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Most Popular Credit Card in UAE
The best time to get a credit card in UAE is right now. With numerous banks in the country in direct competition with each other to offer the best credit cards in UAE, credit card applicants can avail better offers and bigger savings. But picking a credit card in UAE is just half the battle. The biggest challenge for cardholders today is to know how to save the most on their credit card. Let us take a look at 13 sure-shot saving strategies that will help you to make most of the best credit cards in UAE.

Some of the Best ways to Make Most Process of your Credit Card

1. Pay Full Bill

Banks make a profit by charging interest on the outstanding By making full payments before the due date of their billing cycle (usually 30 days), cardholder doesn’t have to pay late payment charges. The thing to keep in mind is that minimum monthly payments also attract interest. The only way to avoid interest on a credit card in UAE is by paying off the full balance amount every month.

2. Welcome Offers

Credit card issuers typically offer huge incentives for credit card applicant in the form of sign-up bonuses and welcome offers. Some of the best credit cards in UAE offer more than 100,000 air miles, while others even offer direct cash back. In case you want to opt for a credit card check Welcome offers of various credit cards and then select a new credit card in UAE. The cardholder can redeem welcome points for hundreds of discounted products and services.

3. 0% Balance Transfer

Today, most credit cards in UAE offer 0% balance transfer facility. Cardholders can use this incredible feature to transfer outstanding balance from their other credit cards at 0% interest, making it infinitely easier to clear the debt. Some of the best credit cards in UAE offer 0% interest balance transfers for 12 months tenors and no processing fee at all.

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4. Cash Back Deals

Nearly every card issuer offers its own version of a cashback credit card in UAE. These cashback cards are perfect for day to day spending, helping the cardholder save on every category of purchase from grocery spends to utility bill payments and more.

5. Partnered Location

The best credit cards in UAE are characterized by partnerships with big brands and tons of retail outlets across the nation. With a little planning and research, the cardholder can take a switch to the partnered stores for availing discounts and save more.

6. Purchase Protection

The purchase protection is an insurance benefit offered by a majority of credit cards in UAE. Normally, cardholders claim refunds only in the event of loss, damage, or theft of the newly purchased product. However, purchase protection also offers insurance against variations in price. Let us consider the following example:

A cardholder purchased a product for AED 200. Within a few days, its price fell to AED 100. If the bank offers the benefit, the member of a credit card in UAE may be entitled to a refund of AED 100 due to the difference in price.

7. Extended Warranty

Extended warranty services are typically offered with purchase protection and can double the warranty period for purchases made with an eligible credit card in UAE. Extended warranty comes handy in case of costly repairs for covered items such as electronics.

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8. RTA Card

UAE’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers incredibly efficient public transportation in the form of buses, metros, Salik tags and more. RTA partnered credit cards in UAE allow the cardholder to save enormously on transportation costs. Some of best credit cards in UAE even offer auto top features for Salik and Nol services directly through the card itself.

9. Travel Cards

Many credit card issuers offer credit cards in UAE for especially for travel enthusiasts, allowing them to avail of a host of travel benefits such as discounted flight bookings, complimentary hotel stays, dining vouchers and more. The cardholders can save a lot by using travel credit cards in UAE as compared to regular credit cards.

10. Fee-free Foreign Transactions

While a lot of credit cards in UAE do charge foreign transaction fees for international purchases, some of the best credit cards in UAE don’t charge for such fees. Frequent travellers may opt for credit cards with no foreign transaction fee to avoid extra charges when travelling

11. Cash Withdrawals

Also referred to as cash advances, cash withdrawals made with a credit card in UAE or anywhere else in the world usually incur extremely high cash advance interest rates, as well as a cash advance fee. It is wise to avoid credit card cash withdrawals.

12. Insurance Benefits

Premium credit cards quite commonly offer travel insurance, while some of the best credit cards in UAE even offer health and car rental insurance. The insurance benefits on credit cards in UAE are substantially more affordable than stand out plans offered by the insurance providers. Cardholders should ideally utilize the insurance policies afforded by their credit card in UAE

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13. Loyalty Discounts

Long-time cardholders may even be eligible for loyalty discounts on their credit card in UAE. Loyalty discounts are not advertised and need to be requested. Long-standing, regular customers may contact their credit card issuer and request for relaxation in their interest rate, annual membership fee and other charges as applicable.

Over to you

Be sure to compare credit cards in UAE to identify how they can help you save on various expenses. The best credit cards in UAE will help you spend openly and save enormously. The best credit cards in UAE are the ones that suit your credit card needs the best.

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