Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

ADCB Bank was established in 1985 in the UAE with an aim to offer world-class banking products and services to its customers. Right from retail, corporate, private banking and wealth management to foreign exchange, cash management and Islamic products, the bank provides a huge assortment of services. 

Being one of the leading banks in the UAE, ADCB bank strives to be a one-stop solution for all its customers not only from the country but also expats and non-residents. Both conventional and Islamic products are available at affordable and competitive rates so you never fall short on options.

Best Banking Products
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    Personal Loans

Range of Products and Services Offered by the Bank

Personal Banking Accounts Cards Loans
Wealth Management  Corporate Banking Business Banking Private Banking

Online and Offline Features of ADCB Bank

ADCB bank has an entire range of online features for its customers. With everything just a few clicks away, your need for visiting a branch is eliminated completely. All your banking needs can be fulfilled with the help of ADCB’s unparalleled online portal. You can use these features to pay and make transactions at any time of the day. Browse through the ADCB’s online banking features - 

  • You can use ADCB’s online banking using the mobile application  or through the web portal.
  • The bank also offers an online chat feature to solve your queries instantly.
  • You can also connect with the bank through WhatsApp. 
  • With ADCB MoneyBuddy, you can manage your funds using 9 different useful tools on the application. 
  • You can transfer funds to any account at any time without any problems.

Offline services refer to the traditional, in-branch banking products and services.  Depending on your preferences and comfort, you can also visit the nearest branch to get your bank related work done. 

An Overview of ADCB Bank Products and Services

ADCB For You My Choice Emirati
Emirati Excellency Excellency
Privilege Club Aspire
Hayyak TouchPoints
Accounts Current & Savings Account Etihad Guest Accounts
Fixed Deposit Account Business Accounts
Cards  Debit Cards Credit Cards
Fixed Deposit Account Business Accounts
Loans Car Loans Home Loans
Personal Loans -
Wealth Management Investments Insurance
Asset Management Brokerage Services
Capital Markets -
Business Account Service Wealth Management
Business Loans and Financing  Cards
Trade Finance Services  Corporate Trust Services
Merchant Services Financial Market Solutions
Mid Corporate and Large Corporate Lending Facilities Liquidity Management
Private  Wealth management Tailored Lending
Everyday Banking -

ADCB Bank Products and Services 

1. Personal

There are different types of personal banking services and products available at the ADCB bank. 

Following are the range of services available at ADCB Bank especially created for you. 


  1. Get a free credit card and  a discount on loan processing fee.
  2. Enjoy competitive rates on deposits and accounts.
  3. Avail up to 250,000 TouchPoints as  bonus.


  1. With the support of a dedicated relationship officer, you can get all the services you require.
  2. You also get a life insurance policy of AED 50,000.
  3. The account charges no minimum balance fees.

Emirati Excellency

  1. You can attain the benefits of everyday banking with the help of a certified relationship manager.
  2. You can also avail free valet parking at selected ADCB branches and  at excellency centres.
  3. You also get the life protection with life insurance of AED 100,000.


  1. Avail tghe best banking services at the rates you prefer.
  2. With this, you get the best investment solutions for your finances.
  3. You also get the benefits of the Islamic banking.

Privilege Club

  1. Get the assistance of a recognised relationship manager
  2. Enjoy priority access to several banking services
  3. You also get a complimentary life insurance.


  1. This personal account offers promising rewards.
  2. This account also offers the benefits of loans and overdrafts.
  3. All the products offered are Shariah-compliant.


  1. It takes the least possible time to open the Hayyak account.
  2. You receive a credit card without any processing fees/
  3. You can also avail personal or Islamic finances without any documents. 


  1. You can redeem these TouchPoints at local retail outlets.
  2. Redeeming TouchPoints is also possible using the mobile application or internet banking. 
  3. You get to earn a TouchPoints on each use of credit or debit card.

Service Guarantee

  1. The ADCB bank assures the benefits of credit cards and personal loans. 
  2. Get a compensation of AED 5,000 in case of unattended requests. 
  3. The bank offers guaranteed services to customers; like requesting a credit card replacement. 

Accounts you can open your preferred bank account without any difficulties.

2. Current & Savings Account

Start saving your hard-earned funds in the  savings and current accounts. 

