiles points

Etihad Guest Cards

1. ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Platinum Card


  • Receive up to 50,000 welcome Etihad Guest Miles bonus
  • Option to pay annual fees with Etihad Guest Miles
  • Each 4 AED spent earns you 3 Etihad Guest Miles
  • Complimentary companion ticket

2. ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Gold Card


  • Get up to 35,000 welcome Etihad Guest Miles bonus
  • Provision to pay annual fees with Etihad Guest Miles
  • Each 4 AED spent earns you 2 Etihad Guest Miles
  • Every AED 150,000 spent earns you a free companion ticket

3. ADIB Etihad Guest Visa Classic Card


  • Up to 10,000 Etihad Guest Miles as welcome bonus 
  • Option to use Etihad Guest Miles to pay the annual fees
  • Each 4 AED spent earns you 1 Etihad Guest Mile
  • Complimentary ADIB travel desk

Etisalat Cards

1. ADIB Etisalat Visa Signature Card


  • Receive up to 10,000 sign-up Reward Points bonus
  • Complimentary valet parking at select locations
  • Airport lounge access for free
  • Complimentary roadside assistance

2. ADIB Etisalat Visa Platinum Card


  • Up to 70,000 sign-up Reward Points bonus
  • Each AED 1 spent earns you 4 Reward Points
  • Spending of AED 100 spent earns you 13 minutes UAE talk time
  • Cash Withdrawal limit of 100%

3. ADIB Etisalat Gold Card


  • Receive up to 20,000 sign-up Reward Points bonus
  • Each AED 1 spent earns you 3 Reward Points
  • Every spending of AED 100 earns you 10 minutes UAE talk time
  • Cash withdrawal limit of 100%

4. ADIB Etisalat Classic Card


  • Get up to 5,000 sign-up Reward Points bonus
  • Each AED 1 spent earns you 1.5 Reward Points
  • Every AED 100 spent earns you 5 minutes UAE talk time
  • Zero Annual Fees

Rewards Cards

1. ADIB Edge Card


  • Up to 10% dining cashback
  • Every AED 1 spent earns you up to 2.5 reward points
  • Complimentary golf rounds at select golf courses

2. ADIB Value Card


  • Earn rewards on your international and local spends
  • Get a discount of up to 25% at select UAE dining outlets

Cashback Cards

1. ADIB Cashback Visa Platinum Card


  • Flat 1% cashback
  • Roadside assistance provided

2. ADIB Visa Cashback Card


  • Flat 1% cashback
  • Roadside assistance provided

Other Cards

1. ADIB Football Card


  • 1% cashback
  • Option to receive flight ticket rates from ADIB Travel Desk and get the tickets delivered (for free) to your doorstep 

2. ADIB Dana Master Card


  • Advanced card technology for convenient usage
  • Card limit covered up to AED 150,000 
  • Roadside assistance provided

3. ADIB Spice Card


  • Enjoy a cashback of up to 9%
  • Earn reward points on spends
  • Access to the ‘Priceless Arabia’ offers
  • Deals and discounts at select restaurants
  • EPP (Easy Pay Plan) feature

Booking.com Cards

1. ADIB Booking.com Signature Card


  • Up to 10% hotel discounts
  • Up to 5% cashback on flight tickets
  • Spending related to fuel can bring up to 4% cashback

2. ADIB Booking.com Infinite Card


  • Receive 200,000 welcome reward points
  • Every AED 1 spent earns you 3 Reward Points
  • 10% hotel bookings discounts
  • Cashback of up to 7% on flights
  • Up to 5% cashback on fuel spends 

Rotana Rewards Exclusive Visa Card


  • Up to 100% cash withdrawal limit
  • 20% Rotana hotel discounts
  • Up to 50% Rotana restaurant discounts
  • Exclusive Rotana Rewards Program

ADIB ISIC Pre-Paid Card


  • Worldwide acceptance
  • Free balance withdrawal and deposit 
  • Wide range of deals and discounts related to restaurants, shops, and so forth
  • Option to transfer balance from the ADIB account to card

ADIB Finance

The following are the major features and specifications of ADIB finance options – 

1. Personal Finance

With high finance amounts and competitive profit rates, you can easily apply for ADIB personal finance and fulfil personal obligations without worrying about the required funds. 


  • Financing amount 
    • Up to AED 3 million for Emiratis
    • Up to AED 1 million for Ex-pats
  • Attractive profit rates that ensure a low profit amount on your personal finance plan
  • Up to two free postponements of instalments 
  • Repayment tenure of up to 48 months

2. Home Finance

With ADIB home finance, you can secure the required financial assistance to buy the home of your choice or have one constructed. 


  • Option to transfer your existing mortgage to ADIB
  • Even non-residents are eligible for ADIB home finance
  • High finance amounts (up to the limit of AED 10 million when buying a house)
  • Option to use pre-owned property as security 

3. Debt Settlement

Instead of continuing to pay dues and instalments at high rates, you can utilise the ADIB debt settlement option to consolidate all your liabilities through a single monthly payment at lower rates and make considerable savings.


