5 Credit Cards in the UAE You Wouldn’t Believe are Free

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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*


Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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  • Cashback up to AED 2,000
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  • Dining Discounts
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Salary range
5,000 AED50,000+ AED
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Most Popular Credit Card in UAE
The iconic MasterCard line ‘for everything else there is MasterCard’ accurately represents the sentiments of most modern cardholders. Customers today want a fee free credit card in the UAE that can offer them all the bells and whistles of a premium card. Fortunately, many credit card offers in the UAE are aimed at fulfilling this demand in the UAE market.

Given below is a list of 5 of the absolute must-have free credit cards in the UAE:

Citi Simplicity Credit Card

When it comes to free credit cards in the UAE, Citibank’s Citi Simplicity credit card offers cardholders an unparalleled level of freedom. Not only does the credit card offer 0 annual membership fees, but it also waives late charges, over-limit charges and cash advance fees. Note that applicants are required to have a minimum monthly income of AED 5,000 to apply for this free credit card in the UAE.

  • Annual Membership Fee: No fee for life.
  • Retail Interest: 3.50% p.m.
  • Benefits:
    • Complimentary lounge access for primary and supplementary cardholders.
    • Discounts on gourmet dining venues.
    • Tons of Buy 1 Get 1 Free credit card offers from MasterCard.

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CBD Visa Platinum Card

The CBD Visa Platinum card is the Commercial Bank of Dubai’s answer to free credit cards in the UAE. The credit card offers access to a loyalty program and dozens of other benefits for a minimal monthly income requirement of AED 8,000. The CBD Visa Platinum credit card offers lifestyle, loyalty and Visa benefits in a single multi-functional card.

  • Annual Membership Fee: No fee for life.
  • Retail Interest: 3.29% p.m.
  • Benefits:
    • Membership into the CBD Rewards program, which allows cardholders to redeem rewards points for flight bookings, hotel stays, retail shopping and much more.
    • The credit card offers up to 50% discounts on VOX cinema tickets every Sunday.
    • Cardholders also receive access to dozens of Visa-provided credit card offers.

ADIB Value+ Card

As a follower of Islamic Banking principles, ADIB combines social responsibility and mouth-watering credit card offers in one of the best Sharia-compliant free credit cards in the UAE. The ADIB Value+ Card also offers cardholders membership into the ADIB Rewards Program. The ADIB Rewards program is known for its flexibility, allowing cardholders to transfer earned points for redemption at any airline and more.

  • Annual Membership Fee: No fee for life.
  • Profit Rate: 2.99% - 3.09% p.m.
  • Benefits:
    • Enrolment into the ADIB Rewards program. Members can redeem their ADIB Rewards points for flight tickets at any airline, for shopping vouchers and as cash back.
    • The ADIB Value+ credit card offers unlimited free airport lounge access across the UAE.
    • Dining discounts at numerous restaurants across the UAE.

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Najm Platinum Cashback Card

Najm’s Platinum Cashback card is one of the most diverse examples of a free credit card in the UAE. The Najm Platinum cashback credit card offers cardholders dining, shopping, lifestyle and travel benefits and does so without charging a single Dirham in annual membership fees. Furthermore, the credit card offers cardholders a variable and low interest rate, contingent on making monthly credit card payments for 80% of the outstanding balance or more.

  • Annual Membership Fee: No fee for life.
  • Retail Interest: 3.25% - 3.79% p.m.
  • Benefits:
    • This credit card offers customers cash back anywhere Visa is accepted, and even more so at Carrefour stores in the UAE. Cardholders may earn up to AED 200 in cash back every month.
    • Owners of the Najm Platinum Cashback card enjoy huge discounts on dining, hotel stays, car rentals and much more.
    • Cardholders receive purchase protection and extended warranties on all purchases made with the Najm card.

Dubai Islamic Bank Prime Classic Card

Another top ranking Islamic Banking free credit card in the UAE is the Dubai Islamic Bank Prime Classic card. The Prime Classic credit card offers dual functionality, working as a rewards card and a travel card both. Cardholders are given membership into the Wala’a Rewards program, which is DIB’s loyalty program. This credit card offers great flexibility in the form of an enormous cash withdrawal allowance of 80% of the card’s credit limit.

  • Annual Membership Fee: No fee for life.
  • Profit Rate: 3.25% p.m.
  • Benefits:
    • Cardholders are enrolled in the Wala’a Rewards program. The Wala’a Rewards can be redeemed for flight tickets, bill payments, hotel reservations, shopping and more.
    • The DIB Prime Classic credit card offers complimentary personal accident and travel insurance to cardholders.
    • Owners of this free credit card in the UAE can also avail of up to 3 free-of-charge roadside assistance services every year.

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Back to you…

While there is no shortage of free credit cards in the UAE, owning a credit card is a huge responsibility. Cardholders should responsibly apply for a credit card on the basis of their needs and not the latest credit card offers that are available in the market.

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