5 Useful Tips to Buy an Affordable Health Insurance Plan in UAE

Don’t gamble with your health, get the right cover at the right price.

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Undeniably, health insurance is a necessity in today’s time as the costs related to health check-ups, medical treatments, diagnosis tests, doctor’s fees, and medicines are increasing with each passing day. In addition to this, the spike in the occurrence of health-related issues at an early age makes it important for all people to have the right health insurance plan in the UAE.

But unfortunately, medical insurance in UAE is the most neglected type of insurance policy since it does not offer benefits until and unless you get sick. While nobody wants to get sick, you need to understand the health issues are an undeniable part of our lives. Thus, it is essential to stay well-prepared for the financial consequences of a health hurdle. Though you certainly can’t plan and get sick, you can certainly stay financially prepared for such circumstances to reduce your financial burden. Well, the right health insurance plan will reduce your financial burden by paying in cash while you are in a critical situation such as undergoing a major operation, hospitalization or confronting any sort of medical emergency.

Thus, health insurance makes it feasible for you to avail the cashless facility in the network hospitals that offer you financial protection and also required peace of mind during any medical emergencies.

But the main concern is there are several health insurance companies who offer different types of medical insurance plans in the UAE. So, it becomes quite difficult to opt for the health insurance plan that is best for you. Moreover, it is equally important for you to opt for a medical plan that is cost-effective and does not let you dig into your savings during a medical emergency. So, in order to assist you to choose the best and affordable health insurance plan, below we have discussed 5 handy tips that you need to keep in mind while buying a medical plan.

1. Buy Medical Insurance As Early As Possible

It is highly advisable to opt for a health insurance cover early in life as a policyholder can serve his/her waiting period when he/she is still in the best of health and uses the medical insurance policy when it is required.

Though, most of the people in the UAE still believe that medical insurance plan is required only when you feel vulnerable to certain illnesses. Well, this mindset exists because of the lack of awareness about health insurance benefits. It is often noticed that most of the people leave the decision of buying a medical plan to a later age. They automatically assume that they’ll stay healthy and fit in the early years, and no medical emergency will hit them. But unfortunately, life is uncertain, and any medical emergency can hit you at any point of time without prior notice. That is why it is better to protect yourself throughout your life through all the different stages.

Moreover, opting for a health insurance plan at an early age has the following benefits:

  • Lower premium cost
  • Coverage for a long period of time
  • No waiting period (if there is no pre-existing disease)
  • Extra coverage
  • No medical tests required before buying a medical plan.

2. Select Your Deductibles Smartly

A medical plan deductible is basically the fixed amount that you agree to pay for your medical costs before your insurance provider pays for the same when you make a health insurance claim. If you opt for a consumer-direct medical plan, then you agree to pay a part of your health care costs from your pocket. Therefore, if you choose a high deductible amount then the health insurance premium cost reduces.

3. Know the Difference between Copay & Deductible

As said earlier, a medical plan deductible is basically the fixed amount that you agree to pay for your medical expenses. On the other hand, the copay is basically the fixed percentage of the health insurance claim amount which you choose to pay. While copay and deductible both can significantly assist you to save money on the medical insurance, you should ideally opt for these options smartly after discussing with your health insurance provider.

4. Choose Your Medical Plan Proactively

Many of the people might already be covered by their employer under a group health insurance plan. But unfortunately, such kinds of health insurance plan are not sufficient as they cover you only for a few medical emergencies. That is why it is important to buy personal health insurance that can provide you the comprehensive coverage and cover you for the majority of the critical illnesses. In addition to this, you should buy a medical plan on the basis of your family’s medical requirements.

Well, you can buy an affordable medical plan if you want to cover all of your family members under a single health insurance plan. The premium cost for such a medical plan is less but the sum assured is commonly shared among all the members of the family who are covered under a single medical plan. However, if you want to cover your family members individually, you can also opt for an apt individual medical plan but it might increase the cost of the premium that you will have to pay. So, choose the plan wisely based on your medical needs and budget.

5. Compare Different Health Insurance Policies Online

It is one of the most important steps that should be taken by each policy buyer before opting for any medical plan. In the UAE, there are plenty of medical insurance companies that offer different types of medical plans. So, it is always better to compare health insurance plan online based on benefits, inclusions, exclusions, policy coverage, feature, and premium cost and then make a well-informed decision by selecting an apt health insurance plan for yourself as well as your family members at an affordable cost.

Final Verdict

While you are searching for an affordable health insurance plan, make sure you check the coverage offered by the medical plan that you choose to purchase. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t make a hasty decision and opt for a medical plan that will not offer you adequate coverage during any medical emergency.

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