6 Smart Ways to Get Airport Lounge Access

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Getting access to VIP Airport Lounges used to be a thing that was considered only to be for the wealthy globetrotters or business travelers. However, in today’s age, with more and more people traveling both domestically and internationally than ever in the past, airport lounges have started to open their arms for all different types of travelers to come in and enjoy the experience they offer.

With a variety of different food and beverages, complimentary wifi access, super comfortable seating, and for some cases even spas and beds, airport lounges are the best way one can relax before hopping on that plane and taking that flight.

While access to such lounges is complimentary for those flying business class and first-class, nowadays, they are no longer exclusive clubs. If someone is flying economy, there are still few ways via which one can gain access to these amazing spaces that help one in getting away from the stressful and busy airports.

This thread provides a brief guide on six smart yet simple ways by which anyone can gain airport lounge access before the next plane they get onto, and after...

1. Purchase a Priority Pass

If you are someone who travels quite often, and that too, across various different destinations across the globe, then opting for a Priority Pass is a great choice for you. This has been a popular choice for those who travel across various countries across the world.

A priority pass is a third-party membership program that offers access to more than thousands of airport lounges across the globe. These lounges consist of a great mix of the airline, airport, and alliance lounges. Depending on your travel frequency there are various tiers of this membership that are available to choose from such as prestige, standard plus, select, and standard. From the tiny airports to the large ones, there is a range of airports that can be accessed by the priority pass holder.

Using the app available on your phone’s store, you can easily check out if your next travel destination is a part of the thousands of airports that offer access. This way, you will be able to plan in advance and be aware of the lounges you can access.

Most suitable for:                                         

  • Someone who is a frequent traveler and travels across various countries and airports internationally, who can’t rely on one particular alliance or airline.

2. Use Airport Lounge Access Credit Cards

Airport lounge access credit cards are a common way via which many of the travelers out there acquire access to airport lounges. Many credit cards offer access to airport lounges to particular airline’s lounges or via a priority pass at a discounted rate.

It is a good idea to recheck if, among the various perks offered by your card, airport lounge access is one of them. There are various airport lounge access credit cards in the market that can be obtained as per your spending needs and requirements.

Most suitable for:                                         

  • These are most suitable for those that are business travelers, and travelers that tend to use their credit cards for their travel purchases, such as booking air flights using their points. Although the annual fee for airport lounge access credit cards can be slightly expensive. But, if you travel often, the investment can be worth it considering the convenience of airport lounges along with an array of travel perks.

3. Purchase a One-Day Pass

If you do not wish to commit to something long term, and you just wish to access an airport lounge before taking that long tiring flight, you could consider the option of a one-day pass.

Depending on your departure airport, you might have several options to choose from. Many airlines offer a one-day pass. However, you should do your research before and see the airport and the lounges available. You can also opt for this pass online, which is easier than opting for it on their desk.

Also, bear in mind, the airport lounges are likely to give priority to those having annual passes or program memberships, so there are chances of a denied entry if you show up on a day when the lounge is particularly crowded.

Most suitable for:                                         

  • For those who do not travel frequently and face long layovers and do not want to commit to a long term program. The perks offered are good for the one or two vacations taken in a year but do not require it all year long.

4. Purchase an Annual Membership for Airport Lounge Access

If you always choose, whenever possible for you, to fly with a particular airline and you are not much of a traveler that travels too far off the beaten track, then a particular airline or alliance’s lounge membership can be the right choice for you.

If you are someone who travels internationally pretty often, then opting for a membership to an alliance is better as opposed to a particular airline. The reason behind this is that such membership will help you get access to a number of airlines.

Most suitable for:                                         

  • Those who are either business travelers or frequent travelers and like to opt with a particular airline or alliance and largely travel to a majority of airports both domestically and internationally.
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5. Accompany Someone with Access as a Guest

You might have already taken into notice that lounge access along with membership allows you to bring along a number of guests with you at no additional cost. So, if you travel along with someone that has access to an airport lounge, well, let’s say it is definitely your lucky day!

Most suitable for:                                         

  • The travelers that know people who have access to either a lounge program or an alliance and also tend to actively travel with them.

6. Reach an Airline’s Elite Status

Last, but not the least, access to airport lounges can also be obtained by reaching the elite status with an alliance or airline. Reaching this status is no rocket science, and practically is a suitable option only if you are a business traveler or you travel very frequently, with a specific airline.

If you fall under this bracket of travelers, make sure to check your membership in order to find out how to reach the elite status and the lounge access that you can avail.

Most suitable for:                                         

  • Those who are business travelers or frequent travelers who fly frequently with a particular airline.

The Bottom Line

So, there it is. Airport lounges are no longer only a place for those who are either high-end or business flyers. With a little planning in advance, anyone can enjoy the various perks that airport lounges offer all across the globe.

Before wrapping up, to summarize here are the 6 smart ways that were covered in this article to get access to airport lounges:

  1. Purchase a priority pass
  2. Use airport lounge access credit cards
  3. Purchase a one-day pass
  4. Purchase an annual membership for airport lounge access
  5. Accompany someone with access as a guest
  6. Reach an airline’s elite status

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