  1. ADCB Current Account
  2. ADCB Savings & Call Accounts
  3. Millionaire Destiny Savings Account
  4. Emirati Millionaire Savings Account
  5. Active Saver Account

Etihad Guest Accounts

Enjoy plethora of benefits and privileges with Etihad Guest Accounts 

  1. Etihad Guest Aspire Account
  2. Etihad Guest Privilege Account
  3. Etihad Guest Excellency Account

Fixed Deposit Account

Achieve your future goal with an FD account at promising interest rates. 

  1. Fixed Deposit Account 
  2. Upfront Interest Deposit

Business Accounts

Develop your business with the right way of fund management

  1. Business Choice Current Account-Silver
  2. Business Choice Current Account-Gold
  3. Business Choice Current Account-Platinum
  4. E-business Account
  5. Smartstart Business Account

3. Others

Enjoy online money transfers 24x7 and also keep your funds safe in a  locker

Safe Deposit Locker

  • Excellency, Emirati Excellency, and ADCB Private account holderss can avail features like 75% discount for Safe Deposit Locker.
  • There are different sizes of lockers available. 
  • Make the payment without any difficulties.

Money Transfer

  • You can transfer money online anytime .
  • Get free personal insurance up to AED 100,000.
  • You can deal in 42 currencies.


1. Debit Cards

  1. Excellency Platinum Debit Card
    • Enjoy free access to airport lounges
    • With no issuance fee
  2. Privilege Club Platinum Debit Card
    • Furnish your travelling and shopping rewards with zero insurance fee
    • Complimentary unlimited access to the airport lounge with five complimentary  cards
  3. ADCB Aspire Debit Card
    • Zero insurance fees
    • Presented with 5 supplementary free debit cards that can be linked with savings and current account.
  4. Etihad Guest Above Excellency Debit Card
    • You get extended warranty facilitaties on purchase of new products using this debit card.
    • The offers also include luxurious benefits at 900 hotels and above around the world.
  5. Etihad Guest Above Privilege Debit Card
    • This debit card offers about six ATM transactions for free every month in the UAE.
    • This card has  purchase protection in case of theft or damage.
  6. Etihad Guest Above Aspire, Debit Card
    • This card offers exclusive deals on two for one on food, travel, and entertainment with more than 5000 discount offera

2. Credit Cards

  • ALL - ADCB Infinite Credit Card
    • Receive a welcome bonus of 5000 points in Accor hotel stays.
    • Avail up to 25% discount on Accor dining and spas, UAE.
  • ALL – ADCB Signature Credit Card
    • Attainbenefits of late checkouts and early check-ins and upgraded rooms with the All Gold key
    • Get up to 50% off on beach access at the Accor Hotels and Resorts.
  • Betaqti Credit Card
    • Get buy one get one free offer on theatre services and Caribou coffee. 
    • You also get exlusive free entry to the clubs across UAE.
  • ADCB Etihad Guest Infinite Credit Card
    • The credit card offers include medical insurance on international as well as domestic travelling.  
    • You also receive complimentary food, beverages, breakfast, and late check-in facilities in more than 900 luxury hotels
  • ADCB Etihad Guest Signature Credit Card
    • The Excellency clients will celebrate zero fees annually, while the privileged members of the club will receive a 50% discount on fees annually.
  • ADCB Etihad Guest Platinum Credit Card
    • Earn up to 30% off in restaurants, travel, entertainment, shopping, and more.
  • Traveller Credit Card
    • You get the lounge access as a complementary offer along with a 20% discount on hotel and flight bookings.
    • You get zero per cent interest fee on any currency.
  • TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card
    • This card provides a complimentary voucher of Hotel.com worthy of AED 1,200. and a discount of 20% on Talabet and Careem and over 15% at the Noon
  • TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card
    • Free for the 1st year
    • Buy one get one offer on entertainment at VOX cinemas
  • TouchPoints Visa Gold Credit Card
    • No charges for lifetime
    • Opportunity to earn around 0.5 TouchPoints on every AED you spend
  • Lulu Platinum Credit Card
    • This card comes with options to set up auto-debit instructions. 
    • The credit shield provides a complimentary life cover.
  • Lulu Titanium Credit Card
    • Charges zero rates of interest on school fee payments
    • Endless access to lounges at more than ten Airports selected across the Middle East- UAE, Jordan, KSA, Egypt, and Kuwait


Discover the variety of loans offered by ADCB bank and choose the ones you need at affordable interest rates. 

