10 Cashback Credit Cards to Consider in UAE

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With the offers of cashbacks and rewards, cashback credit cards have become the most used credit cards in the UAE. Free credit cards in the UAE have also influenced the demand of the cashback credit cards in the UAE.

With that, below we have listed 10 best cashback cards in UAE to consider-

CBD super saver credit card

CBD super saver credit card is one the best credit card in the UAE when it comes to cashback. To be eligible CBD super saver credit card, the applicant must be 21 years of age and earn a monthly salary of AED 12000.

This credit card offers 10% cashback on four types of categories. These categories include monthly bill payments, supermarket, transport, and education. On spending AED 1200 on these categories, customers earn cashbacks which is capped at AED 200. On other spends, customers can earn up to 1% every AED 2 spent with no caps. Lifestyle benefits of this credit card include 50% discounts at VOX cinemas and 2 free valet parking services in a month.

This credit card has no annual fee for the first year but AED 800 is charged as an annual fee from the second year.

Standard Chartered Platinum Card

This card offers 10% cashback on school fees, utility bills, and supermarket. As an added benefit, this credit card offers access to airport lounges and 20% off on Careem rides. To be eligible for this credit card, the applicant must be 21 years and above and earn a monthly income of AED 5000.

Standard Chartered platinum card is free for the first year. Though, AED 525 will be applicable as an annual fee from the following year.

Najm Platinum Plus credit card

To apply for Najm platinum plus credit card, the applicant needs a minimum salary of AED 7000 and should be 21 years or above. This credit card offers 5% cash back for the first 60 days (wherever VISA is accepted). After the 60 days, 1.5% of the purchase is offered as cashback. Some of the other cashback can be redeemed in VOX cinemas, Careem, etc. This credit card had the monthly cap of AED 500.

Najm Platinum plus credit card has the annual fee of AED 420.

Mashreq Smart Saver Credit Card

By swiping this credit card in the merchant partner outlets, 10% cashback can be redeemed. Also using this credit card for education, utility bills, and supermarkets will reward 10% in cashbacks too. Apart from that, the customer will also earn 1.5% and 2.5% consequently on domestic and international spends on other retails.

Mashreq credit card is free for life.

ADIB Cashback Visa Card

With this credit card, the customers get 1% cashback on every swipe. This credit card comes with 4 free supplementary credit cards and a grace period of 55 days to pay the outstanding bills.

The annual fee for the credit card is AED 500 from the second year onwards.

RAKBANK Titanium Credit Card

RAKBANK titanium credit card offers 5% cashback on supermarkets and dining. Also, 50% cashback on cinemas. The monthly cap is AED 150 on supermarket and dining and AED 70 on cinemas. In addition, customers will earn 2% cashbacks on international spend and the monthly cap on that is AED 1500.

RAKBANK titanium credit card is free for life.

Emirates Islamic Cashback Credit Card

This credit card offers 10% cashback on telecom bills, 5% on electronic expenses and 1% on domestic and international spends.

On an annual spend of AED 5000, this card is free for life.

HSBC Cashback Credit card

HSBC cashback credit card offers 10% cashback on all purchases. No minimum spend required for the cashback to be awarded. The cashback is automatically deposited to the customer’s account every month.

This credit is free for the first year. From the following year, the annual fee is waivered if the minimum spend is fulfilled.

Dubai First Cashback Credit Card

The cashback offers on this credit card is up to 2% locally, up to 2.5% internationally and 5% on entertainment and dining spends put on the card worldwide.

This credit is free for the first year. AED 400 is charged annually from the second year.

SimplyLife Cashback Credit Card

With the minimum purchase of AED 1000 per month, customers get 1% cashbacks on all purchases. The monthly cashback limit is AED 1000. This credit card is free for life.

Final Verdict

Cashback credit card in UAE is the most favorable one for the customers in terms of rewards and benefits. Some banks even allow the adjustment of the annual fee using the cashback. If customers use their cashback credit cards wisely, they can enjoy some hefty benefits.

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