  • Zero processing charges
  • Instalment holiday of up to 90 days for the first payment 
  • Attractive profit rates 
  • Two free instalment postponements

4. Car Finance

ADIB car finance is an excellent option to get your dream without exhausting your savings.


  • Up to AED 1 million financing amount 
  • Attractive profit rates starting from 2.25%
  • ADIB motor Takaful
  • Easy repayment with a tenure of up to 60 months

5. Education Finance

ADIB education finance makes it simpler for individuals to obtain financial assistance for their education.


  • Financing amount of up to AED 250,000 
  • Attractive profit rates 
  • Zero processing charges
  • Flexible repayment tenure 

6. Travel Finance

While traveling can be a great experience, it is always a good idea to avail of additional funds for the same. With ADIB travel finance, you can easily fulfil your travel finance requirements without any major additional charges.


  • Up to AED 250,000 provided as finance amount 
  • Attractive profit rates 
  • Zero processing charges
  • Convenient repayment with a long tenure of up to 48 months

7. Boat Finance

For individuals dreaming of owning a boat without compromising other financial obligations, ADIB offers boat finance that can help individuals get their preferred boat at affordable profit rates.


  • Financing – 
    • Up to AED 3 million for Emiratis
    • Up to AED 1 million for Expats
  • Attractive profit rates 
  • Two annual instalment deferments permitted 
  • Repayment tenure of up to 48 months

8. Goods Murahaba

ADIB Goods Murabaha provides an ideal opportunity for you to purchase that home or office appliance or any other goods you have wanted for a long.


  • Financing of up to AED 3 million for Emiratis and up to AED 1 million for Ex-pats
  • Low profit rates 
  • No processing charges
  • Repayment tenure of up to 48 months

ADIB Takaful

Here are the key aspects of different categories of Takaful provided by the ADIB – 

1. Motor Takaful

ADIB provides some of the best car Takaful insurance deals in the UAE that can provide adequate financial protection to your car.


  • Exclusive ADIB customer rewards
  • Quick and secure online payments
  • Attractive rates 
  • Online policy issuance in 60 minutes

2. Covered Card Takaful

With the Covered Card Takaful, you can easily secure financial protection for your covered car.


  • Hospitalisation Payouts
  • Benefits provided in case of demise or permanent total disability 
  • Terminal illness payouts
  • Benefits in case of involuntary employment loss 
  • Secure Wallet Plus

3. Personal Finance Takaful

With ADIB Personal Finance Takaful protection, the family of the borrower remains financially secure in the event of the latter’s unexpected demise or permanent disability.


  • AED 2.5 million outstanding balance coverage
  • Coverage provided in case of total permanent disability, terminal illness, and death 
  • Minimal contribution rates 

4. Ghina Savings Account Takaful

ADIB Bank allows users to relax with respect to their finances by offering Takaful Cover on the Ghina savings account.


  • Built-in Takaful coverage for every Ghina savings account
  • Coverage of up to AED 250,000

Wealth Management

  • Investment Solutions

ADIB offers a range of investment solutions tailored to fit your financial goals along with dedicated services and extensive education and support.


  • Customised investment and savings plans
  • Third-party mutual funds
  • Themed investment products
  • Sukuk Trading Platform
  • Alternative investment options


1. Rise Accounts

ADIB Rise provides you with personal bank accounts that allow you to access a wide range of financial services and benefits tailored to your needs.

2. Wealth Management

To help you make informed decisions regarding your money and savings, ADIB offers a comprehensive range of investment products that are suitable for seasoned investors as well as new entrants. ADIB makes this possible through its team of highly trained financial specialists, which help each individual devise an investment strategy tailored to their goals. 

3. Lifestyle Benefits

As a cardholder, you'll be able to enjoy exclusive benefits and experiences with ADIB Rise.

4. Rise Cards

You can use your Rise card to unlock a large collection of attractive benefits and rewards.

Priority Banking

Here is what you can expect with the following categories of ADIB priority banking

1. ADIB Gold

ADIB Gold priority banking allows users to enjoy various benefits related to lifestyle and gain financial acumen from the advice of financial experts. 


  • Exclusive banking accounts
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Wealth management and growth
  • Attractive lifestyle benefits
  • Wide range of covered cards to choose from

2. ADIB Diamond

The ADIB Diamond priority banking package is the premium proposition of the bank. With a selection of exclusive privileges and benefits, you can easily discover banking solutions for your financial needs.


  • Exclusive banking accounts
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • Wealth management
  • Attractive lifestyle benefits
  • Large pool of cards to choose from

3. Market Updates

You can e​​njoy exclusive access to the latest market status reports, and investment perspectives, and find out what's going on in the real estate world.


  • Monthly reports
  • Market activity reports
  • ADIB securities reports


1. Dana Accounts

You can opt for any of the Dana accounts to enjoy all the convenience and benefits you need in your daily banking as per your investment requirements.