1. Car Loans

Avail of the best possible loan and purchase your preferred car. 

  • The car loan begins at a competitive interest rate of 1.99%.
  • Get a loan for up to 80% of the car value.
  • On every loan of AED 1.000, get the benefit of 50 TouchPoints.

2. Home Loans

Build a house of your dream and let the finance management be the duty of the ADCB bank. Choose among the two home loan options available-

  • Standard Mortgage Loan
  • The interest rate at which a standard Mortgage loan is released is 2.75%
  • Get up to 85% property value as the loan amount.
  • On availing loans of every AED 1000, enjoy 200 TouchPoints.

3. Mortgage Home Saver

  • UAE Nationals can get 85% of the property value as a loan for an interest rate of 2.99%.
  • UAE Expatriates can avail up to 80% of the property value as a loan amount.
  • Earn 200 TouchPoints for every AED 1000 loan,

4. Personal Loans

ADCB bank presents two competitive personal loan options. Both UAE Nationals AND Expatriates can benefit from these personal loans

  • Personal Loan for UAE Nationals
    • Interest rates for UAE Nationals personal loans starts at 4.49%
    • Get a 3X salary overdraft
    • On a loan amount of AED 1000, earn 300 TouchPoints 
  • Personal Loan for Expatriates
    • UAE Expatriates can now avail of personal loans at an interest rate of 5.25%
    • Get up to 2X salary overdraft
    • Enjoy the benefit of 300 TouchPoints for every loan amount of AED 1,000

Wealth Management

ADCB Bank works towards creating frontline wealth management solutions. with ADCB Bank, finance management gets smooth.

1. Investments

ADCB bank helps you to make investments in the right place. With ADCB investment solutions it is easy to grow your money with a little effort.

  • ADCB Managed Funds
    1. ADCB Managed Funds allows you to create and manage your portfolio under a market expert’s guidance.
    2. Get a low-cost investment that can offer you huge benefits in the long term.
    3. Know the long term investment strategies with ADCB’s local and international market experts.
  • ADCB Select
    1. With ADCB Select, you can turn your untapped funds into power. 
    2. ADCB Select abides by a clear  investment philosophy.
    3. You also get an asset manager to help you with your investment decision.
  • Trading Securities
    1. ADCB’s Trading Securities acts as the middleperson between you and the market opportunity.
    2. With ADCB’s trading services you will get access to the major secondary and over the counter markets.
    3. No need to make a market-specific account.
  • Mutual Funds
    1. ADCB has different types of Mutual funds to help you grow and diversify your portfolio.
    2. You can choose from sectors like real estate, fixed income sector, hedge funds, and commodities.
    3. You get to choose from the world’s best wealth management houses. 
  • Structured Products
    1. Investing in structured products is an income-generating strategy and can be adapted as per your risk capacity and the performance of your investments.
    2. You can get the returns at the end of the investment term.
    3. Structured products have variable tenures ranging from several months to years.

2. Insurance

The ADCB offers a range of insurance plans and you can be rest assured if hard times strike. Insurance solutions for every stage and every walk of life.

