6 Steps for Fixing Credit and Improving Your Score

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Credit score has changed the way of financial dealings in the UAE by the time it was introduced. The idea behind introducing credit score was to provide the financial institutions with a clear idea of the consumers' credit worthiness. That’s why when an applicant applies for a personal loan in UAE or credit card, their credit score is checked.

Bad credit score can adversely affect not only the personal loan interest rate but also the loan application process.  In this regard, here’re the steps to improve your credit score in UAE -

Repay on Time

One of the most important factors that can affect your credit score is the repayment of debts. Always pay your debts on time. If you find it hard to pay your bills on time, you can set up an automatic payment system. That way you don’t have to worry about missing your payments on time, affecting your credit score.

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Pay Your Card Debt in Full

There are times, you are unable to pay your credit card bill. But if you have the financial stability to pay your bill on time, pay in full. Paying the minimum amount of your credit card will only give you temporary relief. However, continuously paying your minimum credit card bill will only affect your credit score despite the temporary relief. The minimum payment of your credit card increases not only your debt but the interest rates too. However, the debt to burden ratio can be lessened by paying off the maximum or all of your bills. This will automatically improve your credit score.

Managing Multiple Cards

It doesn’t matter how many credit cards you own. What matters is how you manage these cards and how you’ve availed them. If you got your hands on these credit cards altogether, suddenly, it paints a suspicious picture. It also makes you seem like a risky borrower. But if you think that you can close all the accounts to improve your credit score, you couldn’t be more wrong. An older credit card has a long history with them. This automatically has a large effect on your AECB credit score. Canceling credit cards that you don’t use can affect your credit score negatively.

Number of Debts

Having numbers of debts will affect your credit score too. Having too many debts can get in the way of taking out more loans or credit cards in the future. It is time you start curbing your expenditures or changing your lifestyle. Start managing your loans. Pay off the loans as soon as possible.


It is another important, yet often unnoticed factor. Be patient while managing your credit score. A credit score won’t go up exponentially all of a sudden. It does take some time to repair your bad credit history. After all, a credit score doesn’t go bad at once. It takes months for our credit score to be affected negatively. In the same way, improving your credit score will take some time too. You will need to be patient while dealing with the whole ordeal. Comprehend that the whole process will not be easy. But, always make sure to be patient and pay your debts on time. You can also opt to pay your debt early, if possible.

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Final Verdict

While using a credit card UAE, you should be careful of your credit score equally. The lowest credit score you can get is 300 and the highest being 900. The low score indicates that you are a high-risk customer, while the high credit score indicates you as a trustworthy customer.

The process of calculating credit score is as same as calculating the credit report. A credit report can highlight your outstanding or missed payments and your liabilities. Meanwhile, the credit score indicates the risk appetite attached with you.

Missing phone bills, maxed-out cards, bouncing cheques will affect your credit score negatively.

Bottom line is that regularly missed out payments can take a serious toll on your credit score. Follow the above steps carefully, if you want to avoid or improve your bad credit score. Also, if you are interested in getting a personal loan in the future, you can check the personal loan by using the personal loan calculator. Even for that, you need a good credit score. So, work for it today and enjoy the benefits in the long run.

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