2. ADIB Dana Master Card


  •  International transactions can earn you 1.25% cashback
  • Domestic transactions can earn you 0.8% cashback
  • 900+ worldwide airport lounge access
  • MasterCard Privileges
  • Complimentary roadside assistance

3. Dana Financing Solutions

Dana financing solutions can help you achieve all of your financial goals, whether related to buying a car, continuing your studies, purchasing a vacation home, or starting up an investment business. These finance plans are beneficial due to their high amounts as well as low profit rates.


1. Corporate Solutions

ADIB@Work Employer Programme offers a comprehensive range of banking solutions and offers for organisations and their employees.


  • Individual and group account onboarding
  • Customisable promotions and deals
  • Dedicated relationship managers
  • Online banking available

2. Accounts

ADIB@Work account offers a host of features that allow users to enjoy hassle-free banking services along with other benefits like debit cards, internet banking, online statement services, and so forth.

3. New to UAE Banking

Recognising the challenges faced by individuals moving to a new country, ADIB offers comprehensive banking and finance packages that can help such users meet their needs and easily settle in with a seamless transition.


  • Wide range of bank accounts to choose from
  • Minimal documentation requirements
  • Dedicated Relationship Managers
  • Zero initial deposit
  • Financing up to AED 250,000 
  • Two instalment deferments permissible (annually)
  • Repayment tenure of up to 4 years
  • Multiple options available for credit cards 

 4. Personal Finance Solutions

Any decision to buy big-ticket items requires thought, planning, and research. With ADIB, at least the finance part is covered as the bank offers a range of competitive financing options that can help you complete your personal goal while preserving your savings and finances as they are.

5. Home Finance

ADIB home finance can provide you with tailored and hassle-free home financing that can be configured to meet your requirements. With low profit rates and a large collection of loan products, ADIB home finance offers various financing solutions to help you achieve your dream. 

6. ADIB Gold & Diamond Priority Banking

Designed exclusively for premium customers, ADIB priority banking is an innovative service where the bank offers benefits like round-the-clock assistance, unrivalled perks, and more.

7. Takaful Solutions

ADIB has a range of Takaful products with which users can insure their financing plans, property, vehicles, and more. These plans ensure that the family of the customer doesn’t face any difficult financial situation in case of their demise or total disability. 

Smart Deals

If you are an ADIB cardholder, you can benefit from a variety of discounts and rewards on transactions completed with your card.


  • If you use the promo AC11, you will receive Elie Saab Timepieces discounts of up to 10%
  • Using the promo code ADIB, you can enjoy will The Luxury Closet discounts of up to 10%
  • Option to avail of up to 5% discount with Ounass (promo code ADM254)

ADIB Mazaya

Banking Benefits

With ADIB Mazaya, you can access excellent banking services and make savings while enjoying free privileges.


  • No charges on balance falling below AED 3,000 
  • Facility to utilise any UAE ATM
  • ADIB branches fast track queue

Lifestyle Benefits

As an ADIB Mazaya customer, you can enjoy various lifestyle benefits that can provide you with a truly luxurious experience.


  • Airport VIP lounge access
  • Concierge services
  • Complimentary roadside assistance
  • ADIB Mazaya signature card


ADIB Mazaya offers the best Takaful benefits to users so that their loved ones have sufficient financial coverage in case of the former’s demise or terminal illness.


  • Income protection
  • Customised gender-based critical illness coverage
  • Discounted Takaful solutions

Wealth Management

ADIB Mazaya helps you plan your wealth with customised investment solutions based on your objectives and risk profile.

Awards and Achievements of the ADIB Bank

Year Award Awarded By
2021 Best Digital Transformation Gulf Customer Experience Awards
2021 Outstanding Achievement in Cyber Security - Middle East The Digital Banker
2021 Best Fintech Collaboration The Digital Banker
2021 Best Islamic Digital Bank in the UAE Global Finance
2021 Outstanding crisis finance innovations 2021 in the Middle East Global Finance
2021 Best Digital Bank and Digital Finance Institution in the Middle East The Asian Banker
2021 The Blue Prism Strategic Transformation Circle of Excellence Award The Blue Prism
2021 Best Digital Bank in the Middle East Asiamoney
2021 Best Digital Platform for corporates The Asian Banker
2021 Best Digital Transformation program The Digital Banker 

ADIB Bank Customer Care

Here is how you can contact ADIB customer care at the time of requirement

24/7 Customer Care Contact Number – 600543216

24/7 Priority Banking Customer Care Contact Number – 800200

Customer Care Mail Address – customerservice@adib​.ae​

Have a look at some frequently asked questions related to ADIB products and services:


Q1. How can I locate a nearby ADIB ATM?

Ans: You may look for an ADIB ATM near you by visiting the official website of the bank and clicking the location icon on the top or the ‘ATM branches’ option near the bottom of the home page.

Q2. How can I locate an ADIB Bank near me?

Ans: You can look for an ADIB branch near you by going to the official ADIB website and finding the option to locate ATMs and branches in the UAE.

Q3. How do I get an ADIB bank account?

Ans: You can easily open an ADIB bank account by visiting a nearby branch of the bank and requesting the bank personnel for the same. Alternatively, you can visit the official ADIB website and apply for a bank account online.