  • Term lIfe Insurance
    1. ADCB’s Term Life Insurance is a comprehensive life insurance that helps you protect you and your loved ones when time gets tough.
    2. Get a maximum coverage of up to USD 20 Million.
    3. Pay monthly premiums of as low as USD 50.
  • Secure Life Insurance
    1. Secure your and family’s future with ADCB’s Secure Life Insurance Policy. 
    2. This is an affordable Life insurance plan with monthly premiums starting from AED 20 only.
    3. You have the option to choose from different “sum assured” options according to your requirement.
  • Family Protector Plus
    1. Family Protector Plus is a personal accident insurance plan that allows you to protect your family’s financial future. 
    2. This is a comprehensive insurance plan that covers personal accident death, death due to illness, disability and hospital expenses. 
    3. You can get your claim instantly without having to give any medical test
  • Critical Guard Plus
    1. Critical Guard Plus Insurance plan assures coverage for you and your loved ones against 37 chronic diseases.
    2. Get a coverage lump sum amount of up to AED 500,000.
    3. You can apply for the health insurance with ADCB’s easy application process that does not require any medical test.
  • Home Content Insurance
    1. ADCB's Home Content Insurance provides coverage for every valuable item in your home.
    2. You can get a maximum assured sum of AED 150,000
    3. Just pay AED 577.5 annually to get maximum coverage with platinum cover. 
  • Business Protection
    1. Business Protection enables you to protect your business’s key persons and liabilities in case of unforeseen events.
    2. You get coverage against 36  life-threatening diseases,
    3. You can also get coverage for business loans if you have taken any.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
    1. With comprehensive car insurance, you are covered against any damage to your car or to a third party because of your car.
    2. You will get prompt service and policy delivery right to your home.
    3. You also get a third party coverage up to AED 5 Million.
  • Income Protection Plan
    1. Rest assured with ADCB’s Income Protection Plan that has you covered in case of sudden unemployment.
    2. This plan bears your rental and utility bills for up to three months.
    3. You can get comprehensive coverage of AED 350,000 in the event of death caused by accident or sickness.

3. Asset Management

  • ADCB’s expert team helps you manage your assets without risks. 
  • ADCB follows a  transparent and methodical approach in their asset and investment management solutions.
  • You also get expert advice and guidance about investment management from local and global market experts at ADCB.

4. Brokerage Services

  • ADCB’s security and brokerage services give you access to Emirate’s leading brokerage houses.
  • You also get access to brokers from Abu Dhabi and Dubai Security exchanges,
  • For details and mode of application, contact ADCB's call centre or visit your local ADCB branch.

5. Capital Markets

  • Capital Market's team at ADCB will ensure that your joint-stock investments run smoothly. 
  • ADCB can help you in managing your share register for your private joint-stock ventures.
  • You also get help in assembling general meetings for private or public joint-stock investments.


ADCB brings to you a number of products and tools that help you stay updated with the financial and budget challenges you face every day running your business. 

1. Account Services

ADCB offers one of the most innovative solutions for all your business banking needs

  • Business First
    1. Digital
    2. Essential
    3. Essential Plus
    4. Executive
  • Smartstart Business Account
    1. For all your everyday business needs
    2. Get free e-statements, Debit Card
  • Current Account
    1. Enjoy easy access to different currencies
    2. Get discounts on online transactions
  • Call Account
    1. Instant access to your funds
    2. Higher Balance means higher interest
  • Deposits
    1. Available in 4 currencies
    2. Save for flexible terms
  • Business transaction Service
    1. Enjoy online banking for free
    2. Get a customised chequebook

2. Wealth Management

Get the best benefits from a range of financial products that help you protect your business.

  • ADCB Managed Funds
  • ADCB Select
  • Trading Securities
  • Mutual Funds
  • Structured Products
  • Home Content Insurance
  • Term lIfe Insurance
  • Secure Life Insurance
  • Family Protector Plus
  • Critical Guard Plus
  • Business Protection
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance
  • Income Protection Plan

3. Business Loans and Financing

  • Insta Loan
  • POS receivable Financing
  • Construction Equipment Financing
  • Professional Equipment Financing
  • Medical Equipment Financing
  • Commercial Vehicle Financing
  • Two Wheeler Financing
  • Construction Finance
  • Lease Rental Discounting
  • Commercial Property Finance
  • Easy Trade
  • Working Capital Enterprise Credit
  • Simplified Working Capital

4. Cards

  • Debit Cards
    1. Enjoy the benefits of free online banking
    2. Swipe your card for almost all your transactions
    3. 9000,000 ATMs around the world
  • Corporate Cards
    1. To bring all your business spending under a manageable umbrella
    2. Different cards as per your needs
    3. Enjoy travel insurance, golf privileges and lounge access 

5. Trade Finance Services

  • Documentary Credits - Imports and Exports
  • Guarantees
  • Working Capital Solutions

6. Corporate Trust Services

  1. Real Trust Services
  2. Commercial Escrow Services
  3. Home Owners' Association

7. Merchant Services

  1. ADCB ‘klip’ Merchant Wallet
  2. Point Of Sales Machine
  3. Mobile Point Of Sale
  4. Pace Pay
  5. E-Commerce
  6. Retail Integrated Services
  7. Hospitality Integrated Services
  8. Batch Processing
  9. Unattended Terminals
  10. Value-Added Services

