6 Reasons that will Convince You to Invest in the UAE

6 Reasons that will Convince You to Invest in the UAEPolicybazaarAverage Rating / 5 ( reviews)

Our world is full of wonderful places. Some places are good to tour around and others are great to settle down. However, very few places offer more than this. One such amazing country is the United Arab Emirates.

With bright sunshine year-round, beautiful beaches, golden deserts and huge shopping malls, the UAE is an amazing part of the world.  As mentioned above, the state is not just a decent place to live or to roam around, it offers more than that. With its growing economy, the UAE stands as one of the best places for investment purposes.

Zero property charges, huge investment returns and competitive energy costs are a few top things in support of investments in the UAE. If these aren’t enough for you, here are some more that will convince you:

Relaxed Taxation Rules

The UAE does not levy any taxes on individuals such as income tax, withholding tax and capital gains. Moreover, the UAE has recently approved a new foreign investment law. The law granted permission to foreigners to own more than 49 % and up to 100 % in certain businesses in the state. This surely calls for investment in the UAE.

Strong Economy

For any investor, consideration of the economy is of the utmost importance. As an investor, you will always want that if you are investing in a country, it should have a strong economy and the UAE offers this.

The UAE is one of the finest tourist places that attract a ton of tourists every year. Although Abu Dhabi has faced several ups and downs in the economy, other cities are quite stable there. In Dubai alone, over 20 million tourists are being expected in Dubai’s Expo 2020. As per the statistics by WTTC, the tourism sector contributes to a major portion of the GDP i.e. approximately 8.4%.  Also, it is estimated that by 2024, a total of 369,000 job openings will be available.  This means a stronger economy in the city and thereby, making it a great place to invest.

Ease of Doing Business

If you are a business person who wants to start a new business, the UAE is the place for you. As per a report by ‘Doing Business, 2019’, UAE secured 11th rank globally and 1st rank regionally when business regulation environments were compared to several countries.

The UAE scored impressive ranks as per the reports in the following indices:

  • Getting an electricity connection - 1st rank
  • Paying corporate taxes - 2nd rank
  • Availing construction permits- 5th rank
  • Property registration – 7th rank
  • Enforcement of contracts - 9th rank
  • Protecting minority investors – 15th rank

Huge Returns in Real Estate

Investment in the UAE is also a great option for real estate investors. When compared to other big cities around the globe, Dubai and other cities in the UAE, have comparatively low property rates. However, with the increasing number of tourists in the state, the demand for residential and rental properties is expected to rise in the near future.  With increased demand, prices will also rise.

Happiness is a top priority there

Do you know that the UAE has a ministry of happiness? Yes, they have! UAE aims to be one of the happiest states in the world. The state envisions happiness and positivity for its people. With such dedication towards making its citizens happier than ever, you can easily imagine how rapidly your property will gain value. This clearly states a reason to invest in the UAE.

Political Stability

The UAE has been an exemplar of the successful constitutional monarchy since its formation in the year 1971, and still continues to be the same. Probably, the belief system of the UAE's Founding Fathers in peace and justice is the reason. Well, the reason hardly matters; the fact is that the UAE is politically stable. So, if you are willing to invest in property in foreign, there can’t be a better option other than the UAE.

By now, you must have got an idea about the perks of investing in the UAE. So, don’t wait and start planning now. After all, investment in the UAE is one thing that should not be missed.

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