Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Personal Loan for Expats

In order to offer products and services for each section of the community, the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank offers loans at low rates of interest for expatriates living in the UAE. With benefits like credit life insurance and high salary multiples, this ADCB personal loan is perfectly suitable for the expats. Under this loan category, the borrower can earn TouchPoints on their loan amount.

Features and Benefits of ADCB Personal Loan for Expats

Listed below are the features and benefits of personal loan for expats in the UAE:

High Salary Multiples

The ADCB bank personal loan for expats offers the highest salary multiples to the applicant.

Long Repayment Period

Another benefit of the personal loan for expats is the availability of the longest tenure for repayment.

Low Rate of Interest

ADCB personal loan interest rate for the personal loan is considerably low.

Loan Consolidation

The borrower can avail the facility of consolidation of loans on this personal loan.

Easy Documentation

The application process for taking this personal loan for expats is very simple including, thanks to easy documentation.

Credit Life Insurance

In case of the borrower’s demise or total permanent disability, it offers a benefit of credit life insurance that provides cover for the debt.

Complimentary Credit Card

The borrower gets the benefit of a complimentary ADCB credit card. They can also avail salary overdraft for up to two times.


The borrower may earn TouchPoints on each 1000 AED of the loan amount (10,000 AED and more).

TouchPoints Net Loan Amount
200 150,000 AED or less
300 More than 150,000 AED

Interest Rate on ADCB Personal Loan for Expats

The interest rate charged on this personal loan for expats ranges from 5.25 percent to 14.25 percent.

ADCB Personal Loan for Expats- Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- How can I apply for the ADCB personal loan?

You can apply for this loan online, through phone banking or by visiting the nearest branch of ADCB.

Q2- How many salary overdrafts can I avail on this personal loan?

You can avail a maximum of 2 overdrafts.

Q3- Do I get any insurance cover in case of employment loss (involuntary)?

Yes. You get covered for monthly repayments on personal loan in case of involuntary employment loss.

Q4- What is credit life insurance?

ADCB offers insurance cover for the payment of the debt in case of the demise, loss of employment, or total permanent disability of the borrower.

Q5- How can I compare various personal loans available in the UAE?

You can visit Policybazaar.ae to compare different personal loans available in the Emirates.

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