8. Financial Market Solutions

  1. Foreign Exchange Hedging
  2. Interest Rate Hedging
  3. Commodities
  4. Investments 

Mid Corporate and Large Corporate

Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business, use the expertise of the bankers and help your business grow 

1. Lending Facilities 

  • Term loan
  • Working Capital

2. Liquidity Management

  • Integrated Liquidity Management
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Online Fx Rates
  • Call Account
  • Current Account

3. Trade Finance Services

  • Documentary Credits-Imports
  • Documentary Credits-Exports
  • Guarantees
  • Working Capital Solutions

4. Cash Management

  • Corporate Cheque Scanning Solutions
  • Post Dated Cheque Reporting
  • Direct Debit System
  • Cash@Request
  • Smart Cash Deposits Machines
  • Courier Services
  • UAE Payment Gateaway
  • Own Account Transfer
  • Online Corporate Frontline Upload
  • Salary Payments
  • Insurance and Advice Printing
  • Bill Payment
  • Corporate Cards
  • Virtual Accounts
  • Report Mailer

5. Corporate Trust Services

  • Real Estate Trust Services
  • Commercial Escrow Services
  • Home Owner Association

6. Merchant Services

  • Point of Sale Machines
  • Mobile Point Of Sale
  • Pace Pay
  • E-commerce
  • Retail Integrated Services 
  • Hospitality Integrated Services
  • Batch Processing
  • Unattended Terminals
  • Value Added Services

7. Financial Market Solutions

  • Foreign Exchange Hedging
  • Interest Rate Hedging
  • Commodities
  • Investments

8. Investment Banking

  • Financing Solutions
  • Real Estate
  • Project and Asset Finance
  • Loan Syndicate and Distribution


There are an array of solutions to serve all your banking and wealth management needs:

1. Wealth Management

  • Tailored Investment
  • Family Office Services
  • Platform

2. Tailored Lending

  • Real Estate Lending
  • Lifestyle Lending

3. Everyday Banking

  • Accounts & Deposits
  • Credit Cards

4. Lifestyle Solutions

  • Rewards

ADCB Bank - Awards and Achievements

Year Awards Award By
2021 CX Team of the year – ADCB TouchPoints Gulf Customer Experience Awards
2021 Customer Happiness – ADCB TouchPoints Gulf Customer Experience Awards
2021 Customers at the heart of everything – ADCB TouchPoints Gulf Customer Experience Awards
2020 Best Service in the United Arab of Emirates Euromoney Cash Management Survey 2020
2020 Best Trade Finance Bank in UAE Gtr - Mena Country Awards 2020
2020 UAE Domestic Trade Finance Bank of the Year Asian Banking And Finance Magazine’s

ADCB Bank Customer Contact Info

Official Website https://www.adcb.com/en/
Personal Banking  +97126962600
Priority Banking 600 50 8008
Company Head Office Address  Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Building, Shk Zayed street. P. O. Box: 939, Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates


Q1. Do I need to pay membership fees for Lulu Points?

Ans: No. If you have an ADCB LuLu Credit Card, you do not need to pay any membership fees.

Q2. What does TouchPoint Promise mean?

Ans: TouchPoints Promise is the reward that a customer  accumulates by using more of Shariah-compliant products and services from ADCB Bank.

Q3. How can I locate a ADCB Bank branch near me?

Ans: You can easily locate the ADCB branch or ATM near you with the help of the branch and ATM locator of the bank. It is a simple-to-use digital tool that lets you find your preferred branch and ATM.

Q4. Is there any expiry date for TouchPoints?

Ans: Yes, TouchPoints are valid for a three years from the date of issuance. You can find the validity details of the TouchPoints on your TouchPoints Summary. So, make sure you use them before they expire.

Q5. How can I become eligible for a Safe Deposit Locker?

Ans: All the ADCB customers are eligible to avail a safe deposit locker.

Q6. How can I apply for a home loan from ADCB Bank?

Ans: Visit the ADCB website and explore the Home Loans offered. Besides this, you can go to the loans section and choose the loan  you need at the best possible interest rates.