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For some people shopping is a necessity and for others it is a hobby. But regardless of which category one falls in, and whether you shop pragmatically or impulsively, shopping is something that everybody indulges in. It is also a fun activity that allows you to destress while you enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned money. But it would be an even sweeter deal if shopping for stuff could pay you back. 

Getting a credit card in UAE could be answer to this desire. The various banks and financial institutions in the country offer a wide range of cards that satiate the shopaholics in all of us. Getting a shopping credit card in UAE enables you to enjoy multiple discounts, offers, cashbacks and rewards. These cards take care of your diverse shopping requirements and offer you a shopping experience unlike anything you have experienced before. 

There are three types of shopping benefits you can enjoy by using a credit card in UAE:

  • Discounts: The best shopping cards in the UAE will provide you with exclusive discounts all year round on making purchases at certain specific stores, multi-brand websites or brands online.
  • Rewards: Some cards however do not offer instant discounts, but they don’t leave you empty handed either. They offer you rewards and gifts for completing purchases across different categories, be it clothes, groceries or accessories. You earn reward points for each of your items that can later be redeemed for gifts or even discounts on future purchases. 
  • Cashback: This one needs no introduction in the digital age that we are living in. the name suffices it all. Making purchases using a credit card in UAE will make you eligible to earn a certain percentage of the amount you spend as cashback. This cashback is either instant or might take a few days to be processed. Either way, you end up with some extra cash in your wallet. The amount that you receive as cashback will however depend on your card provider and the brand you are shopping from. 

The extensive range of such credit cards however, makes it extremely difficult to choose the best one for you. The competition is intense and so is the race to please the customers with the best possible offers. To make it slightly easier for you to pick your ideal shopping partner, we have enlisted the 5 of the best shopping credit cards in UAE: 

Emirates NBD Webshopper Credit Card

Ranked among the best shopping credit cards available in the UAE, this card is essentially a shopper’s dream come true. The online purchases made with this card are secured and thus get rid of the paranoia of online theft. One can enjoy a seamless shopping experience peacefully while enjoying the several other benefits that are offered with this card.

Benefits of this card for a shopper include:

  • Earn 1 Plus point for every AED 200 that you spend
  • Online transactions using this credit card in UAE will earn you Plus points that can be easily redeemed as frequent flyer miles or as cashback 

Other benefits of this card include:

  • Low interest rate charged
  • Easy instalments for repayment
  • Zero percent interest when shopping with partners
  • Accessible online
  • Complimentary roadside assistance 

Najm CashBack Platinium Credit Card

As is obvious from the name itself, this card is a winner in the category of credit cards in UAE that offer the best cashbacks. Dubai is the shopping hub of the world and this card gives you even more reasons to pamper yourself along with your near and dear ones. You can increase your savings even further with this card at Carrefour. So, what are you waiting for? Get you Najm card today! 

Benefits of this card for a shopper include:

  • Get a 5 percent cash back using VISA cards
  • Get a 3 percent cash back every Tuesday at Carrefour
  • Get a 5 percent cash back every day except Tuesdays at Carrefour 

Other benefits of this card include:

  • Get 30 percent off on dining, travel, entertainment and shopping with over 450 Najm partners
  • Exclusive Najm checkout counters for Najm cardholders at certain Carrefour stores
  • Exclusive offers at Carrefour for Najm CashBack Platinium Credit Card users.
  • Get purchase protection as well as extended warranty
  • Get a complimentary trolley at Carrefour every time you spend a minimum of AED 250 with your Najm card
  • Zero percent interest payment plan for a period of 12 months at Carrrefour 

RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card

The benefits offered by this card are unparalleled and it is probably the best credit card in uae for a shopper. This card is famous for providing its customers with a wide range of shopping, dining, and other lifestyle privileges, making it every shopper’s personal genie.  

Benefits of this card for a shopper include:

  • Get a cashback of 5 percent on all purchases in the Supermarket as well as dining across the globe. One can earn a maximum cashback of AED 150
  • Get a cashback of 2 percent on all domestic and international retail and online spending along with international cash advances
  • Get exclusive offers on electronic items, jewellery, furnishings, restaurants, and holiday booking among many others
  • Get stunning discounts on dining and shopping 

Other benefits of this card include:

  • Get special perks by using the MasterCard For You App
  • Get 50 percent off on movie tickets anywhere in the world
  • No annual fees
  • Get supplementary cards complimentary with your RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card
  • Get free purchase protection with this card
  • Complimentary access to over 10 VIP airport lounges in many different cities 

ADIB Value Credit Card

This credit card in UAE is one of the most rewarding cards one can own. It showers the cardholders with amazing offers and rewards on every purchase made internationally as well as domestically. The exclusive shopping mall vouchers provided with this card make it one of the most coveted credit cards available in the country. Adding wings to every shopper’s dream, the complimentary flight tickets that come with this card are hard to ignore. 

Benefits of this card for a shopper include:

  • Earn 1 reward point on each AED spent domestically
  • Earn 2 reward point on each AED spent globally
  • These reward points can be later redeemed for vouchers at the best shopping malls like Sahara Centre- Sharjah, the Abu Dhabi mall, Sharjah Mega mall to name a few.

Other benefits of this card include:

  • Balance transfer facility is available
  • The maximum cash withdrawal limit is 100 percent of your finance limit
  • Offers purchase protection
  • Get a maximum discount of 25 percent on certain dining locations across the UAE
  • Credit cards are enabled with a Chip and Pin technology

Citi Rewards Credit Card

The rewards offered by the Citi Rewards Credit Card are unsurpassed, making it easily the top credit card in UAE. The shopping experience provided by this card is extremely rewarding and does the impossible of satisfying a shopaholics’ desires. Other than its shopping perks, this card allows the cardholders to enjoy the manifold advantages of lifestyle and travel benefits that come along with it.

Benefits of this card for a shopper include:

  • Earn 1 ThankYou point on every USD you spend within the country
  • Earn 5 ThankYou point on every USD you spend when abroad
  • Get 50 free voucherSkout credits enabling you to enjoy a 50 percent discount (worth maximum AED 250) on over 500 outlets 

Other benefits of this card include:

  • No annual fee applicable for the first year
  • No annual fee for subsequent years as long as you meet the minimum requirement
  • Get 1 movie ticket free when booking 1 ticket at VOX Cinemas every month
  • Complimentary access to over 1000 airport lounges around the world 

Here is a comparison of the top shopping credit cards in UAE to help you make an informed choice based on your requirements: 

Credit Card Annual Fee Minimum Salary Requirement
Emirates NBD Webshopper Credit Card AED 50 AED 5,000
Najm CashBack Platinium Credit Card Free for life AED 7,000
RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card Free for life AED 10,000
ADIB Value Credit Card Free for life AED 5,000
Citi Rewards Credit Card No annual fee applicable for the first year AED 8,000

In a Nutshell

The above-mentioned cards allow you to live your wildest shopping dreams without a worry in the world. Their unparalleled offers make the dream of owning the world a reality. So, hurry up and get yourself a credit card in UAE that makes your shopping experiences exhilarating and fun.

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