5 Easy Hacks to Boost Your Credit Card Rewards

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You may have heard many times from your friends and family members that they have earned free airmiles or they have just received lucrative rewards and offers on their credit cards.


Well, these people are serious rewards gurus and they know the hack of earning rewards and offers. But you know what you can also become a reward guru and boost your credit card rewards.

Have you ever wondered if you are doing everything that can help you earn the credit card rewards that you need?

There might be a possibility that you are probably not following the right path.

But fret not. We have got your back. Here in this article, we have mentioned 5 exclusive hacks that will certainly help you to boost your credit card rewards.

1. Opt For the Right Credit Card

If you want to earn rewards then apply for a credit card that offers exciting rewards on the purchases that you make using the card. Some credit cards give extra rewards on lifestyle, entertainment, and dining purchases, while few credit cards offer you the bonus rewards when you buy flight tickets and book hotel stays. Apart from this, some of the credit cards in the UAE offer cash back offers on different categories such as groceries, gas, utility bill payments, etc. So, just have a look at your spending over the last few months and then opt for the right rewards credit card that suits your spending habits.

While opting for a rewards credit card, you will also need to think about the type of rewards you want to earn. If you travel frequently, then it makes sense to apply for a travel rewards credit card. Cash back rewards credit cards are famous because you can use the rewards points for anything as per your needs. Some exclusive rewards cards offer exciting perks and privileges like VIP tickets to any event or concert etc. So, you should compare all the benefits and rewards before choosing the card for yourself so that you can make the most of it.

2. Use Your Credit Card for Your Day-To-Day Purchases

You might prefer using your credit card when you shop online for safety concerns. But, you know what it is also a great idea to use your credit card for day-to-day purchases such as groceries and gas even if you are carrying enough cash in your wallet. In this manner, you can actually enhance your opportunities for earning rewards without having to purchase extra things that you do not require. However, you need to stay alert to avoid accidentally too much on your credit card otherwise you could end up being fallen into a debt trap.

3. Avail the Benefit of Sign-up Bonus

Several banks and credit card companies offer welcome or sign-up bonuses to attract new customers to applying for their credit cards. Usually, they offer mile bonuses or a large number of points to those cardholders who meet the minimum spending criteria within the first few months of opening their credit card account. 

Well, it is quite obvious that you should not spend too much if doing this would cause you to fall into a debt trap as it could negate the rewards privilege.  But if earning a welcome or signup bonus does not leave any significant change in your spending habits then you take benefit of signup bonus.

4. Utilize Your Credit Card Company’s Shopping Portal

Some of the leading credit card providers or banks offer online shopping portals to some famous retailers. Well, you can easily get access to bonus rewards if you go to the retailer’s official websites via the portal of your credit card provider instead of visiting directly. In a few cases, you can earn a maximum of 5 percent cash back. Else, you might have earned only 1 percent of your purchase.

Though it might take a little bit of your time and patience to get access to the retailer’s official website by following this way and your credit card company might not associate with each and every retail store you want to visit, but if you do online shopping, then you can surely avail exciting rewards quickly.

5. Read the Fine Print

It is quite imperative to go through the terms and conditions that are related to your credit card since it carries all the main details including the fine print of the rewards program which is associated with the card. Credit card issuers usually hide the most valuable information such as the fact that you need to make minimum spending at some specific categories to earn higher rewards earning rate or that you can earn some specific bonus rewards per quarter or per month. In fact, some credit card providers exclude few retailers from their rewards categories and some rewards points expire after a certain period of time if you don’t utilize them.

By understanding all the terms and conditions, you can at least prevent yourself from making such mistakes. And also if you have any queries about how exactly the rewards program works, you can contact the credit card company and clear all of your doubts and queries to make the most of your reward credit card.

The Bottom Line

Credit cards are not just meant for giving you access to extra money but also they can offer you exclusive rewards and offers if you have opted for the right rewards credit card. Also, do not forget to follow all the aforementioned credit card hacks as they will certainly help in boosting up your rewards.

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